Blake Bennett Fucks Griffin Matthews

Blake Bennet shares the couch with Griffin Matthews in this promising update. Griffin has returned because he needs some funds to fix his car.  “Always a truck or car or motorcycle,” Blake observes. The mighty Blake has been busy over the past few months. “School. Lots of school,” he notes. As for the script of today’s scene, it’s relatively simple.  “I’m going to fuck Griffin today,” Blake says with emphasis on each word.

And he adds something that will go over well in BSB land. “I’ll not be gentle,” Blake says with the grin of a sexy devil.
Griffin is ready for what Blake is about to do. The two quickly get naked. Notice how Griffin stares at Blake’s meat. :-) “You know how to suck dick,” Blake wonders.  Griffin assures him about his skills. Blake sucks first. He puts his head in Griffin’s lap and licks that tool.
“Oh, fuck,” Griffin whispers. Soon Griffin’s johnson plumps filling up Blake’s mouth. “That feels good,” Griffin says. It looks good too, no?

“It’s been awhile,” Blake says. It might have been, but sucking pole is like riding a bicycle. Once you get back on, all the habits return.
Soon it’s Griffin’ turn. Blake face fucks his scene partner, making Griffin choke on all that heard meat.  “Yeah, you know what you’re doing,” Blake whispers. Griffin told ya, Blake! LOL! Griffin deep throats and jerks it, doing his best to make that dong rock hard.

“Damn dude,” Griffin says. “You’re going to make me cum.” It’s pounding time. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Blake puts on a condom and puts lube where it should go. In one slow stroke, Blake is in that ass. After a few moments he starts fucking the sturdy bottom. Balls deep. Poor Griffin. His joy spot is getting mashed, but he does ask for a little more lube. Blake does so, but when he returns to that booty Griffin’s hairy ass cheeks jiggle from all the movement.
They switch positions, with Griffin straddling Blake. Griffin holds on as Blake fucks that ass, filling the hole up. Griffin’s grunts mix with the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Griffin gets in the last position, his back.  “Oh, my God,” Griffin whimpers as Blake treats his hole like wet pussy. “Fuck my ass,” Griffin orders.
A pushy bottom! The pounding gets harder, and Blake pulls Griffin’s legs farther apart. This pushes Griffin to the point of no return. His first stream of man milk lands over his head. The rest coats his chest and stomach. Blake pulls out and strokes a load that makes Griffins’ pubes wet and juicy. “That felt really good,” Griffin says. Was it good for you also?

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Bennett Fucks Griffin Matthews

Brandon Beal Fucks Griffin Matthews

There’s something special about two cornfed country boys sitting on a bed together. In this latest BSB Update Griffin’s ass is getting severely pounded and Brandon Beal’s big thick cock will be doing said pounding! Griffin is a bit nervous about sitting on Brandon’s cock, he’s a little intimidated by the sheer girth of Brandon’s monster.

Brandon offers the best advice about getting busted.

“It sucks at first. Relax, and it happens. Then you get it over with,” Brandon offers.

Another motto in the making! LOL!

The two strip. When the clothes are gone, Griffin sucks first. He tugs at Brandon’s bone, getting it hard and stiff.

“Oh, yeah,” Brandon encourages.

Griffin gets into it, stroking his own tool. He laps Brandon’s nuts and deep throats. Sure he gags, but he doesn’t let that keep him away from his duty. Want to know how sexed up Griffin is? His toes are curling as he’s sucking.

“All right. My turn,” Brandon says.

He puts his head in Griffin’s lap and blows away. Griffin’s shaft gets all shiny with spit.

“Oh, shit dude,” Griffin moans.

Soon enough, it’s time for the main event. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Brandon puts lube on his tube steak. When he his head gets in the hole, Griffin’s body shakes from the shock. Soon it’s ball deep stroking, with Griffin holding on. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

“Oh, my God,” Griffin whimpers.

He might be feeling some pain, but his dick tells the story. It is sticking straight out.

Griffin gets on his back, those fine hairy legs in the air. Brandon gets his johnson back in. He even jerks Griffin’s big ol’ cock. Brandon pulls Griffin’s thighs apart so he can get more booty.

“Take that dick,” Brandon commands.

Griffin’s joy button can take only so much pounding. The sexy lad shoots so hard he almost gets a self facial.

Brandon stands over Griffin, whose soft tongue is sticking out. When the top stud nuts, his load lands on Griffin’s tongue and mouth.

“Now swallow for me,” Brandon says.

The bottom boy gulps all the man nectar down. Delicious!

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Brandon Beal & Griffin Matthews

Griffin Matthews Fucks Kyle Johnson

The time has come! Kyle Johnson is giving up some ass for his fellow newbie Griffin Matthews. They’ve come such a long way since their first appearance on BSB, in this update they push way further.

“I’m kind of nervous,” Kyle says to the cameraman. “I’ve never had that done before.”

Griffin has fucked a guy before, but he was drunk. This will be his first sober man fuck.

“Kind of curious on how things turn out,” Griffin says.

The boys get naked. Griffin drops to his knees and services his bud eagerly. He pays special attention to the head, just the way Kyle likes it.
“Take it all,” Kyle whispers.

Griffin licks the tip, his mouth filled up with pre-cum.

“Look at me as you’re sucking my dick,” Kyle orders.

I guess Kyle is being cocky because he secretly wants Griffin to fuck him harder. Smart move.

Soon it’s Kyle’s turn to suck Griffin’s thick cock. Griffin sits comfortably on the lounge chair and Kyle slurps and sucks his cock until it is completely hard.

“Yeah, that’s really good,” Griffin notes.

Notice how Griffin shakes when his shaft is licked?

“Look up at me and take it as deep as you can,” Griffin gently orders.

Kyle can only go half-way, but Griffin doesn’t complain.

The main event has arrived. Kyle gets on the chair, his ass pointing in Griffin’s direction. Griffin gets some lube and puts some in Kyle’s hole.

“You’re a little tight, aren’t you,” Griffin asks.

That’s OK, Griffin. You’ll open that ass up soon. LOL!

Griffin saddles up, and slowly enters. Bare. Kyle grunts but takes it like a man who needs dick. Griffin pounds deep and long, and Kyle moans to the heavens.

“Oh, my god,” Kyle whimpers.

The initial shock wears off, and Kyle needs that sausage to fill him up.

“It’s so deep,” Kyle moans.

Just the way you like it, baby. LOL!

The fucking gets more vigorous, the sound of flesh against flesh.

“Show me who’s boss,” Kyle demands.

Griffin does, slapping those cheeks as he strokes away. He grabs Kyle’s hips and fuck away, like that hole is moist pussy.

“That’s the g-spot,” Kyle groans.

Kyle gets on his back, his tool hard enough to beat a drum. When Griffin reenters, Kyle doesn’t offer resistance. He knows Griffin owns his ass. As for Griffin, he’s marking Kyle as his pass around party bottom.

“That’s so deep,” Kyle cries.

All of this fucking proves too much for Kyle. His first stream of cum reaches his shoulder. Kyle stays in position as Griffin fucks him and suddenly Griffin reaches his climax and dumps his load in Kyle. He’s one happy camper.

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Griffin Matthews & Kyle Johnson 

Griffin Matthews Shows Off

YeeHaw! We’ve got us a cowboy! Meet Griffin! A handsome, muscular, Corn bread fed, deer hunting cowboy. He’s here to show us what he has to offer and don’t worry, his long time girlfriend is completely aware and supportive. Good thing because round these parts we love cowboy cock and we’ll do anything to see it.

As Griffin answers the cameraman’s questions he kicks off his cowboy boots and strips down to his black briefs. You can tell his got a fat dick through his undies, big balls too. He toys with his fat dick, while his undies are still on. The best thing about Griffin aside from his trouser snake is that he is not bashful at all. His cock teasing works quickly, soon his fat dick is completely hard.

He removes those pesky underwear and starts jerking. He grabs that hairy chest as he strokes his big cock. Griffin strokes his cock at the speed of light! He keeps his hand on that deliciously fat head of his. When asked to show his sweet virgin hole, we get a shy grin. Those hairy thighs pull up and Griffin gives a perfect view of his man pussy. Even sucks a finger so he can push his joy button. This boy knows how to please! LOL! His man meat gets harder as he plays with the tight opening. Griffin can make his own toes curl with pleasure. LOL!

Griffin now gives his johnson his full attention. He tugs at his cum heavy balls. When told to bust a nut, Griffin offers a sexy grin. His jerking speed increases and those thighs shake with desire. When he shoots, cum lands on the top of his chest. Dude almost gave himself a facial!

“It will shoot like a rocket, man,” Griffin describes his orgasm.

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Griffin Matthews