Denver Pride Fest 2013

The Broke Straight Boys go to Denver Pride and its a great time. Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys–some as far away as China!

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Denver Pride Fest 2013


Ayden Troy sitting next to a newbie? Do you really need anything else to be happy? LOL! Today’s update stars Ayden and Shane Trump.

“We are here to initiate Shane into the joys of cock sucking,” the cameraman says.

“The wonderful joys,” Ayden adds.

There are smirks all around. When Shane is asked how all of this makes him feel, there’s a pause and big grin.

“It will be all right,” he says.

Ayden has erased the first time he gave a dude some oral love, so he can’t offer any tips. :-)

“You can just give him instructions in the middle of the video,” the cameraman suggests to Ayden.

As the boys disrobe we discover Ayden has a new tattoo on his thigh (a drunken monkey). They sit on the couch and take care of their individual tools. Shane loses underwear first, his thick tool ready to play. Ayden licks the head first, then opens wide. His mouth is stretched beyond the maximum. The studio is filled with Ayden’s slurping and Shane’s sighs of contentment. To show his appreciation, Shane gives Ayden a sensuous reach around.

Ayden can’t fully inhale Shane’s beast, but he knows licking its head will work wonders. He also understands a slow tongue is essential. When asked how Ayden is doing, Shane offers positive reviews.

It’s soon time for Shane to offer some tongue work. Ayden stands up, and Shane hits his knees. The newbie swallows Ayden’s spear. Whole.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Ayden whispers.

Shane is the type of newbie BSB needs. Well trained and willing to look up while sucking. And doesn’t Shane look cuter with those eyes facing skyward? :-) As for Ayden, he doesn’t need to offer any advice. Just moan and groan as his sausage gets some oral loving.

Ayden grabs a seat and Shane keeps keeping on. Like Ayden, Shane likes to give slow blow jobs. Makes sense, no? Why rush things if you don”t have to. Plus, Shane must be having a good time. Notice how his pole sticks straight out? :-)

“Oh, fuck,” Ayden whimpers as he tries to push Shane’s head all the way to China. :-)

Shane picks up the pace. Is he trying to make Ayden cum in his mouth? :-) Ayden repeats “oh fuck” as Shane wipes effort tears off his cheek.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Ayden begs.

Shane has no intention to. He’s not deep throating, but you can tell from the sounds his mouth is filled with saliva and pre-cum. Ayden’s grunts become louder and Shane pulls up. He stokes that spit covered johnson until Ayden shoots a load that lands all over his abs.



Shane Trump Shows Off

It will be hard to be grumpy about the start of March with Shane Trump in the BSB studio. He’s a fan of skiing and hanging out at beach. The newbie would jerk off more than once a week, but has a number of roommates. Alone time is rare, and once a roommate caught him taking of his needs. Sounds like a good start to a video, no? LOL!

He’s willing to give us a show because he needs quick cash.

“I got some problems with my car I have to fix up. ”

Although he’s nervous, Shane has a great grin and hot hairy booty. The tale of getting caught stroking must be a good memory because he’s semi-hard when the black undies are removed. Shane takes a seat, gets some lube, and starts taking care of his meat. In no time, he’s blissed out. Even plays a little with his chest. Those nipples do look like they need to be nibbled on.

Shane nuts would make a mouthful and his tool is a stout piece. Wonder if he’s willing to bust a bottom with it? :-) Shane is one of those slow self pleasure type of guys. Makes sure the entire length of the shaft gets treated right. Also gives off a vibe that he likes to be touched right, which makes him more than perfect for BSB.

He gets back on the couch, that thick tool begging for relief. For a dude who has a smooth chest, Shane’s legs are covered with dark fur. Sexy beast! All of his attention is on getting off. It’s like no one else is in the room.

When it gets to nutting time, his mouth partly opens. Shane’s tongue flicks slowly over his lips.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispers.

His load shoots straight up, almost filling that belly button. The milky white juice makes his pubes wet and sticky.