TIMFuck: Fostter, Herbert, and Ronny

Cock addict Ronny Nie hits the jackpot when he shows up to find Euro studs Fostter Riviera and Herbert Klein waiting to use and abuse his holes. After the guys warm up with a spit-roast, simultaneously stretching Ronny’s hungry ass and gullet, dominant topman Fostter takes full control, slamming Ronny over and over with his huge, rock-hard dick. Helpless, overwhelmed and wanting more. Ronny can only surrender to the merciless fucking.

TIMFuck: Drew Sebastian and Logan Stevens

Drew Sebastian can’t resist going down for a taste of Logan Stevens’ fine dick before offering his own gullet-stretcher to the cock addict, giving him a preview of the violation his ass is in for. Rising to the challenge, Logan takes everything Drew dishes out, urging the topman on as Drew delivers a deep powerfuck and a satisfying white-hot load. A Paul Morris scene.

TIMFuck: Hot Rod and Brad Rioux Extended Trailer

Brad Rioux is not your daddy’s twink porn star anymore. All grown up, Brad gets impaled by Hot Rod’s 10-inch black love stick in this sizzling exclusive TIMFUCK scene. Bent over on a public bar lounge bench, Brad begs for that huge monster cock to fill up every part of his hole. Hot Rod is happy to squirt his delicious cum into the man’s ass. A Max Sohl scene.

TIMFuck: Enigma and Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee is a fuck trouper when it comes to being bred by big-dicked Enigma (last seen in SUCK IT and BRUTHALOAD 6). Tossing him around the room, Enigma impales Jacob on his cock in every way imaginable and then some. He even introduces us to a new fuck command: "Get them grippers on it." After filling Jacob’s ass to overflowing with hot jizz, Enigma generously allows the still-hungry cum hound to suck his cock. Recharged by Jacob’s talented tongue, Enigma can’t resist plugging the man’s used, slimy fuck hole one more time. A Max Sohl scene.

TIMFuck Exclusive: BLAKE, BJ, and JUSTIN

Blake Daniels is ready, willing, and fuckin’ starving for cock– and BJ Slater and Justin Cox are more than happy to oblige him. Blake puts his sweet mouth to use right from the start, switching between the topmen as he sucks and licks their meat; and they return the favor, shoving their tongues up his ass before giving that twitchin’ hole what it really wants: one thick, hard, cock after another to impale him and make him moan helplessly. As BJ and Justin take turns pummeling Blake in every position under the sun, from slow and thorough to fast and furious, the talented topmen connect with each other as deeply as they have with the man taking their loads: as he punishes Blake’s hole, BJ leans over his shoulder to wrap his lips around Justin’s joystick.

TIMFuck Exclusive: JACK and ETHAN

Jack Allen and Ethan Wolfe have immediate chemistry and the eroticism only heats up as they kiss sensually. Ethan is drawn to Jack’s turgid, veiny cock, and Jack is happy to oblige, gently skull fucking Ethan’s eager mouth. Then it’s the topman’s turn to get what he wants–Ethan’s irresistible ass. Spreading Ethan’s cheeks, he dives in tongue-first to prepare the hole for Ethan’s first on screen bareback fuck. Ethan’s a real pro, but even so, you’ll see him wince as he gets opened up by Jack’s thick meat. After a steady pounding, Jack flips the fuckslut onto his back and continues nailing him until gobs of Jack’s cum escape out of Ethan’s ass. This is the first load Ethan Wolfe has ever taken on film! You can tell it’s a special moment for both men and we’re incredibly proud to show it to you.

TIMFuck Exclusive: CHRISTIAN and TYLER

Tyler has been a fan of notorious cumwhore and T.I.M. exclusive Christian for years. When Christian got his first look at Tyler’s long, curved dick, the admiration became mutual–and Christian just had to show his appreciation right away. He gets to his knees and wraps his lips around Tyler’s meat, but it’s not long before Tyler takes total control, thoroughly pounding Christian’s face. The facefucking isn’t enough for either guy, and soon enough Christian’s hole is impaled on Tyler’s weapon of ass destruction. After a break for a taste of his own ass on Tyler’s pole, Christian gets pinned to the bed and fucked mercilessly. Not that he wants mercy: even after Tyler packs Christian’s ass with his load, the ever-hungry cumslut can’t help begging for more jizz.

TIMFuck Exclusive: BRAD, JESSY, and CORY

When Cory Koons came on board as a T.I.M. exclusive, he told us he could hardly wait for a shot at Brad McGuire’s thick 9.5" inch cock. Brad just flashed a wide, devilish grin when he heard about Cory’s request. So we put the master topman and the virtuoso bottom in a room together, threw in Jessy Karson and his massive dick, turned on a camera and got out of the way. The result is this unrestrained raunchfest, as Brad and Jessy mercilessly hammer Cory’s rapacious hole by turns. When the formidable tops spit roast the greedy li’l cockwhore, impaling him with one monster schlong in his ass and another in his mouth, Cory squirms and gags helplessly and wouldn’t have it any other way.

TIMFuck Exclusive: WADE and ERIC

Powertop Wade takes control of this interracial fuck scene right from the start, warming Eric up with some hot ‘n’ heavy kissing before the shoot started. Fortunately the guys kept at it for a while and our cameras caught them in the act. Commanded to show what he can do, Eric swallows the full length of Wade’s enormous ebony tool all the way down to his heavy balls. Then the real action begins as the li’l bottom does his best to duplicate the feat with his asshole, stretched wide to slowly take that monster cock, inch by excruciating inch. It’s clearly all the kid can do–but Wade demands Eric’s full participation, encouraging him to ride the cock impaling him. Thorough and exacting, the topman runs Eric through his paces, fucking the willing and helpless bottom in every position he can. Even after Wade releases a hot, thick load up that tight fuckchute, these tireless fuckers keep going.

TIMFuck Exclusive: COOPER, DEREK, and DANNY

Here’s another rediscovered treasure from the early days of T.I.M. From the enthusiastically unrestrained way they get into it, you’d never know this was the first time fucking on camera for topmen Derek and Danny and piggish cumdump Cooper. Derek and Danny switch off feeding both of Cooper’s hungry holes all the manmeat and cream he can take, simultaneously and one at a time. Even after ebony stud Derek shoots his load on Cooper’s ass and then fucks all that cum up inside his hole, Cooper still needs more. And the tops are more than happy to oblige, stuffing their cocks into his gaping maw once again.