Boy Gusher – Chad & Alek

Chad and Alek on

In this update we have Chad and Alek with us. Chad is gay, but Alek isn’t so it should be interesting to see how the straight guy does naked with a gay guy looking for a hard dick. I told Chad to go ahead and start on Alek’s cock and he went to work his mouth sucking up that dick. His pierced tongue doing a number on that hard cock as Alek sits back and moans. Alek puts his hand on Chad’s head and helps him gobble that dick up and down. Then it was Alek’s turn to give Chad some attention. For a straight guy he didn’t seem to bat an eye going down on that dick and swallowing it whole. Chad is enjoying the lip action that Alek is giving to his cock. He is moaning and groaning as Alek adds some hand action to his mouth work.

Hot cock sucker


Ready to explode!


Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy and Chad

2 of our hot straight guys: Chad and Jimmy

For this update, we have two of the hottest boys on the site together; Chad and Jimmy. Right away, it was easy to see that the two of them were really relaxed and in tune with each other. Chad and Jimmy were chatting about bromances before they started in on the nitty gritty such as what sort of new things the boys were going to bring into the shoot. As they talked together, Chad and Jimmy started discussing what it was like to get their asses licked, Jimmy likening it being as if a lizard was getting his tongue right around his behind. Suffice to say, one of these boys was going to get their asses licked. It was enough of the small talk and now it was time to get down to work so the two boys stripped down to their boxers. Jimmy and Chad stood next to each other, rubbing their cocks through the soft material until their dicks stiffened up. Like always, Jimmy won the race hands down.

Straight boy Chad's first time sucking a cock

Plonking down next to one another, Jimmy held his dick straight as Chad leaned over and slid the hard cock between his straight boy lips. Slowly but surely, Chad bobbed up and down on the thick cock even as he fisted his own dick. Despite not going down as far as he normally did, Chad made sure to lick and nibble the tip of the dick, all the while, Jimmy gasped and panted in pleasure.

Chad eating Jimmy's ass

Jimmy pins down Chad and fucks him hard