The Thirst Is Real – Tegan Zayne -amp; Rikk York

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikk's big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikk's member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegan's hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegan's heavy balls. To open up Tegan's hole, Rikk spreads his cheeks, then goes in for a prostate massage with his tongue. More spit allows Rikk to make progress, getting deeper and deeper until Tegan is ready to take his big cock. With quick and powerful thrusts, Rikk has Tegan totally hooked on his dick. Tegan moans with delight and strokes his cock as Rikk pounds his tight hole. It would be a shame for Tegan not to use his huge cock on Rikk's hole, so they flip. With his hairy ass and big balls, Rikk's hole is a mega treat for Tegan, whose balls slap against Rikk's legs with each thrust. When they're both ready to cum, they jerk their cocks in unison. Rikk plays with Tegan's hole, which causes Tegan to blast a massive arc of cum all the way across the room. The massive jet of cum makes Rikk blow his load too, and they end with another intense kiss.

Damn Fine Ass! – Mike Gaite -amp; Chandler Scott

It's not every day that Chandler Scott finds himself fucking a stranger at the gym, but it's not every day that he runs across a stranger with such a fuckable ass as Mike Gaite. Mike is used to being hit on, but he doesn't always take his suitors up on their offer. Seeing what Chandler is packing, though, Mike is eager to catch a quick fuck, so he mounts Chandler and takes his meaty cock for a spin, riding him until he's ready to blow, then spreading his legs as Chandler pounds the cum out of him from above. As Chandler blows his load, he realizes this might have to be more than just a one-time occurrence, and Mike, cum covered and fully sated, agrees.Enjoy!

Tales From the Locker Room – Julian Grey -amp; Matt Lockwood

Star player Matt Lockwood has a history of leg injuries, so Team Doctor Julian Grey, checks out the ripped athlete thoroughly. Seems Matt has been checking out Julian too, and in a smooth mutual seduction, the jock and the doc go for it right there in the locker room. With the sounds of the game happening on the court just outside surrounding them, Doctor Julian sucks on Matt's toes and fingers his tight butt thru his jockstrap making this baby-faced star moan. Julian rims his hairy hole till the eager player begs for some of the doc's dick, and Julian has a huge one to slap in the boy's face. The vocal slut can't get enough of doc's cock and rides him bareback on the floor till he shoots a geyser of jizz, matched by Julian's own big load which Matt gobbles up and drains doc's balls.

Pounding My Meat – Asher Devin -amp; Liam Greer

Liam Greer can barely hear himself think from all the racket going on in the next room, but when he investigates and discovers that the sound is coming from Asher Devin pounding his cock against one of the moving boxes for pleasure, he thinks his senses are betraying him. For one thing, he can't believe someone's dick could make so much noise- that is- until he sees just how big Asher's cock really is, and then he suddenly can't believe his own eyes. Lucky for him, Asher is in the mood to give him a much closer look, so Liam helps himself to the feast of a cock in front of him. Asher's already rock hard and ready to pound Liam into submission, but he has to ease it in first, patiently, because Liam can barely take it all. No stranger to a tentative partner, Asher glides it in slowly until Liam is used to such a big cock filling up his hole, and once he's confident, he gives Asher the go ahead to pound away. That's all the green light Asher needs, as he proceeds to fuck Liam like he's never been fucked before. Suddenly it's Liam making all the noise as Asher fucks the cum out of him before drenching him with his own load, coating Liam in the noisiest cumbath he's every received.Enjoy!

Fistpack 9 – Stretch – Francois Sagat -amp; Alex Corsi

RSS exclusive Francois Sagat can't keep his mind on his bicep curlworkout once RSS exclusive Alex Corsi starts in on his squats.Francois peals off Alex's sweats and dives right in to eating theprime Italian stud's red jock framed, hairy hole. It's not long beforeAlex is on all fours, wagging his furry ass in the air, inviting Francoisto open him up with grease. Francois works the hot stud's hole up tohis massive forearm while Alex wraps his hands around the nowfamous, uncut, French cock. Hairy, muscled bottom and smoothrippling muscled top joined at the hole / wrist -- their eyes devouringeach other -- causing Francois to blow his creamy load.

Golden Gate Season #05 – Tommy Defendi -amp; Blake Daniels -amp; Logan Vaughn -amp; Damien Stone -amp; Danimal -amp; Leo Forte

A nudity rally may be good for politics, but it's a terrible place to get laid. Why not ditch the rally and go to a place where nudity is legal'very legal. NakedSword's blockbuster Golden Gate series continues this week with a story straight from the sick mind of Leo Forte. After locking eyes with porn star Tommy Defendi in the Castro, protester Logan Vaughn follows him to the Nob Hill for a hosted circle jerk. But when Logan shows up, the circle widens - and quickly explodes! Tommy fucks Logan as the gang - guest stars Leo Forte, Damien Stone, Blake Daniels, Danimal - go wild and cover him in cum. We don't think Supervisor Cox would approve - but we don't really care! This is San Francisco, after all.

Golden Gate Season #05 – Dale Cooper -amp; JD Phoenix

Is anti-sex Supervisor Scott Cox in danger from at the nudity protest? Porn star Conner Habib scripted this second episode of NakedSword's smash Golden Gate series - and it's a shocker! Cop Caleb Colton fears the angry nudists might get out of hand, so he secrets away the Supervisor Scott Cox (Dale Cooper) to a secure location. Except he's not alone. Cocky boy JD Phoenix, a pro-nudity activist, has snuck in, and he confronts Cox directly. 'Is this what you're afraid of?' he asks, waving his delicious cock in Cox's face. Turns out, it is. Cox can't resist the big lure and - only moments before his big speech in Harvey Milk Plaza, and only steps away from his boyfriend - he's having incredible sex with the free-spirited Phoenix. Will it rally him to their cause or put him deeper into the sexual closet? It's a scene you have to see to believe!