Oh, the pizza boy!! Shouldn’t all these delivery lads get legal counsel? They are always deflowered in gay porn. BSB continues the fine tradition in today’s update with Conner Matthews, Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler. Mr. Matthews plays the role of an overworked delivery guy, while Messrs. Baer and Tyler are customers too lazy to get their own pizza pie. LOL!

Adam and Duncan want to offer a tip, but expect Conner to earn it. We all know where this is going! LOL! The foodstuff is put aside and the newbie nervously feels Adam up. After a few strokes, he hits his knees and puts Adam’s sausage in his mouth.

Duncan wants some oral loving too and saddles up next to Adam. Conner opens wide and gets filled with Duncan’s meat. He goes back to Adam’s tool and the blond stud turns all demanding.

“Lick it. Lick it,” Adam orders.

Conner is good at following orders. But he can’t just suck Adam. Duncan wants that warm mouth also.

“Lick my balls,” Duncan commands.

Conner does and he goes back and forth between the two dudes. They have removed their shirts and their rods stand straight out. The boys decide it’s time to get rid of all their clothes and use the couch. Duncan has a seat, Conner gets on his knees, in front of Mr. “Donkey Dick,” and Adam proffers his cob to Duncan.

“Look at him,” Adam barks to Conner. “Look at him.”

Conner is submissive, doing what he’s told. As Adam makes commands, Duncan slurps on his partner’s organ. Adam is liking the attention. Who wouldn’t? But he’s also grooving to Conner’s show. The delivery boy is working hard to make his customers happy. LOL!

He gets a chance to sit on the couch, but still has to service both studs. They tell him to lick balls and suck dick. Despite all this, Conner’s mouth isn’t juicy enough.

“Do you need to spit in his mouth,” Duncan asks Adam.

Conner looks up and opens wide. Adam spits in the lad’s mouth and the extra juice is used to suck Duncan off. Nasty boys! Conner goes back and forth, trying to keep everyone contented. It’s not easy. Those tools are demanding and thick. But the delivery boy does want his tip(s) :-)

Conner goes from jerking to sucking, doing everything to make the dongs shoot. Finally, all three start jerking. Conner pops first, his load landing all over his chest. Adam is next. His jizz mixes in with Conner’s. When Duncan gets ready to pop, he makes a final command.

“Let me see your face,” Duncan whispers.

Conner turns to Duncan and soon enough the delivery boy’s face is glazed with Duncan’s nectar. He looks so cute, and sexy, drenched in cum. Too bad no one gave him a passionate kiss. He deserves one for all that work!



Conner fucks Ty’s ass!

Connor and Ty are back in the studio together and are ready for some more man on man action. Ty is going to be bravely taking care of The Big Redwood’s cock and despite being somewhat nervous about it, Ty says he has a lot of faith in himself in that he can see it through to the end. Eager to get started, the two boys stood up and stripped off their t-shirts, both revealing buffed upper bodies that complimented each other. Ty turned to the side so that Connor had easier access in which to undo Ty’s belt buckle and jeans before helping to slide the jeans down Ty’s thighs. Once done, Ty pushed his ass out a little, showing off his nicely rounded buttocks. Somewhat excitedly, Connor grabbed Ty’s ass and pried apart his butt cheeks in order to flash Ty’s hole to the camera.

“I like working with new guys!’ offered Connor in defense to Ty teasing him that Connor was having too much fun. As Connor undid his own belt buckle and started to tug down his shorts, Ty turned to him and with quite a sultry look on his face, Ty leaned in for a kiss. The two boys locked lips and started snogging, Ty introducing tongue a moment later. Breaking apart for a brief moment so that Connor could pull his shorts over his bare feet, it was obvious that the two boys liked kissing each other as they each had a sly grin on their face as they dived in for some more hot action. Click here to watch this video!


Broke Straight Boys – Conner fucks Denver Grand

Connor and Denver are both broke but hot to trot today, as evidenced by their lack of t-shirts. As Denver needs to learn how to deep throat properly, Connor is on hand to provide the cock on which he can practice. Connor sat back on his elbows while Denver went to work on his cock, squeezing it gently through Connor’s jeans. It was easy to see that the two boys got along like a house on fire, especially as Denver pretended to give Connor’s dick a bite. I zoomed in close with the camera, daring Denver to give it another go. Sure enough, Denver was already gently chewing on the cock before I had even gotten the words out of my mouth and this time, Denver even gave a little growl. The two boys stood up, stripping off their jeans and boxers, both boys trading quips with one another.

Kneeling down, Denver opened up wide, slowly swallowing Connor’s already hard cock. As Denver bobbed back and forth on Connor’s dick, Denver reached down and wrapped a hand around his own shaft in order to jerk himself off. Connor couldn’t help but stare down at Denver, watching as his cock slid in and out of the hot, wet mouth. A minute later, Connor reminded Denver that it was a deep throat session and naturally, Denver obliged by swallowing the dick right down to the root with nary a gag in ear shot.


Broke Straight Boys – Denver Grand and Conner

Two sexy boys, Connor and Denver, are in the studio today and right away, it’s easy to see that they are getting along like a house on fire. As the boys looked they were ready for action, I got them to take off their t-shirts before zooming in on Connor as we discussed how Denver was about to fuck his first ever guy. Standing up, Connor dropped his shorts and underwear on the floor and turned around, showing off his very fuckable ass to the camera. With a huge grin on his face, Denver couldn’t help but give Connor’s ass a hearty slap. However, he quickly gave the other cheek a couple of harder slaps.

With a little encouragement, Connor hopped up onto the bed and laughed as Denver spread his ass cheeks. While Connor said he was a top and wasn’t too happy about getting fucked, his wide smile belied the words. Nonetheless, it was time to get dicks stiff. As the two boys argued about who was going to blow who first, Connor got himself comfortably settled against the headboard of the bed while Denver got completely naked. Once it was decided that Denver was going to suck dick first, he climbed up onto the bed beside Connor and immediately went to work even as he started to play with his own cock. Swallowing almost the whole length of Connor’s cock, Denver slowly bobbed up and down.


Broke Straight Boys – Bobby, Conner and Anthony

3 HOT straight boys: Red Hair Conner, Anthony and Bobby

There are three hot boys in bed together today; Bobby, Anthony and Connor. Right away, it was easy to see that the three boys were pretty friendly with each other so it promised a fairly raunchy shoot. As the boys laughed and joked around with each other, they stood up and started stripping off their clothes. Once naked, Bobby and Anthony tugged on their cocks as they watched some straight porn, while Connor did the same just to one side.

Broke Straight Boys' Famous Chain of Cock Sucking

A moment later, Connor threw himself onto the bed and invited the others to join him. Bobby had the great idea of playing ‘Ring around the Rosie’ which in the Broke Straight Boy’s studio simply meant a daisy chain of cock sucking. Bobby, Connor and Anthony arranged themselves in a circle on the bed, each boy with a cock pointing straight up at their face. 

Anthony's hungry!

Hot ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys – Conner and Colin

Great chemistry between our 2 Broke Straight Boys

The always popular Colin and Connor are in the studio today. Although Connor wasn’t too keen on coming back into the studio, we were able to work out an arrangement. As it went, they had a really fun time so that means the members at Broke Straight Boys will be having a fun time as well while they watch Connor and Colin perform together. Connor had previously stated that while he liked the money he made at the studio, the issue of hairy butts sometimes made it difficult for him to perform at his best. Luckily for him, Colin isn’t really hairy. The two boys stood up and took off their t-shirts, their shorts and undies quickly following. As Connor and Colin watched some straight porn, they worked on their cocks but it wasn’t long before Connor offered to help Colin out.

Colin sucking Conner's cock

Leaning over, Connor swallowed down Colin’s thick dick, his head bobbing up and down even as he jerked himself off. Right away, it was easy to see that Colin was in 7th heaven from the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock. Experimenting a little, Connor licked up and down the long cock while Colin just sat back and relaxed into it. Connor was getting better at sucking cock, even taking some gentle face fucking in stride. Colin was too turned on for the blowjob to last much longer so he told Connor it was time for the favor to be returned. Connor just grinned and let Colin work his magic. Colin, no stranger to the taste of cock, went deep right from the start, much to Connor’s pleasure. However, when Connor challenged him to go all the way down, Colin didn’t hesitate, making Connor groan out loud. Despite choking, Colin went right back to work, pulling off only for the time it took for Connor to manoeuvre him onto his knees on the floor. Holding Colin’s head still, Connor took control and did a little face fucking of his own. ‘Slap it on my tongue!‘ demanded Colin and Connor instantly complied, thwacking his dick against Colin’s tongue, cheek and mouth.

Conner fucks Colin!


Boy Gusher – Conner And Mr. Hand




Mr. Hand enjoyed what he did with me so much the last time he was over that he asked if he could play around with the next guy I had over, and although I was a bit shocked I said yes. I was pleased that he enjoyed hanging out with me and jerking on guys. It leaves me hands free to really take a better quality video. I had Conner over he has been here a few times and Mr. Hand really loved how this blond hottie looked. I told him to sneak in on him in the morning that he had some great wood first thing in the am. Mr. Hand snuck right on in and began to touch, fondle, and jerk on Conner’s shaft until he woke up and they shared some good morning greetings as he began to work on Conner’s cock. Conner had no objections to having his meat jerked and stroked. Who would? I know I’d love to wake up and have my wood handled first thing in the am.

Mr. Hand does a great job of getting Conner’s dick rock hard and throbbing, as he plays with that big cock he spanks it with his hand a little bit making Conner moan and smile all at the same time. I think he likes having his cock wanked and spanked a little. He sure didn’t bitch when Mr. Hand abused that wanker. Mr. Hand then settled down into a yank and jerk routine that had Conner moaning and groaning until he explodes that cum in a jolt of hot juice.

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