Jeremy Reeves

Another day, another newbie. Meet cutie pie Jeremy Reeves. The college student is on low on cash and figured a quick jerk off would change his finances. The runner (he did three miles before the shoot) is enjoying undergraduate life, getting to know all type of folk. “I meet a lot of weird people. Cool people,” he says. His lady friend doesn’t know he’s on our couch.

Jeremy doesn’t think she would respond well.  “I think she would just be in shock and stop talking to me,” he says. Straight girls are such drama queens!  When it comes to sex he’s not that adventurous. He jerks off a few times a week. The lad is a little nervous, but when he shows us his meat it looks excited. Jeremy has a sexy habit of slapping his sausage in his hand. After a few strokes. Jeremy is at full attention. The boner likes to look at the ceiling. Jeremy takes a seat.

He grabs his nuts as he strokes himself. When asked, Jeremy gives us a peek of his man hole. Even fingers it. He doesn’t look comfortable doing it, but who knows? Some extra bucks might make him open it up.

He returns all of his attention to his pole, occasionally pulling on those nuts. His bloated head shines as he jerks. When it’s time to bust, his tool gets bigger.  “I’m going to cum,”he whispers. His juice splatters out, covering his hand and pubes. The spent stud gives a shy smile before the scene closes. So? What do you think?

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Jeremy Reeves