Tylatti More Fist Fucks Dwayne Malone – Anal Discipline

Tylatti More loves to dominate ass and he certainly took control of Dwayne Malone's man hole here. Between his fist, a huge sex toy and his big black rod, he filled this submissive bottom up to the fullest extent and then some. He fucks him bareback, of course. After all the fisting and toy fucking, why do it with a condom on"

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Hungry Pooch Gets A Load – Anal Discipline

Pooch needs a hot load of semen to drink, and Shadow has more than enough in his pecker to satisfy! The horny bearish men stroke and suck each others hard boners, licking helmets and swallowing their hard inches. Heading to the bed they feast on each other until Shadow is ready to pump his jizz out over his friends face, and that's all Pooch needs to spew his own hot jizz from his aching pecker!

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Shadow Junior Ties Up Nightshayde – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior loves tying up Nightshayde and this time around he had fun edging his big, bone-ring clad joystick and balls. Nightshayde is very horny and loves being bound, so to not be able to semen was hard for him to deal with. This took place in a sex store, so anyone could have walked in and got in on the action. Being blindfolded, Nighshayde had no idea what was going on around him!

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Leather Studs Dominate Each Other – Anal Discipline

Austin Marks and Blake Andrews both love to dominate, so they took turns doing so here. Still, only one guy ended up getting fucked in the ass. He was still controlling things though. These bloke are real men, into real rough sex. Leather, a sling, hot mouths and a hairy man hole to pound the hell out of make this a scene not to be missed. They're well hung too!

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Lycan Ties Up And Blows Slave Bare – Anal Discipline

Lycan is mostly submissive, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of tying up the likes of Slave Bare and shoving a huge sex toy inside his man hole. Which he does here. Bare loves to be dominated and he surely loves huge toys in his ass. Lycan is very kind to him, giving him a handjob and actually letting him cream eventually. What a nice Dom!

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Shadow Junior Spanks And Face Fucks Nightshayde – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior has Nightshayde dressed up in a lyrca outfit, the kind that opens up in the ass. He's on his hands and knees on the bed, ready to be spanked and used a toy. Following some spanking, he is soon being face fucked with his Dom's big, thick knob. Only a taste though, as he doesn't deserve the spooge that shoots out of it at this point yet. That may come later, but for now, Shadow just wants to let him know his place in the relation and he certainly does that here. Poor, sexually frustrated Nightshayde. No, not really.

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Just 2 Guys With Hard Cocks To Enjoy – Broke And Horny

Kicking back and watching some pussy porn, Mike and Trey soon have their hard cocks out in their fists. The two check each other out, enjoying the look of another stiff boner being jerked, but when the offer of some head is made the game changes for the better. Sucking and stroking each other leads to some hot spooge fun, with jizz eating too!

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This Young Pledge Certainly Meets All Requirements! – Anal Discipline

He's a handsome football playing jock who never expected this kind of initiation, but his hard throbbing joystick, his hungry bone sucking mouth and that tight virgin ass certainly seem to enjoy it! He's blindfolded for the pledge master to really get to work in total anonymity, revealing the jocks raging pecker and wanking him off. Surprisingly this jock seems to be a natural when it comes to sucking pecker, check out that tongue action as he laps a that helmet and his deep sucking skills too! Can his ass take some play? Sure it can! A little fingering and a fat dildo up his virgin hole and he's almost begging to jizz! Check out the intensity of his climax when he's finally taken over the edge, looks like this young jock passed the initiation with flying colors!

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Pooch Loves A Bit Of Ruff – Raunchy Bareback

Ruff is like a lot of horny men, he can't resist an opportunity to share his knob and shoot a cream load. He catches Pooch stroking his hard bear cock in the office and invites himself in to suck on it. His own big cock is soon out of Pooch to enjoy, but we all know he's really after that bareback ass. Ruff is eager to give it up!

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