Adam, Mick and Daniel

Great things come in threes; 3 Musketeers, 3 Wise Men, even the 3 Stooges. BSB is honored to present this sexy trinity for your viewing pleasure. We knew that Adam, Daniel, and Mick were sure to wet your appetites among other things.  Our guys lounge on the bed in a row, Mick starts to tell a sordid tale about two girls in the woods but he decides not to.

The boys disrobe and get back into position on the bed in their skivvies and after a moment they loose their shorts and get to it. Daniel leans over and starts to wake Mick’s flaccid dick with his warm wet mouth. Meanwhile, Adam begins to do the same to Daniel.

“What were you fed when you were younger,” Clay asks Mick.

“Dick steroids,” Mick replies.

“Looks like it,” Clay says.

Daniel handles Mick’s substantial cock effortlessly, Mick leaning back and enjoying the service. Daniels pulls off Mick and begins to slurp on Adam’s cock. Mick begins to suck Daniel’s dick.

Soon Adam assumes the position on the bed, his juicy ass looks great on display. Daniel lubes him up and slowly starts to ease his dick inside. Mick stands over the two and Daniel sucks his dick as he slams his cock inside Adam’s sweet hole.

After a while Mick wants in on the ass action.

Give me a piece of that ass,” Mick commands.

Adam gets on his back. As mentioned, Mick’s dick is a monster, poor Adam curses and grunts as Mick works his way in. Daniel gets on the floor and licks Mick’s cum filled nuts.

Mick grabs Adam’s ankles and fucks him hard and deep. The fucking is insistent and strong.

“Oh, shit,” Adam whimpers.

Mick pulls out and shoots a load that covers Adam’s stomach. Soon after Adam blows his own load.

“Cum on this little slut,” Mick says to Daniel. Daniel follows orders and nuts on Adam’s stomach. He rubs all of the released juice in Adam’s skin.

“How was that ass,” Adam inquires.

“It was fantastic,” Mick says.

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Adam, Mick, & Daniel

Mick Fucks Daniel Raw

Mick and Daniel are here to make some cash. Daniel is strictly here for the money. He’s a little concerned about Mick’s big fat dick in his ass. Mick is ready to roll! He can’t wait to bone Daniel and get his cash. He has to replace his cell phone and based his excitement he has quite a few people to call and text after this scene. As our bros disrobe, Mick gives Daniel’s ass a few hard slaps just to prepare him mentally for what’s to come.

Daniel takes a moment to massage Mick’s dick with his warm wet mouth. He’s damn good at it too, because Mick had little to no advice on how he could improve the experience.  Stroking his own hard cock as he swallows Mick’s dick. Always generous and kind, Mick makes his way over to Daniel’s cock. Using his tongue and lips to tease the head and shaft, Daniel is almost rendered speechless.

“Oh god, I love when you do that.” He moans.

After a few minutes of mind-blowing head Daniel gets on his back and puts those succulent thighs in the air.  Mick enters and poor Daniel can only grit his teeth to endure the pain. Mick starts fucking balls deep, not even giving him a chance to get used to his thick dick.

“Oh, god!” Daniel cries.

“Cheer up sport.” Mick replies as he fucks him deep.

Mick grabs Daniel’s ankles and goes in as far as possible. The cries of shock turn to moans of pleasure. Mick is looking to get off and Daniel just along for the ride. Daniel gets on his stomach, and Mick smacks that a few more times. He gets back in that warm tight hole, fucking balls deep again. Daniel’s legs are spread apart, at the mercy of everything Mick has. The sound of Mick pounding on Daniel’s fleshy ass echoes in the room.

“You like it,” Mick asks.

“Oh, my god yes,” Daniel says.

Daniel’s ass gets the better of Mick. He pulls out and shoots a huge warm load that covers the top of Daniel’s ass cheeks. Daniel turns around and places a wet kiss on Mick’s mouth. Mick returns the passion and the video ends with these two studs making out.

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Mick & Daniel

Skyler & Mick

Look who is making a quick return to BSB land! Georgia peach Mick Torrence. He shares the studio
couch with Skyler Daniels. Skyler is slightly tired from all his birthday celebrating, while Mick is
working hard to keep his anxiety on the down low. :-)

“You can tell the nervousness is radiating off me, I’m sure,” Mick says.

For some reason the two lads are sitting far apart from each other. That is rectified with Mick
getting close, and putting his arm around Skyler. Who doesn’t love straight man bonding?
LOL! Today Mick will give dick sucking a go, giving and receiving. Apparently his roommate (a gay
guy) asked Mick for the privilege of mouthing his meat, but it never happened. Today that unlucky
roommate will get to see what could have been!

The lads strip to their underwear and feel each other up. Skyler is ready to play after a few
strokes, but is anyone surprised by that? :-) He puts his head in Mick’s lap and starts sucking. At
first Mick is non-committal, but soon enough he can’t help himself. His tool gets diamond hard. It
should. Skyler is making that meat all slick and wet. Taking it all, which is more than a mouthful.

Mick gets to give Skyler some head. At first, Mick is tentative. But he gets the hang of it. So much
so Skyler doesn’t have any words of advice.

“You’re doing good, Mick,” the cameraman notes.

Mick gives a johnson covered grin.

Mick lays down and Skyler returns to blowing. The sounds of sucking fill the studio as Skyler bobs
up and down. His toes curl from all the effort. As for Mick, he’s intrigued by Skyler’s work. Holds on
to the couch as the mouth magic is done. Even grabs the base of his hose and guides it to Skyler’s

Mick’s hips start to gyrate. Skyler gets on his side for better access and Mick leads Skyler to his
prize. As he pleasuring his scene partner, Skyler strokes his own sausage. This causes Skyler to
shoot a load that first hits his knee!

He keeps sucking and, without warning, Mick shoots in his mouth. Skyler gives a look of
displeasure as pearly white cum dribbles from his mouth. However, the lad never has looked
better than with man milk stained lips.

“How did it taste,” the cameraman wonders.

“Like shit,” Skyler replies.



Mick Shows Off

A solo is bound to be noteworthy when the model is feeling himself up before the video rolls. Mick is from the Dirty South, Georgia to be exact. He might be nervous about being in our studios, but he is horned up from the start. Which bodes well for any BSB model. He’s attached to a gal right now, but she isn’t cognizant of exactly what he’s doing with us. “She only knows half the truth,” Mick says to the cameraman. “She’s pretty cool with it.”

Outside of his laid back demeanor and sexy bod, there’s a final reason to fall for Mick: he loves his hips!! Never heard a boy call that a favorite body part before. When he gets naked, he shows his backside. That should really be his favorite body part. Mercy! So round and plump! Mick gets on the couch and goes slow jerking that nasty ol’ tool of his. The monster gets hard and Mick seems transfixed by it. Who can blame him! It’s a toy only for well trained professionals. LOL!

The long limbed boy is really taking his time, enjoying that hand to the fullest extent possible. After asking the cameraman if it’s time (such a polite boy) for a new position, Mick turns sexier by getting on his stomach. He reaches around and keeps stroking his dick, but it’s easy to imagine his booty getting stretched to the max. The minx plays with one of his butt cheeks, allowing a peek of his hole. Mick returns his back, and works harder to nut. The pace picks up, and Mick alternates from biting his lower lip to keeping the mouth agape.

The moans are a little louder, and his toes stretch out from the pleasure. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio. Mick’s thighs flex and his breathing turns shallow. Those cute hips stick up in the air and the self inflicted torture ends. Cum spews out, landing on Mick’s abs. Even after losing a quart of man milk, Mick keeps fondling that spent snake. Before the screen goes dark he offers a sexy peek into the camera. How many of you are pussy wet right now? It’s OK to admit it!



Boy Gusher Jason And Mick




I got lucky on a local chat room and Jason and Mick came by the apartment to show me what they can do in the flesh. I was thrilled they agreed to come to the apartment and work those sexy bodies for me and my camera. This is what unfolded while I watched. They sat on the futon and Mick went right to Jason’s pants and began to pull his cock out and jerk on it getting Jason rock hard. Jason then leaned over and began to lick and nibble on Mick’s nipples.

When Mick goes back to gobbling on Jason’s hard cock things get interesting. Jason moans and pushes his head down on that big dick until he is almost deep throating it. These guys know to tease, he stops Mick and helps him take his pants off and reaches in to pull out his raging hard-on stuffing it into his mouth.

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College Boy Physicals Jason And Mick


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It has come to our attention that the student that works part-time in our clinic doing some cleaning work, has been doing a bit more then just cleaning these days. I was out of the office and it was late. I was told that Mick stopped by the clinic because his leg/knee was hurting him badly and he couldn’t wait for the specialist so he rushed over to the clinic. What I understand was that Jason, the guy that cleans our clinic at night, told Mick to sit on the exam table and started speaking to him about his leg and tried to help in out. Jason somehow convinced Mick to take off his pants so he can check out his leg and told Mick that he can help. (MORE)


Mick was so innocent believes Jason and proceeded to take off his pants. Mick at this point was on the exam table wearing only his t-shirt and tighty whities while Jason took out the rubber hammer to test Micks knee. He tested his knee and Mick was in pain. Mick then picks up a test bottle that contains a certain aroma that can knock you out. Jason claims he warned Mick not to touch anything but Mick ignored him and took a small sniff of the aroma. Jason then took the bottle away from him telling him not to sniff anymore of the aroma that it can be dangerous. (MORE)


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