Boy Gusher – Diesel And Tyler




Tyler makes my day over and over again. He knows that I love to capture boys stroking, jerking and sucking on each other, so he brings Diesal over to the house and gets him nude in my ruckus room. I think my eyes bout left their sockets when I saw the size of the meat that Diesal was packing. Holy fuck! Take a look at that thick, rock hard dick. Tyler has a hard time getting his mouth all the way around it so he can suck it while he jerks on it. At first Diesal looks uncomfortable with me and my camera there watching as Tyler sucks on his dick. Then he stops thinking about the camera and focuses on what Tyler is doing and he is in 7th heaven. Tyler is the king of deep throating and he shows Diesal exactly what he can do with his mouth, before he goes back to jerking and stroking on his dick.

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College Boy Physicals – Diesel 2


College Boy Physicals says,

This time I wanted to continue the test on my new patient diesel, after I did the dick sucking test and the electrostimulation endurance test, it was time for the anal exam. I took off my shirt and kissed him on his nipple and I continued down his stomach and started sucking his cock again. diesel got rock hard and his dick was ready for the next test. After I sucked his engorged cock, I had diesel starting to suck mine for a while. (MORE)


I traded spots with diesel and I got up on the exam table and I had diesel suck my cock. He’s really good at it and my dick got really hard and dripping pre-cum. I was really feeling good and as he was sucking my cock, I felt his tongue circle the head of my cock teasing the sensitive part of my cock. His manly hands wrapped around the base of my cock and him slurping on my throbbing cock was feeling really good at this point. I could have came right then there, but I held off because I wanted to have his big cock up my ass. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Diesel


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My first patient of the day and it was a really tall guy. He look very familiar so when I introduced myself I found out his name was Diesel. Diesel is one of the popular models from the adult website called and he was told by the folks at broke straight boys that he needed to get a physical exam. Its been a while since Diesel had an exam as I was asking him questions about his health and his last time he went to see a doctor for a physicals. Being 22 years old and not having an exam for over 6 years, Diesel was due for an extensive physical. (MORE)


Being a fan of his I couldn’t wait to start the exam. I first started out with the basics and checked his throat and then listen to his heart and then it was time to check his genitals. I had Diesel remove his underwear and I checked around his penis and palpated his shaft a bit. I felt his penis twitch in my hands as I was feeling up and down his penis. I can tell Diesel has a huge cock and I was making sure to take my time and really give his penis a thorough exam. I then moved my hands down to his testicles and feel each one. I then proceeded to phase one of the exam which was the oral exam. Once semi-hard, I took his cock into my hands then leaned over and proceeded to suck his huge cockhead. Once I placed his cock into my mouth I can feel is organ swell in my throat as I was slurping on his cock as it grew. The more I sucked the harder fatter it got. His cock throbbed in my throat and I was enjoying each moment of his cock as I sucked and stroked his cock. By this time, Diesel was ready for stage two of the exam and that was to introduce him to electro. (MORE)


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