On The Road – Orlando (Part 2)

Down in Orlando, the boys just keep on getting hotter and sexier! In this installment, Paul, Daniel, and Sha continue their Gay Days fun at O-town’s famed Parliament House. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, a sexy stranger decides to give BSB fans a taste of what he has to offer during a hot impromptu audition.


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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
On The Road – Orlando (Part 2)

Adam, Mick and Daniel

Great things come in threes; 3 Musketeers, 3 Wise Men, even the 3 Stooges. BSB is honored to present this sexy trinity for your viewing pleasure. We knew that Adam, Daniel, and Mick were sure to wet your appetites among other things.  Our guys lounge on the bed in a row, Mick starts to tell a sordid tale about two girls in the woods but he decides not to.

The boys disrobe and get back into position on the bed in their skivvies and after a moment they loose their shorts and get to it. Daniel leans over and starts to wake Mick’s flaccid dick with his warm wet mouth. Meanwhile, Adam begins to do the same to Daniel.

“What were you fed when you were younger,” Clay asks Mick.

“Dick steroids,” Mick replies.

“Looks like it,” Clay says.

Daniel handles Mick’s substantial cock effortlessly, Mick leaning back and enjoying the service. Daniels pulls off Mick and begins to slurp on Adam’s cock. Mick begins to suck Daniel’s dick.

Soon Adam assumes the position on the bed, his juicy ass looks great on display. Daniel lubes him up and slowly starts to ease his dick inside. Mick stands over the two and Daniel sucks his dick as he slams his cock inside Adam’s sweet hole.

After a while Mick wants in on the ass action.

Give me a piece of that ass,” Mick commands.

Adam gets on his back. As mentioned, Mick’s dick is a monster, poor Adam curses and grunts as Mick works his way in. Daniel gets on the floor and licks Mick’s cum filled nuts.

Mick grabs Adam’s ankles and fucks him hard and deep. The fucking is insistent and strong.

“Oh, shit,” Adam whimpers.

Mick pulls out and shoots a load that covers Adam’s stomach. Soon after Adam blows his own load.

“Cum on this little slut,” Mick says to Daniel. Daniel follows orders and nuts on Adam’s stomach. He rubs all of the released juice in Adam’s skin.

“How was that ass,” Adam inquires.

“It was fantastic,” Mick says.

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Adam, Mick, & Daniel

Mick Fucks Daniel Raw

Mick and Daniel are here to make some cash. Daniel is strictly here for the money. He’s a little concerned about Mick’s big fat dick in his ass. Mick is ready to roll! He can’t wait to bone Daniel and get his cash. He has to replace his cell phone and based his excitement he has quite a few people to call and text after this scene. As our bros disrobe, Mick gives Daniel’s ass a few hard slaps just to prepare him mentally for what’s to come.

Daniel takes a moment to massage Mick’s dick with his warm wet mouth. He’s damn good at it too, because Mick had little to no advice on how he could improve the experience.  Stroking his own hard cock as he swallows Mick’s dick. Always generous and kind, Mick makes his way over to Daniel’s cock. Using his tongue and lips to tease the head and shaft, Daniel is almost rendered speechless.

“Oh god, I love when you do that.” He moans.

After a few minutes of mind-blowing head Daniel gets on his back and puts those succulent thighs in the air.  Mick enters and poor Daniel can only grit his teeth to endure the pain. Mick starts fucking balls deep, not even giving him a chance to get used to his thick dick.

“Oh, god!” Daniel cries.

“Cheer up sport.” Mick replies as he fucks him deep.

Mick grabs Daniel’s ankles and goes in as far as possible. The cries of shock turn to moans of pleasure. Mick is looking to get off and Daniel just along for the ride. Daniel gets on his stomach, and Mick smacks that a few more times. He gets back in that warm tight hole, fucking balls deep again. Daniel’s legs are spread apart, at the mercy of everything Mick has. The sound of Mick pounding on Daniel’s fleshy ass echoes in the room.

“You like it,” Mick asks.

“Oh, my god yes,” Daniel says.

Daniel’s ass gets the better of Mick. He pulls out and shoots a huge warm load that covers the top of Daniel’s ass cheeks. Daniel turns around and places a wet kiss on Mick’s mouth. Mick returns the passion and the video ends with these two studs making out.

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Mick & Daniel

Adam Fucks Daniel Raw

The porn gods have been kind to BSB today. Heart throb Adam Baer is paired with newbie hit Daniel
Grange. Not only do we get delicious Daniel back, but his virgin ass will be popped!

“He’s huge,” Daniel says, pointing to Adam.

Yes, he is Danny boy. Hope you’re ready. :-)

The two get off the bed and Adam grabs his chest. He wants everyone to know he’s been hitting the

“You guys will see a little bit more,” he notes.

“I have some catching up to do,” Daniel adds.

“You’re behind,” Adam replies.

As they remove their shirts, neither is getting kicked out of the bed of a level headed (wo)man.
When the real show begins, the two start off kissing. Daniel is tentative at first, but soon grabs
Adam’s backside with a smack. As they lock lips they reach down and stroke their dicks. Daniel hits
the floor first and swallows Adam’s tool. Those baby blues look up in Adam’s face.

“Take as much as you can,” Adam quietly orders as he guides his meat.

Daniel gets about half way before choking. Adam starts to face fuck the newbie, who looks so
helpless with a mouth full of cock.

Adam spits in his mouth and gives Daniel a kiss for the good job. He pushes him on the bed and
returns the favor.

“Suck that cock,” Daniel groans. “Oh, god.”

Adam licks and laps Daniel’s tool, making the boy happy and contented.

“God. You’re so good at that,” Daniel says.

Adam pulls up and kisses the soon to be sore bottom.

“Let me see that hole,” Adam orders.

Daniel puts his face on the bed and points his booty in Adam’s direction. Adam lubes it up and fingers
it, getting it ready for his pole. He teases the hole with his bloated head.

“Keep them spread,” Adam commands as Daniel pulls his cheeks apart.

Adam enters in one slow, raw, stroke. He waits a moment and starts fucking balls deep. Daniel’s
whimpering makes him even sexier as he gets busted real good. Adam grabs Daniel’s hair and goes
to town.

Adam wants to make certain Daniel remembers this day. He pushes the lad on his stomach.

“Spread ‘em,” he orders.

Daniel reaches back and pull his cheeks so Adam can have easier access. Adam gets back in.

“Your dick is huge,” Daniel cries on a down stroke.

He grits his teeth into the mattress as Adam does what he wants. Daniel’s cries fill the room. Adam’s
strokes are powerful. Not quick, but certainly insistent.

Daniel gets on his back and before he gets back to where he should be, Adam gives him a kiss.
There is the initial shock when that fat hot dog breaks the seal, but Daniel’s dick says it all. He’s
getting off on this.

“You’re making me so hard,” he whines.

Adam spreads these legs apart and pounds away.

“You have a fucking massive cock,” Adam whispers.

It’s massive and does it’s duty. The pace picks up and poor Daniel looks like he’s being split in half.
Adam pulls out and busts a nut all over Daniel’s dong and stomach. His hole might be stretched
beyond recognition, but Daniel grabs Adam’s sausage and jerks it until there is no more man milk.
Adam leans in and gives his bottom toy a scene ending smooch.



Daniel Shows Off

Here is a truism. The polite boys are always the sexiest. Case in point: meet Daniel. Calls the
cameraman “sir.” Tries to be positive and keeps natural nerves on the down low when it comes to
jerking for us horn dogs.

“You have a good attitude,” the cameraman says to the brown topped lad.

“I try to have a good attitude,” the newbie replies with a grin that will make many pop an instant

He’s here to earn cash for his truck (it needs to be fixed). Daniel’s the typical cute straight guy.
Hobbies include working on his truck and looking for girls. Hard to believe he has a difficult
time with the ladies considering his hotness. The 20 year old disrobes as he talks about his life.
Nice body and a better dick. He doesn’t know its length.

“How long do you think it is,” Daniel asks the cameraman.

Daniel turns around to show a nubile ass. When told how cute his butt is he grabs both cheeks. Is
this the sign of a burgeoning bottom? LOL

When Daniel looks in the camera it will be difficult not to fall for those baby blue puppy eyes. He
sits on the sofa and starts stroking.

“Sometimes I get bored throughout the day and start masturbating for no reason,” Daniel

When asked to finger his hole, Daniel is slightly hesitant. However, he eventually pulls his meaty
thighs to his chest and puts a digit in that boy cunt.

“It’s tight,” Daniel observes.

“I bet it is,” the cameraman notes. “How does it feel?”

“Feels kind of good,” Daniel observes. “I’m surprised.”

Yeah, we have a bottom boy here. Daniel looks so sexy with his legs pulled up.

Daniel gets on his back, working to get hard. He grabs his balls, but makes certain a finger finds its
place in his now favorite orifice.

“I think I just found something new I like to do,” Daniel maintains.

Daniel is now hard, with his mouth partly open as he pleasures himself. He looks at the
cameraman and soon enough he shoots enough juice to coat an axle. The first spurt hits his chest.
The second lands on his stomach and the rest coats his shaved pubes.



College Boy Physicals – Daniel


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It is a bit of a hectic day today in the clinic. Besides moving our clinic to a new and larger location, we have been seeing many students this past few days. The next patient is a young 18 year college boy named Aaron. Aaron just started with the college but is moving onto a college out of the United States attending a music program. Since he’s going out of the country, the new college informed him he needs to have a exam before entering there school. Aaron seems to be a healthy young man so I did the basic exam on him. I asked him a few questions prior to the exam and then told him to remove his shirt and I listen to his vital signs such as his heart, took his blood pressure and took his wieght. (MORE)


After doing his vital signs and everything seems to be in great working order. Aaron had on just a pair of undies on. I had him get onto the exam table and had him remove his undies and I lowered the exam table. I instructed Aaron to get on his hands and knees as I took the anal thermometer and placed it into his young tight hole. I inserted the thermometer and Aaron felt a bit uncomfortable with this exam, he has never had his temperature taken this way and as he was being treated he had asked me if this is normal routine for his exam. I assured him that his exam is basic and told him that I’m the type of doctor that likes to give all his patients a good thorough exam before giving them a clean bill of health. (MORE)


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