BoyGusher Tristan




Today’s sneaky jerk is with Tristan a cute guy I met at the local gas station. We were both pumping gas, and I was thinking how great it would be to pump his cock with my hands. We talked for a few minutes at the gas pumps and I offered to pay his gas bill if he came home to hang out with me for awhile. He thought that was a great idea, so we were both soon driving back to my place. After we got to my place we hung out for quite a long time chatting and watching t.v. When it got pretty late he crashed on the futon. That was my queue to scoot in there sneaky style and begin to play with his cock. I loved his little hairy trail that led from his belly button into his fun zone. I slowly made my way into his shorts and began feeling up his cock when he woke up and saw what I was doing. I was shocked at what a light sleeper he was. He didn’t say stop, so I continued to take off his undies.

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College Boy Physicals Mick


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My next patient for the day is Mick. Mick is a handsome young man joining the ROTC and he wants a career in the army. I called him out from the waiting room and here stood a bright young man ready for action and ready to join the Army, but he needed to pass his physical exam first. I explain to my new patient that the exam procedures is very easy and simple and instructed him to sit on the exam table. I had him take off his shirt and started with his heart and he seem to be a very healthy guy. Mick is 18 years old, and a freshmen in college studying music but also wants to be in the Army. Mick is 5’9 and weighs 149lbs and very fit with a smooth toned body and a great bubble butt. It was time to examine his genitals so I had him lay on the exam table after weighing him and felt around his lower abdomen. What I like about Mick is how his bulge looked inside those tighty whitie underwear and I can tell he was getting a semi-hard on which is common for boys his age. (MORE)


I couldn’t stop starring at his bulge as I moved his arms around and felt his joints. Its important to check the joints of these boys because of all the exercise and sports they will be doing while being active in the ROTC. It was time to check his temperature and we do it the old fashion way. I had him lean over the exam table as I lubed up his tight hole and inserted the thermometer into his asshole. After that I had him remove his undies and I checked for hernia’s, inserting my finger into his groin and asking him to cough as I was feeling his groin area. This part is always my favorite part, I thoroughly examine his dick. (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – Justin And Jacob




In this update Jacob repays Justin’s sweet cock sucking with his own. After cumming hard for Justin in our last update, he slides right on over to have a go at Justin’s hard cock. It doesn’t take him long to pull down Justin’s khaki shorts and begin stroking on his cock. Jacob does a great job of getting Justin’s dick hard and throbbing with his excellent cock sucking skills. He has Justin moaning and squirming in a matter of minutes. I think Jacob took some ideas from Justin’s excellent suck and jerk job and applied them to Justin’s cock.

Jacob takes his sweet time playing with Justin’s now hard cock. He uses his tongue to tease the head of Justin’s cock before he strokes on that meat some more. He strokes and sucks at the same time causing Justin to moan yet again. Jacob really got into giving Justin this jerk and blow job. He tried all kinds of different techniques and each time Justin would moan Jacob would try something different to see if he could get him to moan again. It really didn’t take Justin long to explode his load with Jacobs talented mouth and hand jerking on his hard dick. When he came hard they both rolled over and went back to bed like nothing had happened at all.

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College Boy Physicals – Justin And Jacob


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This is our final week of the college annual sperm donation. I previously told Jacob and Justin about the sperm drive and it pays $100. I had the boys make an appointment but the scheduling got a bit screwed up and it ended up we scheduled the two boys at the same time. I called both Justin & Jacob into the exam room and apologized about booking them at the same time. Both boys were very apprehensive about jerking off together in the same room and unfortunately the other exam rooms we being taken up for other exams. I tried to convince them its no big deal and for them to jerk off together and the boys really needed the $100. I explain to them it will be quick and easy and nobody would know about this. My phone rang and had to attend to another exam for an emergency so I had to leave the two boys in the room alone. (MORE)


I left the exam room leaving the two boys alone so they decided to stay and jerk off. Jacob asked Justin if he had porn on his fancy cell phone and it just happens that he did and Jacob decided to sit next to Justin so the both boys can watch porn together. The boys got undressed and starting jerking there cocks but things got too hot and heavy and before you know it Jacob started sucking on Justin’s hard cock. Jacob really knows how to suck cock and it really shows and Justin didn’t mind as he enjoyed the cock sucking session. Jacob then sat up onto the exam table and it was Justin’s turn to suck Jacobs cock. (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – Justin And Jacob




Jacob enjoyed his last visit with me so much that he brought along Justin. I’m not sure what he told Justin to have him tag along, but I am glad he did it. Who wouldn’t want to horny young studs sleeping in their guest room? Jacob sleeps deep and Justin decides to see just how deep as he pulled down the sheets and Jacob’s pants to get to his semi hard dick in his white undies. He doesn’t even pull off his shorts or undies before latching onto that cock and sucking. Jacob moans a bit, but he doesn’t seem to be waking up anytime soon. Justin takes a few moments to pull his shorts and undies down a bit farther so that he can really go after that shaft that Jacob has.

As you can see Justin loves sucking a cock. He really cleans that dick off with his wet mouth showing his love for hard wood. He is quite enthusiastic about it as well. As Justin licks and sucks that cock Jacob begins to moan and talk in his sleep. I wonder what he is dreaming that goes along with the cock sucking that he is getting.  Just watching Justin makes my dick hard, this boy and his enthusiasm will get anyone horny and ready to fuck. Justin continues to slobber that cock up and down while kissing Jacobs body all over making his cock rock hard, throbbing, and ready to explode. As Jacob explodes his bone he wakes up and looks around moaning and groaning. After he unloads those overfull balls he settles back down for a restful sleep, leaving Justin to take care of himself.

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College Boy Physicals – Justin


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Justin is our newest patient and he’s coming in with a hurt ankle from running on the track team. Justin hasn’t been to the doctors for sometime and his medical records have to be updated. I decided to take this opportunity to do a complete exam on him so I can update his records and its always good to have a complete exam. Justin is a cute 18 year old who is 6″ tall and weighs 150lbs. I started checking his heart and doing his normal exam. He seemed to be a very healthy young man in the prime of his youth. (MORE)


After finishing the normal routine exam it was time to check his genitals. All the guys that play sports we need to make sure to examine there genitals very thoroughly and Justin is no exception. I had him remove his running spandex shorts and I rolled his penis in my hands checking for abnormalities as I was feeling his penis growing in my hands. This happens often to these hot college boys. I had him stand again and did the “cough” test on him and I continued to examine his penis and his scrotum. While he was standing, I had Justin turn around and I checked his spine and had him bent over as I checked his anal cavity then he returned back on sitting down on the exam table as I examined his hurt ankle. (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – David



Well I was in a kinky mood once more and I was in luck and found David in an online chat room about bondage and other kinky things. It didn’t take much to get this live wire from an online scenario to my bedroom tied up and ready for action. What I didn’t tell David was that I was shooting the video and a friend of mine would be working his sweet body over. I decided not to use a mask on David, he was already nervous and I wanted to see his eyes as his body was touched. At first he looked like a deer in the headlights. He loved how his body was touched lightly at first, and once the lube was on his cock he squirmed a bit and moaned. It was when his cock was smacked that he really jerked. He closed his eyes at that point and just moaned again.

I was really enjoying this as he had his cock spanked and his dick jerked while being tied to the bed. I could see that he was wondering what would happen next. Would he have his cock spanked again, or more pleasurable sensations? That cock was jerked and stroked as his ballsack was fondled. He grew lax for a short time and then his dick was smacked again. This boy was getting edgy and as his ballsack was grabbed and squeezed he moaned again. He began to arch his back as his cock was jerked harder and his sack massaged. My guy grabbed more lube and a Fleshlight. That cock got rock hard inside that plastic tube as it was fucked and jerked. He was told to fuck that tube and that cock went to work plowing that Fleshlight hard.

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College Boy Physicals – Jacob


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today in the doctors office I meet with a new college jock trying out for the wrestling team. Jacob is a hot smooth jock. 5’10 weighs about 145lbs and has a smooth toned body. When I entered the room there he was sitting on the exam table in his wrestling outfit ready for his exam. I looked over his chart and notice that this was his first time in this clinic and he hasn’t had a full physical for sometime. I quickly checked his vital signs and he seem to be a very healthy young man. Since this was a sports physical, I had him stand up and removed his wrestling uniform and lowered them to his knees exposing his genitals. He had a really nice dick and I felt around his abdomen for a while taking my time so I can admire his toned body. (MORE)


I examined his testicles and penis very thoroughly and again taking my time so I can feel his cock in my hands. I figured since he hasn’t been to an exam for a long time so I had him remove his uniform and have him totally nude for this exam. I had bend over the exam table and I told him to spread his legs as I inserted my lubed finger into his tight jock hole. I again took my time and I really felt his prostrate. His ass was nice and tight and I can feel pressure of how tight his ass really is. I found his prostrate and took my index finger and messaged it. I took my other hand and reached around as I felt his cock starting to get hard. Every guy straight or gay always get a hard on when I play with there prostrate and Jacob is no exception. I figured I can’t waste this precious hard-on and why not check out his stamina so I told him to get back up on the exam table and watch what I do to Jacob next while he’s sporting that big cock of his. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Caiden, Kenneth and Justin




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today’s addition is sure to please. I have Caiden and Kenneth with me; in fact they are trying to trim a tree in the back area of the nudist colony. They are pruning a tree and it doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. I had them take a break and chat with me a bit.

They aren’t making much money pruning and doing yard work so I decide to ask them if they want to make some extra cash the easy way. They drove a hard bargain and we settled on seven hundred dollars and I offered them each an extra hundred if they would fuck in the tree. This should be prove interesting don’t you think? I can’t wait to see how they pull this one off. As soon as we got done talking about the cash and the tree, these two threw their tools down and took on another type of tool. They began by kissing, but it wasn’t long until Kenneth took control and began to reach into Caiden’s pants while giving him some sensual kisses.

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Boy Gusher – Jacob




There are two things that I love about Jacob. One is that he is a horny young man, and that he loves kink. He loves the fact that I tape all of my handjobs, and I just found out that he is into light bondage. I had this young fetish pig, tied up with a hood over his head as I began my tour of his cock inside those white tight undies. He was moaning as I rubbed his cock lightly at first. I teased him until I was sure he was on edge and ready for more. That is when I finally took the hood off and allowed him to watch me as I stroked and fondled his dick. He seemed to like that, and I know I enjoyed it. I loved the fact he couldn’t move an inch while I played with his cock.

I worked his undies off and took his cock in my hand playing with it gently at first, and then I began to stroke a little harder with more pressure causing him to bite his lip from crying out. I could tell he wanted to use his hands and reach down to grab his cock, but couldn’t. That is what makes bondage so much fun; you can drive a man insane by just teasing him until he pops. He finally gave up and leaned back. He was beginning to enjoy my hand as it ran up and down his cock, jerking on it making him moan out his pleasure. That cock soon grew huge under my talented hands and Jacob moaned again. I slipped a rubber dick over his hard cock and began to jerk his cock with that rubber and that drove him insane. I loved how the rubber made his cock flow as it was jerked back and forth in my hand. He told me he was about to cum and he pumped and jerked as he exploded his cum wad all over my hands and his hairy pubs. I milked that cock until he was dry and exhausted.

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