The Bard of Avon would be penning love poems to this Romeo. The confident stud has a curved dick and hairy hole. He plays with both until he shoots a load that coats his yummy stomach. Romeo gives his nectar a taste, and is pleased with the taste.

Muscle Ridge

Deep in the woods under the dense canopy of the trees, our COLT Men know how to have a good time. Stripped down and free to indulge in their primal urges, the COLT Men of MUSCLE RIDGE enjoy the great outdoors as only real men can. Explore the woods Explore your wild side Explore MUSCLE RIDGE!

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Deep in the woods under the dense canopy of the trees, our COLT Men know how to have a good time.

Studio Name: COLT Studio Group


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TIMFuck Exclusive: COOPER, DEREK, and DANNY

Here’s another rediscovered treasure from the early days of T.I.M. From the enthusiastically unrestrained way they get into it, you’d never know this was the first time fucking on camera for topmen Derek and Danny and piggish cumdump Cooper. Derek and Danny switch off feeding both of Cooper’s hungry holes all the manmeat and cream he can take, simultaneously and one at a time. Even after ebony stud Derek shoots his load on Cooper’s ass and then fucks all that cum up inside his hole, Cooper still needs more. And the tops are more than happy to oblige, stuffing their cocks into his gaping maw once again.

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TIMSuck Exclusive: YAHROE and TRAVISS

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Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model
because he’s getting fucked today. Next to him are Paul Canon and Cage Kafig, the dudes who will get a piece of that ass. “So I asked if you have ever done a train,” the cameraman says. None of the lads have had the pleasure. The cameraman and Paul get into a debate about Florida and its football teams (southern lads love them some pig skin). Cage just looks like he’s ready to go. The attention is returned to Damien, who looks slightly scared. “These guys go rough, dude. Seriously,” he complains to the cameraman. There’s a request for a little gentleness, but Cage and Paul laugh. “We”ll be friends later on tonight,” Paul notes. While Cage isn’t in the mood for chitchat, he does offer a bold prediction. “This is going to be the number one video of the year,” he assures.

After Paul does a little dance move, the three studs take off their shirts. There’s some banter about who has the better body. Damien is proud of his abs and tells his scene
partners they need to catch up. LOL! Soon everyone is naked, on the bed, shaking their backsides to the camera. Paul’s booty has the most juice, jiggling as he shakes it. The boys finally decide on how to start. Paul sucks Damien’s meat and Cage has a go at Paul’s. The joking stops because now everybody is about the business of nut busting. Paul swallows everything Damien has, treating it like the meat candy it is. Cage’s mouth is stretched out by Paul’s pud, but Cage is a unhappy camper. “I’m missing out,” he whines. LOL! That’s soon fixed. Paul gets on his back and takes care of Cage’s cock. As for Damien, he goes down on Paul. Paul deep throats Cage’s monster, getting it shiny with spit and pre-cum.

“Shit,” Cage exclaims. Damien’s oral work is getting Paul all excited, but we all know the main course is being prepared. Damien gets on his hands and knees. The others lube up and put condoms on. Paul has Damien move his sweet ass back a bit. In one slow motion, Damien’s man cave is filled to the brim. He moans as Paul slowly fucks him. Next thing you know Cage is behind Paul. Those perky cheeks get spread by Cage’s pole. “Hold on for a second,” Paul asks as Cage starts to slow stroke him. “Don’t you pull out,” Damien commands. Soon Cage is fucking Paul, and Paul is giving it to Damien. Paul doesn’t even have to move because the force of Cage’s strokes push him into Damien. Beads of sweat form on Paul’s booty. After a few more strokes, Cage pulls out.

“Suck this dick,” he demands of Damien. Damien is on his back, his mouth open for the pole. As for Paul, he gets back in that tighter hole. Damien is getting royally stuffed today. His moans are muffled by the length of Cage’s rod. Paul is balls deep on each stroke, making Damien yell out. “Hell, yeah,” Cage says. He wants some of that Damien butt. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Damien is turned around, his hole corned by Cage. Damien slobbers on Paul’s sausage. Cage fucks fast and furious, going in as far as he can. “Oh, fuck,” Damien whimpers. He can’t talk for long because Paul wants that tongue on his meat.

“Keep going. I’m going to cum,” Damien moans.His load coats his hand as he jerks it. Cage stays in for a few more hits before pulling out. Paul puts his tool down Damien’s warm throat. Cage’s jizz makes Damien’s pubes all wet and slick. Paul is next. His cum first lands on Damien’s tongue. The rest coats his cheeks and lips. After everyone calms down, Cage comes up with a perfect title for this scene: “Spin the bottom,” he says. What do you think?

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Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage

Taking Care of Mickelo – Ivan Lenko -amp; Mickelo Evans

After his solo performance, Mickelo Evans was more than ready to move forward and we thought it a good idea to team him up with lover boy Ivan Lenko. Ivan is such a nice guy, attentive and passionate, that we knew his personality would be a good ice breaker for a newbie to porn. And Mickelo was quite happy and turned on by the idea of shooting with our muscular Ukrainian-Canadian lip-pierced jock.</br></br>Marko Lebeau was supposed to be there to spend some time with the guys, but he called in to say that he was caught in traffic and couldn't make it on time. So he asked Ivan to 'take care' of Mickelo. And taking care of Mickelo is exactly what Ivan did. The guys started out on the floor by the couch as both were ready to roar wearing only white bathrobes and stiff boners. For Ivan, taking care of Mickelo meant that he started off by subduing his cock. Ivan did an awesome job blowing his new partner. Lenko was already rock hard when he dove in for Mickelo's cock. Then it was the newbie's turn to help his buddy out. Mickelo was just so anxious to get at Ivan's cock and return the favour. When we told Mickelo that he was doing his first scene with Ivan, his smile stretched from ear to ear.</br></br>Ultimately, for Ivan, taking care of Mickelo meant that he would do quite a number on his partner's ass. Rimming it, thumbing it and fucking it was all part of his master plan. Prepping his bottom boy, Ivan tongued his asshole, sucked his cock and balls again, then he took Mickelo's porn cherry, pounding him full tilt.</br></br>First by the fireplace, then beside the couch and finally on the couch, Ivan rammed his cock up Mickelo's ass as the newcomer moaned and groaned, happily taking it doggy style.A scene with Ivan is not a real scene unless there is some passionate kissing and love-making, in addition to a healthy dose of cock sucking and intense ass pounding. Well, true to form, this is exactly what our hunky top and lean bottom delivered for, you, our viewers.</br></br>The climax to this hot action was nothing less than Mickelo sucking and swallowing Ivan's power tool dry, turning himself on so much with the taste of Ivan' baby batter that he unloaded his own splatter of jizz seconds later. Well, Mickelo is off to a good start. And Ivan is... well... Ivan!! Nothing to complain about there!

Seth Bond Gets Off To Himself – Seth Bond

Our Exclusive Seth Bond has just finished a hot scene and was waiting for the shower to be free. As he starts looking in the mirror at himself naked he starts getting turned on. Before you know it Seth has decided he can shoot another load and does it while he is looking himself! Enjoy as 'Seth Bond gets off to himself!'