Ryan Fields Grey Donovan

Both of these hunks are tall.  Grey may be new, but he’s definitely not shy.  The result of his profession as a male model, no doubt.  In this video we push Grey’s experience and boundaries a little more.

Ryan Fields Deep In Grey Donovan’s Ass!

After being convinced into some mutual oral, Grey sucks on Ryan’s big dick like a natural newbie.  A man knows how to satisfy another man best-by nature, of course.  But Ryan enjoys breaking in the newbies his own way, so he gets on his knees to show Grey how to really go at it.

Grey “ends up” taking Ryan’s big dick in this one.  Sometimes we really throw the newbs into the deep end!  No pun, because it’s Ryan’s big dick in Grey’s deep end.  Grey relaxes and lets Ryan have his way, somewhat anyway.  Ryan knows to be gentle with his partners, seasoned or not.  Ready to see that thick dick penetrating Grey?!  Here’s the Link!

Grey Donovan

Live on the site, is the solo video of the newest Broke Straight Boy, Grey Donovan.  This young first timer has a unique occupation already.  He’s an exclusive runway model for a bridal company.

With that caliber of occupation, you know his GQ and hair style is going to be on point, and so is his savvy.  He’s been soaking up the experience like a sponge, executing direction with ease, and displaying a natural knack for pleasing his audience, and scene partners.  He reveals that the reason is because he actually has come to us from one of our sister sites, so he’s not a complete greenhorn.

He definitely seems to quite enjoy how we operate at BSB though, so you can be sure to see more of him as you guys show him love on the site.  Click Here to see his solo!!


Introducing Ando Koenig

Meet Ando! This is a dude you want with when all hell breaks loose. He’s a fan of mixed martial arts and wrestling. He’s been doing martial arts since he was a kid. Don’t worry though. He’s no bully looking for a fight. Just enjoys the art of it all.

The 20-year-old shows off his guns, and when he takes his shirt off there are some cool tattoos. Ando has a great perspective on how to get better as a fighter, a philosophy
that applies to most things.”You don’t learn anything if you win. You have to lose.” His taste of girls runs toward blonde girls, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. Athletic gals who can bend. When the cameraman wonders about the size of his dong, Ando doesn’t brag. However, when he pulls his underwear down, Ando is sporting a nice side of meat. Eventually he gets on the bed, completely naked. His sausage has plumped, all red and pink. Ando strokes are slow and deliberate. Those small sized nuts jiggle with each stroke.

“You jerk off slow,” the cameraman says. “Is that how you jerk off.” “Yeah, I want it to be pleasurable to me,” Ando answers. He jumps on his knees, and keeps stroking. After some conversation with the cameraman, Ando gets on his back. His hand picks up the pace, but it’s still leisurely. Like a walk in the park. On a perfect summer day. LOL! The dude closes his eyes and it looks like he’s getting more into it.

Ando’s hand stays close to his bloated head. He alternates speed, from fast to slow. With no warning, he pops a load that covers the skin right under his belly button. He gives us a smile and the scene ends. What do you think? Should he come back?

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Ando Koenig

Vinnie Steel Gets Oral Action From Colby Jones

Vinnie Steel is back on the BSB chair with the “very broke” Colby Jones. To increase the size of his wallet Mr. Jones will suck Vinnie’s steel.”You’re don’t have to do anything,” Colby says to his scene partner. “You’re fucking lucky.”The cameraman turns his attention to Vinnie, wondering how he feels before his first man-on-man action.”Never had any physical actions with a dude, so I’m kind of pissed,” Vinnie says. Oh, straight boy drama over a simple blow job! LOL! The cameraman is a bit surprised by this answer. “It’s all for the all mighty dollar,” Vinnie finally notes.

To get the newbie to calm down, Colby gives him a massage. Both lads lose their shirts. Colby gets behind Vinnie and gently rubs his shoulders and neck. His hands stroke Vinnie’s chest. This makes the newbie put his hand on his own crotch. Colby moves his hand down to Vinnie’s tool and gently tugs it. Even kisses the stud’s nipples and arms. All that scene stress seems to leave Vinnie. “Suck that dick,” he whispers. Colby gets on his knees and licks up and down Vinnie’s rod. “All the way down,” Vinnie orders. Colby slobbers all over the shaft, tweaking a nipple.

He also soaks those nuts with spit. The dude, who was pissed before the scene started, coos encouragement. Colby swallows all Vinnie has, his tonsils tickling the bulbous head. He looks up in Vinnie’s face, to make certain everything is going the way it should.  Vinnie pinches his own nipple as Colby slobbers away. The newbie puts his hand to guide Colby, but there’s no need. Colby’s not going anywhere until there’s a sweet sticky surprise.  “Oh, yeah. Beg for it,” Vinnie whispers.

Colby’s mouth is filled with pre-cum and spit. His soft tongue sticking out. Moans and sucking sounds are all we hear.  Vinnie starts to jerk off, as Colby kisses his thighs and chest. He pays close attention to those perky nipples. “Yeah, fucking cum,” Colby moans. He keeps his mouth open as Vinnie jerks his pole. Occasionally he’ll tongue a nut. This makes Vinnie explode. “Oh, yeah take this load,” Vinnie commands. The jizz lands on Colby’s tongue, lips and chest. Vinnie is all smiles when it’s over. Can’t blame him, no?

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Vinnie Steel & Colby Jones


Introducing Vinnie Steele

Vinnie Steel is going to break many a BSB heart. The stud is sitting on our couch “cool as ice.” Considering his body and face, his cool factor is well earned. LOL!  He likes to jerk off twice a day, once in the morning and before his head hits the pillow.  “Pump out a nice load to drift me off to sleep,” Vinnie says to the cameraman.  He’s here because he got booted out of college.

“I need money because I was kicked out of school for banging my professor, and the department found out,” Vinnie explains.  Can you blame a professor for knocking boots with this fellow? Vinnie wants to open up his own gym. He was studying film before being asked to leave the academic world.  “A big sports guy, sports movies, going to bars, and clubbing it up,” Vinnie lists his as his hobbies. “Not with dudes,” he adds. If you’re into him, don’t expect him to stay home at night.

Commitment isn’t his thing, but once he takes off his clothes most will not be put off by that. Dude is chiseled, with  strong thighs. Vinnie is a fan of his biceps, and it’s easy to see why. He does a few body flexes, showing off his muscles. Vinnie takes a seat and start stroking his meat. He stands up to get some lube. The newbie has this sexy habit of staring right at the camera. Like he knows we are grooving to him. His sausage gets stiff, and he plays with those nipples. Vinnie teases his dick, stroking it occasionally as he plays with a nipple.

The worked up boy gets on the bed. Rubs his sweet ass without being asked. He might not like to hang out with dudes, but that booty is made for some serious stuffing. When he bends over, Vinnie’s toes curl. The cameraman gives a view of that tight hole. It looks tasty, no? Vinnie gets on side, still stroking his chest. He keeps staring right in the camera, daring us to look away. Something he knows we can’t do. The jerking picks up, and Vinnie’s toes curl more. Those thunder thighs begin to fuck his hand.  He throws his head back, a clear sign he’s ready to pop. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Vinnie whispers. The first stream of jizz hits the bottom of his chest, eventually trickling down his stomach. So? Should the stud return?

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Vinnie Steele

Jeremy Reeves

Another day, another newbie. Meet cutie pie Jeremy Reeves. The college student is on low on cash and figured a quick jerk off would change his finances. The runner (he did three miles before the shoot) is enjoying undergraduate life, getting to know all type of folk. “I meet a lot of weird people. Cool people,” he says. His lady friend doesn’t know he’s on our couch.

Jeremy doesn’t think she would respond well.  “I think she would just be in shock and stop talking to me,” he says. Straight girls are such drama queens!  When it comes to sex he’s not that adventurous. He jerks off a few times a week. The lad is a little nervous, but when he shows us his meat it looks excited. Jeremy has a sexy habit of slapping his sausage in his hand. After a few strokes. Jeremy is at full attention. The boner likes to look at the ceiling. Jeremy takes a seat.

He grabs his nuts as he strokes himself. When asked, Jeremy gives us a peek of his man hole. Even fingers it. He doesn’t look comfortable doing it, but who knows? Some extra bucks might make him open it up.

He returns all of his attention to his pole, occasionally pulling on those nuts. His bloated head shines as he jerks. When it’s time to bust, his tool gets bigger.  “I’m going to cum,”he whispers. His juice splatters out, covering his hand and pubes. The spent stud gives a shy smile before the scene closes. So? What do you think?

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Jeremy Reeves