Gotta Have It – Tristan Hunter -amp; Damien White

Tristan Hunter can't help but stop and stare when he sees a resting Damien White with an impressive case of morning wood. Rocking his own daytime erection, Tristian begins touching himself while gazing over Damien's XL cock until finally deciding to help him out by deepthroating his huge dick. Damien eagerly accepts Tristan's mouth and is soon shoving his bareback cock into Tristian's perfectly smooth ass. Tristan expertly takes Damien's girthy meat in several positions before the top pulls out, busts all over Tristan's cheeks, and reinserts himself into Tristan's used ass. Moments later, Tristan makes a mess by shooting out a hot load all over Damien's clean sheets.

Arabesque – Huessein -amp; Sarib -amp; Joey Russo -amp; Colin West -amp; JC

Enter into the hustle and bustle of a marketplace where a dozen hotArabian men, hairy, built, and beautiful, conduct the business of life--buying and selling goods, gossiping about the village... eyeing eachother and perhaps wondering about unthinkable thoughts... Slowlythe scene thins out as men go back to their houses, some carryingnew guns from the arms merchant, others with carpets, some withfood. Finally five remain--the hottest men of all, each thirsting forsomething more than the cool water of the market fountain...As thecrowds meander through the vibrant marketplace, Huessein, Sarib,Colin West, Joey Russo, and JC stack themselves into a pyramid - ahuman sculpture writhing with cock and ass. What were once furtiveglances become eyes wide with lust! In a beautifully erotic scene,these men enjoy each other with rampant desire, sweat dripping fromevery brow under the hot, broiling sun. This may be one of the bestoral scenes of the year, but it is only the setup for some of the mostamazing fucking we have ever set to film!Indoors we find Huessein - the hottest, hairiest hunk since Bruno ofthe 1970s -fucking Colin West. Huessein comes from Istanbul and isthe real-deal as far as stunning Middle Eastern men go. Colin West, aPlaygirl model with some very sexy tattoos, takes Huessein inposition after position, his white ass always at the ready, open andwide. Huessein, a power-top of tremendous strength, takes fulladvantage of Colin's pink pucker, diving in until cum shots fly fromboth men.

Gotta Have It – Max Adonis -amp; Colton Reece -amp; Luca del Rey

A completely naked Colton Reece just walked in on the best sight imaginable - Luca del Rey and Max Adonis making out while stroking their hard cocks. As Colton joins in on the fun, both boys drop to their knees to take care of his hot and ready meat. Luca stays on the ground as Colton fills up his mouth and Max goes to bareback his muscular bubble butt. Ready to fuck some man ass himself, Colton stuffs his dick into Luca before telling both partners to climb on top of each other and create a tower of ass that he can pump his girthy meat into. After fully using both of his friend's furry holes, Colton joins the other two in draining his balls all over Luca's naked and satisfied body.