Live Sex – Juaquin Ramirez -amp; Felix Barca

Juaquin Ramirez and Felix Barca have an attraction from the momentthey meet. Cuddling and laughing turns into playful kissing.Passionate kissing leads to Juaquin on his knees below sexy FelixBarca...savoring the flavor of his foreskin. Juaquin is an expertcocksucker, he takes Felix right to the limit. Felix gasps and smileswith pleasure. They flip into a contortionist's rimming position whereboth give and receive.These sexy Latins drive up the action as Felix dominates Juaquin'stight smooth brown ass. You can tell both young men are having thetime of their lives, smiling and fucking with equal drive! Back in thesaddle, Juaquin climbs on top and rides Felix like a rock hard Bronco.The connection is magnetic, intense and joyful as both men unloadtheir jizz, first Felix in a fountain spray all over Juaquin's face unlikeany we've seen in the Hard Friction studio! A chain reaction effectthat leaves Juaquin on his knees squeezing out the leche!

Wet Heat – Reign -amp; Trent Marx

When Reign and Trent Marx discover that they have the outdoor pool all to themselves, they don't waste a second before stripping down and getting ready for an intense, poolside bareback session. Reign sits on the edge of the pool as Trent works his way up and down the stud's curved shaft. He swallows every inch of the stud before getting out of the water for Reign to service his hole. Now on all fours, a glistening Trent softly moans as the top's long dick hits his insides in all the right spots. Things speed up as Reign pumps himself harder and harder into his swimming buddy's asshole until he's pulling out to shoot his creamy ropes all over Trent's used cheeks. After draining himself, Reign kneels down and commands an about-to-bust Trent to unload his juicy nut all over his bare face. 

Dirty Desert Doctors – Michael Boston -amp; Drew Valentino

Nurse Michael Boston just impulsively decided to start masturbating in the middle of an empty examination room, but right as he begins fingering himself, fellow nurse Drew Valentino walks in. Drew doesn't seem to mind discovering his naked and exposed coworker though and immediately gets to rimming Michael's smooth hole. With both nurses now completely nude, the two 69 on the examination table before Drew uses his furry cock to bareback Michael's bubble butt. Drew makes the table shake and his coworker cum all over himself as he rapidly thrusts in and out of Michael's ass. Drew leans down to lick up every last drop of Michael's mess before busting all over his friend's uncut cock and floppy balls. 

All Access – Steve Cruz -amp; Dominic Sol -amp; Shay Michaels

Hard Friction discovery, Shay Michaels is on set for his first Live show.He and Dominic Sol have been talking to each other online and havewanted to hook up. The sexual chemistry is smoking hot betweenthese two men, as they are kissing, butt-naked on the set. Dominic isquickly on his knees licking and sucking Shay's meat. The downwardcurve of his cock fits perfectly down the back of Dominic's throat ashe swallows it down. Shay's fur-covered muscles flex as he enjoys theenthusiastic attention. Quickly Dominic is up on a desk on his kneeswith his muscled butt cheeks spread wide so Shay can rim his hairyhole. He licks and fingers Dominic getting his hot hole stretched andlubed for his large cock. Dominic really wants it as Shay pounds himfrom behind. Shay gives it to him good then flips Dominic over on hisback so he can watch the expression on his face as he slams his ass.When they are finally ready to cum, the two men are standing up,kissing. Shay pushes Dominic down and blows his load in his mouth,pulls him up and kisses him some more. With the taste of hot cum onhis lips, Dominic quickly shoots his own big load. This is one hotscene charged with sexual chemistry! [Non-sexual appearance byDirector Steve Cruz}