A van, two hot guys, and a baby giraffe?

Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

Damien Kyle Blows Salem Pierce

Damien has always been known for being the first to lend a helping hand. So it was no surprise when he decided to tag along to pick up one of the new boys. But once hunky Salem Pierce is in the van it’s clear that Damien has other things on his mind.

Damien coerces Salem into getting his feet (and dick) wet before even reaching the BSB house, and Salem obliges. Damien starts by fondling Salem’s budding boner through his sexy blue undies. It’s already apparent that it huge! My suspicion is confirmed as soon as it pops out. Damien’s mouth must be watering just at the sight of it. He wraps his lips around it and goes in! He only gives Salem a brief pause and that’ to get those pants off. Once they’re off, Damien gets back to work, steadily bobbing up and down. Salem’s dick gets bigger and bigger as Salem watches.

Then things get interesting. Damien stops and tries to get Salem to suck his dick. At first Damien says no, but he soon changes his mind when he’s offered $300 to do the deed. Salem starts off pretty slow but he gets some pointers from Damien and we see the results instantly; Damien’s cock gets brick hard. Salem goes deep enough on the dick to produce tears. The boys jack their dicks and Damien mentions that he wants to cum on Salem’s face but of course Salem’s no going to do that for free. He wasn’t 50 more dollars and a baby giraffe. Salem cums and he busts a nice load all over his chest and abs. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this stud in some hardcore action.

Damien Kyle Teaches Salem Pierce How To Suck Cock