Latino Ass Fisted And Toyed Deep – Anal Discipline

Greg Ruffin and Crisco Paw are very kinky bloke, with one being a total top who loves plundering man holes with his fist and toys and the other being very open to that. Open is an understatement here, as his asshole is thoroughly explored here. His top's forearm doesn't seem quite big enough for this insatiable ass though, so pretty soon a massive anal toy is put in place of it!

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Member Faves Jos Alvarez and Ben Dover

Jos Alvarez stays his normal chill and humble self, even after we disclose to him his high member rating status.  He is, however, even more eager to show his appreciation by giving you another good straight boy gone gay performance.

Ben is his normal cheerful, let’s get paid and get laid self.  When the other boys finally do get a scene with him, there’s always two classic moments.  One, when they pull down his undies and see his big dick for the first time.  And two, during fluff time, when there’s the debate of who has the biggest dick on the BSB roster, LOL.

Ben starts the action with giving Jos some oral before Jos returns the favor. Both guys are eager to please YOU, so they gag and choke in effort to give you some nice and slobbery blowjobs.  Before long, Jos is pounding away on Ben’s straight boy hole, and even fucks the cum out of him!  See it all HERE!

Gilson Cowboy And Pablo Fuck In Locker Room – Raunchy Bareback

Gilson Cowboy and Pablo met in the gym and when they realized no one else was in the locker room they headed there for some hot joystick sucking and ass fucking fun. The top is pretty dominant and the bottom is fine with that, only wishing to serve a well hung stud muffin with his deep throat and hot man hole. They fuck hard here!

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Arnold And Luke Fuck In The Gym – Raunchy Bareback

Arnold and Luke are alone in the gym, so why not take advantage of that and their lust for one another with some great joystick sucking, ass eating and raw man hole pounding" The top stud muffin is tall, gorgeous and sports a big, uncut dick. Perfect for filling up a dick hungry man ass good and hard. Which he certainly does before the cream is flowing!

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Jos Alvarez and Jordan Hart

Not only is Jos Alvarez a member favorite, but he’s also usually one of, if not THE-Best liked guy in the house during our Film Weeks.  So naturally, chill demeanor Jordan Hart took a liking to this pairing as well.

Jos can work well with anyone (Very true), but you can see these two already had some chemistry before Jos goes to Pound Town on Jordan’s Ass, leaving his handprint on his ass cheeks for a long while.  See the video HERE!!

Latino Footballers Igor And Mike Fuck Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Igor and Mike play soccer, or football, where they're from. It's the only think they like as much as sucking joystick and banging ass and while they're still sweaty from a game they get down to some great bareback action here. The larger of the two soccer studs is who does the man hole filling and he's damn good at it. His bottom loved getting fucked with his fat boner!

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Arnold Rides Santiago’s Big Cock Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Arnold loves big cocks and this time around he dressed up in some leather while riding Santiago Perez' big, uncut, hispanic man meat. Arnold can never get enough dick down his throat and deep in his ass and he proves that here. Santiago knew he had a great thing in being able to top Arnold bareback and blessed him with a messy cream shot on his muscular chest for it!

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Arcanjo And Gabrielle Fuck Raw Outdoors – Raunchy Bareback

Arcanjo and Gabrielle Arth are very hot for one another and one wants the other's big, hooded dick buried deep in his ass. Fast. Well, after he sucks him off for a while that is and gets a bit of a finger fucking. Then he gets his man meat. Raw and bareback of course. The hispanic hotties wouldn't have it any other way!

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Footballers Junior And Mike Fuck Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Junior and Mike are soccer players and they love getting together for a hot rod sucking and bareback ass fucking session after a practice or game. We see them doing that here, keeping their sexy soccer socks on the entire time. The well hung hunk drills his bottom's man hole deep and hard until the jizz is spewing from his big dick!

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Latino Cowboys Fuck To Orgasmic Bliss – Raunchy Bareback

Felipe Ferrari and Gabriel Lemos are cowboys on a ranch and when the work is slow and the boss isn't around they love to meet up in the barn for some hot kissing, nip play, pecker sucking and bareback ass fucking action. We hid a camera in the barn and capture their antics, with one riding the other raw until their cream had to be released!

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