Boy Gusher – Ty & Austin

Austin and Ty on

Ty Young and Austin Grant are being taped without their knowing. Ty was taking a nap when horny Austin walks in on him and sees how damn cute he is so he takes the lead and grabs his cock and begins to fondle and stroke it in his pants. That wakes up horny Ty from a nasty wet dream and he doesn’t say no, in fact, he pulls off his pants and Austin really begins to go to town on this hard dick. Ty has a huge cock so Austin really has to work to stuff it all into his mouth. He does a great job though and jerks and sucks that stiffy as Ty moans his pleasure.

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Austin getting ready to explode!


Conner fucks Ty’s ass!

Connor and Ty are back in the studio together and are ready for some more man on man action. Ty is going to be bravely taking care of The Big Redwood’s cock and despite being somewhat nervous about it, Ty says he has a lot of faith in himself in that he can see it through to the end. Eager to get started, the two boys stood up and stripped off their t-shirts, both revealing buffed upper bodies that complimented each other. Ty turned to the side so that Connor had easier access in which to undo Ty’s belt buckle and jeans before helping to slide the jeans down Ty’s thighs. Once done, Ty pushed his ass out a little, showing off his nicely rounded buttocks. Somewhat excitedly, Connor grabbed Ty’s ass and pried apart his butt cheeks in order to flash Ty’s hole to the camera.

“I like working with new guys!’ offered Connor in defense to Ty teasing him that Connor was having too much fun. As Connor undid his own belt buckle and started to tug down his shorts, Ty turned to him and with quite a sultry look on his face, Ty leaned in for a kiss. The two boys locked lips and started snogging, Ty introducing tongue a moment later. Breaking apart for a brief moment so that Connor could pull his shorts over his bare feet, it was obvious that the two boys liked kissing each other as they each had a sly grin on their face as they dived in for some more hot action. Click here to watch this video!


Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet, Ty and Denver Grand

3 new boys Ty, Blake Bennet and Denver Grand

Three hotties; Blake, Ty and Denver are going to be indulging in some sweaty action together. Getting into things right away, it was time to start getting naked, all three of them putting a little ‘sexy’ into the way they stripped off the t-shirts and joking about having a wet t-shirt competition. Unable to help himself from laughing from his nerves, Blake sat down while Ty went to stand behind him even as Denver sat next to him.

2 straight dudes fighting over another dude's cock!

Together, Ty and Denver massaged Blake’s cock through his shorts in an effort to help him relax. A moment later, Ty wiggled his hand down the front of Blake’s shorts and began playing with the half hard cock. As Ty drew back and ran his hands over Blake’s chest, Denver popped the button on the shorts and helped Blake pull them down to his ankles. 

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College Boy Physicals – Coach, Ty, & Doctor


Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

I was rushing to get my shorts on while the doc was outside the waiting room knocking on the door trying to get into the exam room. The coach rushed me along to get my clothes back on after fucking me really hard and good! The coach ran to the door of the exam room and opened it up to the surprise of Doc PhingerPhuk, he knew something was going on between the coach and Ty. After a few comments from the Doc, he asked to hope onto the exam table were he proceeded to check my eyes, nose, throat and listen to my heart. Since this was an endurance physicals sports exam, he had me do some extra tests and proceded to examine my prostrate. I never had my prostrate examined like that and it felt really good. It felt even better with the coach jerking me off and trying to get me hard. Although I was soft, it still felt really good having the docs finger messaging my prostrate and the coach jerking and sucking my cock. It felt really strange and wierd having my coach have me go through this type of exam. Then the doctor wanted to test my stamina some more and he inserted a butt plug into my tight boyhole and that hurt a bit and I guess all this ass play made it difficult to get my dick hard…but the doc wasn’t so angry or upset about my cock. (MORE)


I guess his focus was on my tight jock asshole. The doc removed the butt plug and then got me ready for the electro butt plug…which he inserted into my hole. He started the electro device and at first I didn’t feel anything, but as the doc turned up the juice, it felt as if someone was fucking me in the ass….the doc then placed some pads on my inner thighs and that messaged my lower area even more….but most of all I really enjoyed having my coach suck and jerk my cock again. After some electro fucking, the doc removed the instruments from my ass and reguested that I give him a sperm sample. I got hard really quick and the doc and the coach were taking turns sucking and jerking and passing my cock between the both of them waiting for me to blow my hot load…it felt really good having the docs hand wrapped around my hard throbbing cock and it was really hot having the coach mouth sucking on my cock. I grabbed my cock and pumped it up and down and blew my load for my coach and doc as they both watched as streams of hot cum was releasing from my cock! (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Coach & Ty 2


Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

After the coach completed sucking my cock, we were getting dress to continue to wait for the doc but my coach had a different idea and he was really horny. The coach locked the exam room door and demanded and forced me to sock his cock. I felt a bit violated and dirty sucking his cock, but I did want to make the team so I got in front of the coach and I started blowing his cock. I hope I was doing a good job and the coach was enjoying every moment of my cock sucking skills. He then jumped on the exam table as I continued to suck his cock but I didn’t expect that he wanted to fuck my ass. I didn’t argue with the coach and he bent me over and placed his hard cock into my tight ass fucking me really good. The coach new what he was doing but he wanted to get off fast since the doc was on his way. The coach was fucking me deep and hard and then he grabbed me and placed me on the exam table as he continued fucking me deep hard with his cock going in & out. (MORE)


The coach then took off his condom and came all over my balls…he then instructed me to stroke my cock and he helped stroke my cock as well…and we both took turns stroking my hard throbbing cock. With several strokes I came really hard blowing my load giving my coach a really hot show. I couldn’t enjoy the moment as the doc was trying to get into the exam room when the door was locked and the doc was outside the exam room demanding to enter the room. Both the coach and I scrambled to fix up the exam room and tried to put back our clothes……see what happens next!!! (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Ty & Coach


Ty’s coach says,

I had some time so I decided to bring Ty into the doctors office for his sports exam. I’m the new head coach and I’m in charge of the schools sports department. Ty is trying out for the basketball team and I wanted to make sure that he gets into the clinic for his sports physical. The doctor showed us the exam room and had us wait for him since the clinic is really busy this time of year. The college campus was in full swing and many of the students are getting sick, needing sports exams and such so the doctor was really taking his time. While waiting, Ty tells me he’s been to this clinic before and the doctors have sex with the patients. Being new to this school, I was a bit shocked and amazed that this was happening. As Ty was telling me this, he was stroking his cock through his basketball shorts. I have to admit, I was getting turned on by Ty’s big bulge and I was very curious to see what was underneath those shorts. (MORE)


As Ty continued, he said coming to this particular clinic was a real turn and he was getting super horny. Perhaps something was in the air but I too couldn’t help my self and I grabbed Ty’s growing cock and starting stroking his cock. I removed his shorts and then proceeded to suck his cock and stroke his cock…I really enjoy my job now and having his hard throbbing cock in my mouth really made me want to cum. Ty was enjoying every moment of me sucking his cock. I had to be quick about it because I didn’t want the doctor to come in and see what I’ve been doing. As I continued to suck his cock and it kept on growing, I took some lube and stroked his large thick cock. I took a firm hold and griped his cock and stroked it up & down and within moments, Ty came really hard and strong as spurts of hot boy cum was shooting out of his cock. I just love feeling a boys cock in my hand when he’s cumming…the pulsating action and me being in control was a real turn on for me. After Ty came, I told him to clean up but I wasn’t finished yet. Watch what I do to Ty in the next episode! (MORE)


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