Mission accomplished…

Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

Shane Ridge Fucks Tristan Stiles

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Tristan or Shane. Welcome back boys! We won’t have Shane for long because he’s going to get deployed to Kuwait. Hopefully, Tristan will give him a proper send off! Tristan has been working at the carwash still so I know he needs to blow off some steam. Let’s get to it.

The boys let loose and show off their bodies. Shane has one hell of an ass on him! I wish they were flipping today so I could see him get fucked but I’ll have to settle for just imagining me burying my face in it. Tristan pulls him close for a nice juicy kiss while simultaneously jacking both of their dicks. The kiss is long and hot! Shane makes his way down to his knees and begins to suck Tristan’s cock. Tristan’s dick grows in Shane’s mouth. Tristan is clearly please with Shane’s oral talents and soon he decides to return the favor. Shane gets on the chair and Tristan immediately gets to work. He accidentally scrapes him once with his teeth (ouch) but makes up for it with a nice sloppy blow. Tristan gets all over Shane’s nice think cock.

Shane straps and lubes up while Tristan sits back into the chair and spreads his legs. Shane wastes no time. He gets in and starts ramming his cock deep inside Tristan’s guts. It doesn’t take long for Tristan to get used to the dick; his ass seems hungry for it. Shane puts Tristan on all fours and continues to fuck the shit out of him, forcing that ass to bounce off his torso. Shane truly fucks Tristan’s hole like its pussy. They transition over to the bed where they make out some more before Shane continues to tear his insides up. Shane really shows no mercy but Tristan is in too much ecstasy to care. Tristan pops his load on his stomach and chest and soon thereafter Shane adds his cum to the mix.

BSB thanks Shane for his service and Tristan for sending our boy off happy.

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Shane Ridge Fucks Romeo James

Getting pounded by Paul didn’t scare Shane Ridge away from the BSB studios. Well, maybe it did but the money made him stay. He’s sitting next to Romeo James, who has his arm wrapped around his scene partner. Today Romeo’s rump will get some exploring. This is the first time Romeo has ever given a guy, or girl, backdoor loving. “It’s kind of similar,” the cameraman observes. “Except for the hair,” Shane notes. The cameraman adds that he shouldn’t worry. Romeo is a pro when it comes to getting plugged. “I’m not up for it,”

Romeo observes. Possibly, but he too has other considerations.”He needs ever penny he can get,” the cameraman says. Shane has his upcoming cash infusion already spent on his kid. “What’s up with all these models having kids,” Romeo asks. Good question. What is the deal? As the pro, Romeo will direct the scene for today. When the guys get naked, Romeo’s rod is standing straight up. Is someone excited? LOL Shane sucks first, choking on all that sausage.

The semi-newbie chokes, but he’s doing something right.”Suck that dick,” Romeo moans. The studio is filled with Shane’s slurping sounds. His spit makes the dick all shiny and wet. Romeo gives Shane a break. Shane gets on his knees and puts the pole in Romeo’s sweet mouth. After a few moments. Shane’s meat gets bloated. Poor Romeo’s stretched mouth. Shane’s initial nerves are gone. But that makes sense. A blow job makes everything better. “Suck a dick,” Shane demands. Don’t you love pushy big dick guys?

Romeo’s own tool stays rigid as he orally takes care of Shane. It’s time for the fucking. Romeo points to the lube and gets in the doggie position. Shane breaks that seal and starts deep dicking Romeo. The poor bottom curses as his hole gets remade. As for Shane, he’s grooving to that tight ass. Romeo’s minor whines are not being heard. :-”You’re taking it pretty well,” Shane observes.The strokes pick up, getting more forceful.

When Romeo gets on his back, his johnson is hard enough to cut diamonds. He’s getting plugged the way a bottom should. Shane gets back in that boy pussy, trying to go as far as he can. He grabs Romeo’s hairy legs and brings them together. The onslaught is doing both models good.”Oh, fuck me,” Romeo begs. His load lands all over his upper stomach and side. Shane pulls out and his jizz pops out all over Romeo’s hand and pubes. When asked how things went, Romeo is pleased with Shane’s gentleness. Awwwwww. Isn’t that romantic? LOL!

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Shane Ridge Fucks Romeo James


Paul Canon Fucks Shane Ridge

Guess what guys…Shane Ridge is getting that sweet ass tapped  by Paul Canon’s fat delicious cock!
The cameraman admits to being happy at seeing the newbie take it from

“Makes one of us,” Shane confesses.”I’m not excited at all.”

Paul is also pleased, but his excitement is from not being a bottom today. Apparently all it took for
Shane to agree to put his booty in the air was a meal.

“Wined and dined,” Paul wonders.

“Hell, yeah,” Shane retorts.

“He’s classy like that,” the cameraman observes.

As for advice for the about to be ex-virgin, Paul says the following:

“It only hurts for a minute.”

How many times, in world history, has a guy said that as he tried to slip his thing in someone’s butt
hole? :-)

The two strip and Paul sucks first. Shane holds Paul’s head as the dude laps away. Curly-topped
Paul deep throats, and gets that sausage plump. Shane, a considerate scene partner, does reach
around and jerks Paul’s rod.

Paul wipes the spit from his lips and gives Shane a chance to suck on his tool. Shane can’t get all of
the meat down his throat, but does keep everything sloppy and juicy. Shane tugs at Paul’s nuts
like he’s hoping he’ll coat his tongue with man milk. Paul’s toes curl from all the attention.

It’s time for the fucking. Shane assumes the position, doggie style. Paul slathers his johnson with
lube. He tires to break that seal, but it’s too tight. He gets more lube and the second time is the
charm. Shane’s hole expands to accept the intrusion. The busted newbie grunts and grabs the
sheets. He can’t tell if he’s in incredible pain or bliss. And Paul isn’t treating him like a tender
virgin. He’s deep dicking him, balls deep with each stroke.

Shane gets on his stomach and Paul gets back in. That tight hole being made sloppy with each
down deep slam. Shane curses in the bed sheet, but takes the pounding. His fleshy butt cheeks
shake from the fucking.

“Oh, dude,” Shane moans.

When Paul puts Shane on his side, the bottom boy’s face is red and his dick is hard. Paul enters for
a final ride, splitting Shane open like a peach. There might be pain, but all that joy button pounding
gets Shane to shoot first. His load lands all over the black sheets. Paul immediately pulls out and
jerks a nut that covers the opening of Shane’s hole and his nuts.

“Holy shit, guys,” the cameraman says when there’s no more nectar flying about.

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge

It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking them. Damien is no novice and we think he has the skill to help out newbie excel tremendously at it.
“I really wasn’t convinced yet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

“Convinced about what,” the cameraman wonders.

“Sucking dick,” Shane responds, with that sexy grin.

Damien is modest about his incredible talent but we know that Shane is in capable hands…and mouths.

The guys riptheir clothes off quickly, and Damien quickly leans in and starts sucking on Shane’s beefcake.

“He definitely knows what he’s doing.” Shane explains.

Damien is sucking it hard, taking all of Shane’s thick meat in his wet warm mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Shane stands up and we get a striking view of his thick masculine hairy thighs. His thick veiny dick stands straight out and Damien devours it some more. The pair sink comfortably back into the couch and Damien continues his sucking duty, putting in as much work as he can to get to the creamy ending.

Shane takes his dick out of Damien’s mouth and begins to jerk it, Damien keeps his lips close to Shane’s dick, patiently waits for the thick load that he worked so hard for. Suddenly, Shane erupts and shoots on Damien’s lips and mouth.

Now it’s Shane’s turn to utilized the skills he just experienced! Hope he was paying attention, LOL. Shane gets on his knees and puts Damien’s dick between his lips! HE starts off slow, as he is unfamiliar with how to really make Damien’s dick spit so early in the game. After a few minutes the dick sucking rookie makes his first attempt at deep throating and of course he gags.
“Breathe through your nose,” Damien advises.

Shane gets on the couch for a better angle.

“Fuck,” Damien whispers.

The newbie is doing something right.

“All the way down,” Damien says as he grabs the back of his scene partner’s neck.

Shane must be doing something right because soon Damien is close and begins to jerk. Shane continues to suck and suddenly a deluge of cum coats his tongue and teeth! Shane is in shock but doesn’t freak out, I think he liked it.

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Shane Ridge Shows Off

Make way! Fresh BSB Meat! This is Shane Ridge and you can tell he’s somewhat excited to be here, the cutie can’t seem to keep his hands off his cock! Shane has a smoldering smile that would melt your grandmother’s heart and make your undies magically fall to the floor. How did we receive this wonderful gift? Well, it seems Shane has a special bundle of his own on the way.

“I just recently discovered I’m having a kid.T he first job isn’t making so much, so I have to make ends meet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

He’s a officially a DILF! He started playing with his trouser snake when he was a wee lad in the 6th grade. Actually, he was basically having cyber sex with another girl sending him photos and videos.

Since this he hasn’t stopped. This guy loves to pleasure his cock, he jerks off a couple times a day and he’s got a kid on the way. He strips down and whips out his thick, uncut dick and starts stroking. He plays with his nipples to intensify the experience a bit.

He stands up and continues, you can tell he’s slightly camera shy but that doesn’t inhibit him too much. He continues to wrestle with his cock. He gets back on the couch and lays down on his back. He dick gets bigger and you can tell he’s edging closer to his climax. Suddenly he shoots a load of thick cum that covers his stomach. All he can do is smile.

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