Straight Boy Spencer Todd and a dildo

Spencer Todd’s ass gets much need attention today. The red rocket tells the cameraman nothing has been in that ginger hole. Not even a finger. Apparently his girlfriend tried once, but wasn’t successful. Wonder why? Clothes are quickly shed and Spencer sits down and plays with himself. In no time at all, all the blood rushes to a certain area. Before he reaches full engorgement, the camera does a slow scan of his face and chest. The gym work he’s been doing recently is paying off. A fine muscled chest and thighs that could crack a walnut. Once his dick is ready to go (isn’t the head adorable?), Spencer pulls out the dildo. The toy gets all lubed up, and is pushed all the way into the virgin territory. Lucky latex cock! Probably doesn’t recognize how privileged it is. Looks like Spencer is not an advocate of gentle loving with an untapped ass. He takes his own cherry with no mercy.

The camera goes below and there is a wonderful view of his face and stuffed rump. Pay close attention to Spencer’s expressions. He is struggling not to like his ass getting pleasured, but when the dildo hits that sweet spot his moans say it all. Probably wondering why his girlfriend wasn’t more insistent about butt play. He heads to the couch, his backside facing us. Keeps pushing the new bestest toy all the way in. A few strokes cause those pale toes to curl up in ecstasy.

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Boy Gusher – James Cobler

James Cobler on

In this update we have with us James Cobler. James is not unfamiliar to the porn scene he has done some other work for us before on another site. He is straight and has only done oral before. He wants to do the gay for pay scene and see how far he can and will go. I had him strip down and he showed off his colorful undies. I put in some porn for him to watch as we waited for Mr. Hand to stop in. He had no problem playing with his cock inside his colorful undies. Mr. Hand arrived and he lets him take control over his undies. It isn’t long until he has his undies off of him working his soft meat getting it hard. Watch the full video here!

A little dildo play for James!


James lays back before cumming