Too Much

Draven Caine Fucks Zander Floyd Bareback

Draven Caine Fucks Zander Floyd Bareback

The boys have an early start today but they’ve been up all night chatting. They seem a little tired but an erect dick is just as good as coffee (so I’ve heard). Because Draven isn’t ready to bottom, Zander will be giving up the goods. This is be Draven’s second time at bat so let’s see how much he’s improved.

After some very passionate and light kissing they quickly loose their clothes. Draven kisses all over Zander’s neck and body. Once Zander spots Draven’s rock hard cock he goes right for it, like a cock sucking, heat seeking missile. They take turns blowing each other, testing to see who can take the most dick.

Trading head has both guys’ blood pumping; its time to fuck. Zander gets on all fours, revealing his hole to Draven who pushes his cock in slowly. His raw dick glides in and out smoothly as he claims Zander’s hole. His strokes stretch Zander’s ass to the limit, forcing him to moan loudly. Draven’s thrusts push poor Zander half way off of the bed. Draven can tell that Zander is unable to take anymore of the pounding so he lays him back and milks his cock with his throat, forcing him to cum. Zander lays Draven back and begins to suck him off in exchange. The boy blows until Draven’s dick is squirting cum all over his chest.

Draven Caine And Zander Floyd Raw

Gage Dicked Down

Draven Caine Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

Draven Caine Fucks Gage Owens Bareback

This is just one of those scenes that will have you instantly turned on. Newbie Draven Caine is back and is ready to stretch himself some more. He just recently watched gay porn for the first time, giving himself a better idea of what’s about to happen. Today he’s going to get to fuck Gage who will have no problem showing this stud the ropes.

Draven removes his pesky shirts, revealing that gorgeous body of his, and begins to make out with Gage. Thankfully, Gage quickly loses his shirt as well while Draven remains a step ahead by getting rid of his shorts. Draven presses his naked body against Gage as they continue to kiss. Gage can’t help but get himself a healthy handful of Draven’s sweet ass. Soon, he finds himself on his knees inhaling Draven’s impressive cock. Draven trades places with Gage in order to return the favor. As the boys begin to 69, Draven plays with Gage’s ass.

Gage puts some lube on Draven’s cock before sliding right onto it. He lets his erect dick swing freely as he enjoys the feeling of Draven’s beef stick in his ass. Draven smiles as Gage grinds and bounces on his cock. Draven bends over, inviting Draven to take control. That porn Draven watched really helped because he takes to fucking ass with ease. He punctuates the pounding he gives with several slaps on Gage’s sexy hide. Gage can take dick like a pro and it’s a good thing because Draven is using his hole and showing no mercy! By the end of the scene Gage is covered in jizz and semen. Draven is a natural top and I can’t wait to see him give it to a few other boys.

Draven Caine And Gage Owens Raw

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  9. Logan Slater
  10. Tate Thompson
  11. Draven Caine
  12. Tanner Valentino
  13. Gage Owens
  14. Brice Jones
  15. Zander Floyd

Draven Delivers the D.

Draven Caine Fucks Drake Tyler Bareback

Draven Caine Fucks Drake Tyler Bareback

Draven Caine may be new but he’s hot as fuck and is thus deserving of having a hot ass to fuck. And what hotter ass is there at BSB than that of Drake Tyler?  Seriously though, Drake loves having a cock in his ass so I’m sure he won’t mind having it used like pussy. I sincerely hope Draven doesn’t hold back. Let’s go.

In between some hot kissing, Drake takes the initiative to get both boys undressed. Draven, moaning with being tongue tied with Drake, is completely at the veteran’s mercy. Drake lays him back on the bed and rips the boy’s pants off. He finds quickly finds Draven’s cock and swallows it whole. Drake sucks on it like a cock starved whore, getting Draven hard as a rock. I’m quite taken with Draven’s cock, it has my mouth watering. No wonder Drake went for it the way he did. Once it’s time to switch, Draven is a little hesitant until Drake reminds him that he needs the paycheck. With that, Draven gets right to work. He certainly doesn’t suck cock like someone that was previously hesitant. Even Drake is impressed with his oral skills.

Totally turned on, Drake begs to be fucked. He slides down the end of the bed, leaving his asshole open and up in the air. Draven slides right in. He dips that long cock of his into Draven hole raw. Drake gets up and bends over the bed where Draven continues to plow him like he’s fucking pussy. Drake’s ass responds to every thrust with a nice bounce, making my pants shrink. I’ve always been a sucker for a nice ass and Drake has the ace of spades. Draven must appreciate it as well because his steadily pummels it, driving his cock in deep. Drake gets on his back where Draven Draven continues to destroy his ass. Drake takes as much as he can but soon he’s covered in his own cum. Draven pulls out and dumps his own milky load all over Drake.

Draven Caine Fucks Drake Tyler Bareback