Shadow Junior Fucks Rayboy Bareback – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior has Rayboy on hands and knees on the bed, his ass in the air ready for a good fucking. He uses both his hard fat cock and some toys to open up his slave's pig hole, causing him to moan for more and more. Shadow will only give what he wants himself of course though. After all, he is the dominant. Rayboy can take a lot of toy and dick in his bitch ass!

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Lycan And Slave Serve Shadow – Anal Discipline

Lycan and Slave orally serve Shadow in this scene. They love his big, rock solid cock and that means they love sucking on it and stroking it until it shoots a nice load of jizz. Slave is the biggest submissive here though, on his knees to do what he does best. Between he and Lycan working Shadow's man meat, it isn't too long before it's giving Slave a big, messy facial!

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Leather Clad Studs Toy Fuck In A Sling – Anal Discipline

Nick Piston and Chuck Dirocco are about as hot as you can get when it comes to leather studs. They've got a sling, a huge sex toy, a whole lot of muscle and enough lust to last a long, long time. We get everything here, from a hot 69 session to a ton of ass rimming and of course, some man hole pounding coming from a genuine, well hung stud until the spunk is spewing. Fucking HOT!

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Leather Studs Dominate Each Other – Anal Discipline

Austin Marks and Blake Andrews both love to dominate, so they took turns doing so here. Still, only one guy ended up getting fucked in the ass. He was still controlling things though. These bloke are real men, into real rough sex. Leather, a sling, hot mouths and a hairy man hole to pound the hell out of make this a scene not to be missed. They're well hung too!

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Arnold Rides Santiago’s Big Cock Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Arnold loves big cocks and this time around he dressed up in some leather while riding Santiago Perez' big, uncut, hispanic man meat. Arnold can never get enough dick down his throat and deep in his ass and he proves that here. Santiago knew he had a great thing in being able to top Arnold bareback and blessed him with a messy cream shot on his muscular chest for it!

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Shadow Junior Fucks Two Submissives Raw – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior, Lycan and Nightshayde spend a lot of time together, with Shadow being the dominant of the three. Tonight he wanted to fuck some ass. Lycan had to wait his turn as Nightshayde got rammed raw, but soon got some of that action too. Both their asses were soon swimming in Shadow's jizz because that's just how he likes it. So...that's the way they get it!

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Shadow Junior Dominates Lycan And Nightshayde – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior has a couple of very submissive slaves in the form of Lycan and Nightshayde. He starts things off by spanking both their bare asses before lubing his rod up raw and burying it deep inside Lycan's big, fat ass. Nightshayde isn't so lucky and gets edged, but isn't permitted to jizz. The Dom gets off, but the slaves are left horny and frustrated!

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Shadow Junior Flogs Russell Anthony – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior has Russell Anthony right where he wants him - bent over a saw horse and ready to be flogged and fucked bareback. Shadow wouldn't have it any other way. His underwear are ripped off and it isn't long before Russell is a total bitch, with a crimson red ass from flogging and a big, stiff, raw rod up his man hole!

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Ray Lycan Dominates And Fucks Nick – Anal Discipline

Ray Lycan likes his subs completely obedient and Nick certainly is that. He first gets his face fucked before Ray plays with his ass for while. Then Nick licks his leather boots before his man hole is taken deep and hard by his new Dom. Adorned in leather and having all the kinky fun they love to engage in, this scene is super hot and ends with Nick eating Ray's salty cream!

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Shadow Junior Flogs And Fucks Russell Tucker – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior and another Dom had a hold of Russell Tucker and they weren't about to let him go until they had hurt, humiliated, flogged and fucked the hell out of him. Bareback, of course. Russell undergoes a lot of abuse here and loves it. He is forced to go ass to mouth with his Dom's big dicks and of course, he cannot complain. He'd get flogged even harder than he did. If that is even possible. Wow!

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