“Tears of Joy” are a good sign

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Why do we love Sergio Valen? Because he likes to rip the clothes off other straight boys and says shit like “let’s get down to dick sucking!” He is joined by Jason Matthews and Jason’s juicy ass (yes, his ass deserves to be introduced separately). After a conversation about call center unions, air traffic control, and birds in cockpits (yeah, we go there at BSB), dick sucking is exactly what they get into. Sergio commands Jason to sit down right before he wraps his warm mouth around his cock. “You’re making my eyes water!” Sergio says after feeling Jason’s dick grow in his mouth. “That’s a good sign”, Jason retorts as Sergio continues to inhale his cock. Sergio gets Jason’s piece nice and wet, bobbing his head up and down, as Jason watches intently.

Soon Sergio is asking “is it my turn yet?” Jason is all too happy to reciprocate as he starts to suck, pulling Sergio’s dick into his mouth and going down to the balls. Sergio takes a seat while Jason’s mouth continues to twist on Sergio’s meat. Jason starts to deep throat causing Sergio to exclaim, “He doesn’t fuck around!” This blogger agrees. With Jason’s forehead nearly touching Sergio’s abs in the process of giving head, Sergio decides that he can’t wait any longer. They move over to the bed and lube up. Jason jumps on and starts to ride Sergio’s dick like a boss! It’s hard to watch without being jealous of one or both of them. Sergio’s package is stretching Jason’s hole, but Jason must not mind because he leans down and starts to passionately kiss Sergio. Yum! Jason hops off of Sergio’s dick and gets on all fours; offering his ass for more pounding. Sergio obliges. Jason’s man globes bounce off of Sergio’s torso as he bangs him.

Sergio flips Jason onto his back, folds his legs up, and resumes to fuck the “oh’s” and “ah’s” out of Jason until he is begging to be fucked harder. I’d be willing to bet that Jason’s not thinking about call center unions now. Even though he doesn’t say please, Sergio begins to ram his cock in that pretty hole hard. Jason’s hole adjusts as Sergio slides his piece in and out with no objection. Cum squirts from Jason’s dick; landing all over his stomach and chest. Sergio follows suit by adding his own steamy load to the mix. He then smears their DNA mix with his hand and is offered the opportunity to lick it up. He declines (damn!) but it looks good enough to eat if you ask me.

Watch Sergio Valen Fuck Jason Matthews

Tate Thompson Flips with Jason Matthews


“Another day in paradise.” Jason Matthews utters this phrase when the camera starts to roll for this recent update. As he stands next to Tate Thompson, Jason chronicles the shenanigans surrounding the birthday celebrations of one of Damien’s friends. “Me being the new guy, I got hazed and left out on my own,” Tate adds. Apparently Tate became part of a drag queen show. She rubbed her hands all over Tate, which shows her good taste. Too bad there were no photos. “It was one of the best times I’ve gone out with the crew,” Jason says.


The cameraman finally gets to what everyone is waiting for. “Take off your clothes,” he says. “Just get naked.” That’s why you’re here, right? LOL! Tate shows off his BSB underwear. He’s asked if he can twerk. Alas he can’t, but admits to having lap dance skills. Jason gives Tate’s butt cheeks a few good slaps. “You left your mark,” the cameraman says about Jason’s hand prints. Underwear is lost and Jason jiggles that phat boot-ay. Shake it, baby. Shake it!! Tate will suck first. Being a veteran has its privileges. LOL! He opens wide and takes everything in. “He doesn’t play around when giving blow jobs,” the cameraman observes. “No, he doesn’t,” Jason says, with appreciation in his voice.


Those soft lips work their magic. Soon Jason’s tool is at attention. And Tate looks so hot with his blue eyes looking up, that mouth filled with meat. Jason needs to return the favor. He pushes Tate on the bed and gets to town. The rod is stiff and fits perfectly down Jason’s throat. He holds his tongue out and slaps the pole on it. His spit makes it juicy and wet.  “He doesn’t play around with his blow jobs either,” Tate observes. “Well, if you’re going to do something might as well do it right,” Jason says. He shows off his deep throating skills, which are rather impressive.


“I have an ex-girlfriend you can teach a few things to,” Tate notes. Fucking time has arrived. Jason puts a condom on Tate’s tool. Lube is placed where it will do the most good. Jason gets on his stomach, that juicy backside pointed toward the ceiling. He gives Tate some assistance, and the moment his hole is filled Jason moans into the sheets. The sob is muffled, but we all heard it before from happy bottom boys. Tate begins to long stroke Jason. Those cheeks jiggle from the pounding.  “Easy, killer,” Jason begs. He whimpers into the bed. Tate turns him on his side, and gets back to fucking. “Oh, fuck,” Jason groans. Tate makes sure each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason’s sweet spot.  “It’s my turn,” he says.


Tate falls on the bed, his booty over the edge. His moans are loud when Jason gets in that man hole. Jason long fucks from the start, but goes slow. He pushes Tate’s knees to his chest, making sure he can get as much ass as possible. All the stimulation pushes Tate over the edge. His juice covers the bottom half of his stomach. Jason pulls out and jerks his meat. His man milk shoots out in multiple spurts, soaking the bed and Tate. Jason falls on the bed, tired from it all. “I’m covered in cum,” Tate says. And you’ve never looked better, Tate! LOL!

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Tate Thompson & Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews Flips with Tristan Stiles


At the start of this update Tristan Stiles and Jason Matthews are sitting on the studio bed, laughing at an inside joke? How many of you popped wood just by looking at these two?  The cameraman wants a story from one of them, and Jason shares his new tattoo. “It’s my first and only tattoo,” Jason observes. It’s a portal, but there’s no special significance.

“It doesn’t really mean anything to me,” Jason says. “I was real drunk and I was like, ‘You know what? I want a tattoo!'” Booze makes all decisions better. LOL! The cameraman is confused by this, but Jason adds his girlfriend has the same tat. He goes on to list her good qualities (cooking and sex). Apparently Jason once dated a  woman who was going to culinary school, but couldn’t boil pasta. “Even I can’t mess up a pasta,” Tristan says. The guys remove their shirts and get on the bed.

The cameraman gives them props for looking good. Jason gets completely naked first. His dick is still soft, but he knows how to make it ready to play. “Put your tongue in my mouth,” Jason commands. The two lads kiss and make out. Swapping spit is so sexy. This tongue dance has done the trick to Jason’s johnson. Tristan leans down and sucks away. He deep throats that rod, getting it wet with spit. Jason leans back and lets Tristan do what he does best. “Oh, yeah,” Jason whispers.

He decides to offer Tristan some of the same oral loving. He gets him out of his pants and swallows everything Tristan has. He works some mouth magic, making sure to nose nuzzle Tristan’s pubes. There’s another round of kissing before the fucking. Jason will get fucked first. After Tristan puts on a condom, Jason lubes it up. “Have to get it nice and juicy,” Jason says in a faux British accent.
He pushes Tristan on the bed and straddles him. It takes a few attempts, but the sausage finally gets in. Jason goes up and down, taking control. “Fuck, yeah,” he moans, Tristan doesn’t have to do anything but be still.

But soon he wants to get a workout. Jason gets on his back, and Tristan returns to that warm, dark, place. Each stroke is balls deep, hitting Jason’s spot. “Fuck, yeah. Give me that dick,” Jason orders. How can Tristan refuse? Would you? However, giving and receiving is no fun. So after smooching, Tristan gets on his back. Jason works his meat into that man pussy, making Tristan all moist. Jason is a gentle top, so he gives Tristan a kiss between strokes. This pushes Tristan over the edge and he shoots a load that covers his pale stomach. Jason pulls out, kisses Tristan, licks some of the lost man juice, and gives Tristan a taste. This causes Jason to bust cum all over Tristan’s stomach. Two man milk loads coating Jason’s yummy tummy!

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Jason Matthews & Tristan Stiles


Zander Floyd Fucks Jason Matthews

Did you hear that? Listen one more time? Hear that high-pitched squeal? That’s the yelp of happiness people made when seeing Jason Matthews on the BSB couch. Next to him in this update is newbie Zander “flowing locks” Floyd. “Kind of taking him under my wing,” Jason says to the cameraman.What nerves Zander had when he shot his solo are now gone. He’s used to having a camera in his cute face.”I’m a professional now,” Jason teases. The cameraman snitches on poor Jason by telling Zander the BSB veteran has been checking the newbie out. Can you blame him? “I cannot confirm or deny any of this nonsense,” Jason responds in mock horror.

Jason isn’t the only one whose secrets are told. Zander admits if he were to make out with a guy, which he will soon, Jason is the type of dude he would knock boots with. When it comes to what he is most anxious about, Zander has apprehensions about giving a blow job. “How is it going feel,” Zander wonders. “I’ve never had it before.” “It’s kind of like eating a popsicle,” Jason suggests. The cameraman wonders if Zander talks like a rapper and/or black guy. This inquiry comes about because he’s certain the newbie’s baggy pants are the sartorial style of African-American dudes. An odd commentary because Terence Blanchard, Kendrick Scott Oracle, and Buddy Guy (Google) don’t don their slacks in such a manner. Egad! How to resolve such a bewildering contradiction? Only Legba (Google again) knows. Let’s leave the history of trousers alone for now. We can deal with that pressing matter much later. LOL! Zander dances off the nerves, and the two models get naked.

“This is my favorite part of the day,” Jason says.  We get a view of their plentiful backsides. Jason even gives one of Zander’s cheeks a slap. Both lads run their hands over those globes of butt meat. “That is the smoothest ass I have ever touched on my life,” Jason observes. Zander’s sausage starts to plump, which makes perfect sense. He is naked, standing next to Jason. :-) To get all the nerves out of the way, Zander will suck first. He gets on his knees, and slowly swallows Jason’s johnson. Jason wipes Zander’s hair out of his face so we can see how the newbie works. He gags once, but soon is treating it like a popsicle. The cameraman wonders about the taste of man meat. “Like something I’ve never tasted before,” Zander replies.

As he blows away, Zander’s own tool rises to the occasion. He chokes and slag drops from his mouth, but Zander returns to his duties. “He just gets better and better as he goes along,” Jason notes. Zander has earned a break. He gets on the couch and Jason puts his head in Zander’s crotch. Zander’s rod is ready for some mouth loving, which it receives. Jason slobbers all over it, leaving the shaft shiny. He looks up in Zander’s face, and the newbie moans when his balls are licked. Jason puts a condom on Zander’s dick. He licks the long haired stud all over, then takes a seat on that pole. Jason’s round ass is speared. He rides up and down, taking everything. Zander puts his hands on Jason’s hips, pushing the boy down on his staff. “Oh, fuck yeah,” Jason moans.

He leans down to give Zander a kiss, but the newbie moves away. Instead Jason nibbles on Zander’s neck. This pushes him over the edge, and Zander opens up for a full mouthed kiss.  Jason gets on his knees and Zander gets back in. He fucks hard and fast, making Jason whimper and moan. “Oh, come on Zander,” Jason groans. When Jason gets on his back there is some more tongue action. Zander’s pounding resumes its fast and furious pace. The newbie’s eyes are closed and it’s clear he’s lost in that ass. “I’m going to cum,” Jason whispers. He does so with a load that coats his stomach. Zander pulls out of the man hole and strokes his own toy. Jason plays with the newbie’s nuts, and that does the job. He shoots  all over his hand, pubes, and even on Jason. “I cum a lot,” Zander whispers. He takes a taste, but still hasn’t acquired an affinity for it. Jason does give him a nickname: the Energizer Bunny. Seems apt, no?

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Zander Floyd
& Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews Fucks Johnny Forza

Nope, you didn’t read the title wrong. Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza!

“We’re going to teach Johnny Forza how to have a good time,” Jason says to the camera.

Who can disagree with that? LOL! The good time starts immediately with full lip locking. Jason even licks Johnny’s neck.

After the romantic kissing, the two pros get naked. Johnny sucks bone first.

“Lick my cock,” Jason whispers.

Johnny sucks that tool. Tries to deep throat, but only can get so far. He does know the power of the tongue, so he licks Jason’s head and shaft.

Jason puts some sweet kisses on Johnny’s lips. Then he has a go at that johnson. As Jason licks up and down that New Jersey meat, he looks in Johnny’s face. Jason even makes sure to tongue those cum heavy balls, which we can tell Johnny appreciates. LOL!

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny whispers.

All BSB newbies should be required to view Jason’s sword swallowing skills. Dude is a champ! He’s getting that sausage slick with spit.

Jason then pushes Johnny’s delectable thighs to his chest. That gives Jason better access to that sweet man hole. Jason rims that booty like it’s his last meal. There’s lots of tongue and spit. Poor Johnny is almost in tears over the sensations. Jason’s tongue explores the crevices of that booty, getting it ready for something a little bigger than a tongue.

It’s fucking time. Jason dons a condom, and gets on his back. Johnny straddles him and lowers his hole on the hard piece of meat. Johnny sounds so virginal riding Jason, like his chiseled ass has never been busted before.

Jason starts to punned away, taking control away from Johnny. The Garden State stud might be be cursing, but look at his dick. Hard. His joy button likes what Jason is doing. Wouldn’t you?

Johnny gets on his back, and Jason gets back home. He’s dicking Johnny so he’ll walk funny the next day. One of Johnny’s legs is on on Jason’s shoulder, the other to the side. Has Johnny ever looked better? LOL!

The fucking gets faster, Johnny grimacing with each stroke. But you can only pound a man so long until he pops. Johnny’s load explodes all over his hand.

Jason, a considerate top, pulls out and strokes his own nut. His man mils shoots out in multiple spurts.

He leans in for a kiss before everything goes black. The cameraman probably passed out. LOL!

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Johnny Forza Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey

Guess who is back!? Ian Dempsey and the always energetic comedian Jason Matthews. Yes our favorite quiet cutie and our rambunctious stud are flip fucking for your viewing pleasure on this edition of BSB. Ian recently bought a truck and unfortunately it turned out to be a lemon, needless to say he needs the cash.

After some light banter and a very awkward performance of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” our studs strip down to their underwear. Jason leans in and begins to seduce Ian with soft, sensual kisses. They tease each other’s cocks from inside their undies. Before you know it Jason whips hard throbbing dick out of his shoves it deep inside his warm wet mouth. Licking, teasing, slurping, and sucking Jason sends Ian into a sexual frenzy. Jason takes complete control and is aiming to please, holding nothing back.  Soon it’s Ian’s turn to suck Jason, we warmly greets Jason’s meat with his two pink juicy lips and invited them inside his throat for some warmth.  Jason sits comfortably, moaning, giving Ian an gentle reach around to make sure his fat dicks stays hard. Ian sends Jason over the edge with, deep throating him.

“Oh. OH FUCK,” Jason exclaims.

The two exchange a few more long, passionate kisses and then Jason reaches for a condom. He gives it to Ian. As he rolls it down his shaft, Jason makes sure to kiss and nibble on Ian’s neck.

“Let’s try something crazy,” Jason suggests.

Jason gets on his back, facing the wall. Ian gets between Jason, and the wall, and aims for that inviting hole. From the moment the sheath covered head makes contact, Jason is squirming and moaning.

“Oh, God,” Jason sighs. “Your cock is so thick.”

Ian begins pile driving Jason’s tight hole, going balls deep with each stroke. Jason is speechless, he can barely make the words to describe what he’s feeling. The pair switch off and Ian straddles Jason’s cock and takes a sincere pounding in a confortable, seated position. Ian’s thick dick is still rock hard as Jason pounds his cakes into submission.

Jason puts Ian on his back on the couch and begins to stroke him hard a fast, slamming his entire dick inside him rapidly. The two rapidly reach their peak. Ian first, spewing a thick creamy load onto himself. Followed by Jason who shoots a powerful load onto Ian’s torso.

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Jason Matthews & Ian Dempsey

Johnny & Jason

This time around we’ve got Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza! If Jason seems a little pepped up it’s because he’s got a new lady friend. Jason’s new girlfriend is a leggy dancer with expensive taste. She has no qualms about the way her beau earns a living, as long as he brings home the bacon.

“Her philosophy is you’ve already done it, so you might as well own it and make some money out of it,” Jason says.
After a little small talk our guys quickly strip down and get right to business. Jason takes Johnny’s piece between his lips and gets to work. Jason’s undeniable cock sucking skills are his best asset. Johnny’s throbbing cock swells within a few moments of entering Jason’s warm wet mouth. Eager to please Jason takes the cock to the back of his throat with ease and enthusiasm. Johnny moans. His eyes roll in disbelief. With one last kiss to the head, Jason prepares to take Johnny’s big dick in his tight ass.

A carefully rolled condom and a couple squirts of lube later and Jason is fucking Johnny’s cock at a full gallop. His own fat dick fully erect and flopping back and forth. The room echoes with an orgasmic orchestra featuring the sound of the Johnny’s wet cock slamming in and out of Jason’s tight hole, the leather couch, and their moaning.

Johnny repositions Jason on his stomach and begins to pound his ass like a piece of veal. Soon Jason takes control and begins to throw his ass back hard onto Johnny’s rock hard cock. Johnny grabs Jason by the back of the neck and fucks him like an animal.

In a flash Jason flips on his back and Johnny eases in to his warm hole. Johnny grabs him by the throat and fucks him so hard you can feel the room shake.

“Fuck, yeah Johnny,” he says.

Jason’s toes curl and his tool stays rigid as he gets drilled.

“Give it to me, Johnny,” Jason orders.

Jason’s man milk shoots out, landing on his face, chest and mouth. Johnny pulls put and strokes his load, which coats the hair around Jason’s member.

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Johnny Forza & Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels

There’s nothing like a man who takes control of a situation! Our boys Jason Matthews and Skylar Daniels completely take over the introductions and get right to it. The sexy and assertive pair chat about their mutual love and admiration for the great state of Texas.

“Are things really bigger in Texas,” Jason wonders.

Skyler pauses for a moment and says they are. Would we expect any other answer from a proud Texan?

After a little more banter these two studs undress and Jason immediately inhales Skyler’s meat in his wet mouth. Skyler is immediately stiff and dripping pre-cum. Jason continues to suck, teasing Skyler’s cock with his tongue and deep throating it at just the right moments.

Before you know it Skyler is swallowing Jason’s long dick with passion. Jason grabs him and pulls him into a wet kiss so that he can taste his dick on Skyler’s mouth. Skyler’s dedication to dick sucking is admirable; he pays close attention to every part, head, shaft, base and balls. He makes sure to use all the tools at his disposal: lips, tongue, and throat.

Jason soon gets up and prepares his cock for his voyage inside Skyler’s warm hole.
Jason slaps his rock cock on Skyler’s sweet ass and then eases it in. He slams his dick in deep with each stroke so Skyler can get the full extent of what he has to offer. This man fuck is intense. Jason kisses and licks Skyler’s back as he fucks him hard and gives him some direction.

“Oh, yeah. Come back on my dick.”

Skyler backs his sweet ass on that meat, his hole stuffed.

“Oh, fuck me,” Skyler moans.

“You like that,” Jason asks

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler answers.

Jason’s handprint can be seen on Skyler’s soft ass. The two switch positions. Skyler hops on Jason’s dick and begins to ride it like a seasoned Equestrian.

“Yeah, ride my dick,” Jason commands.

Skyler does, going up and down. Jason pulls him down and offers another kiss.

They switch positions one last time. Jason lays him down and starts pounding his ass. He’s definitely hitting all the right spots because after a few soft strokes, Skyler’s shoots a creamy load on his belly. Jason pulls out and licks Skyler’s cum off of his chest and gives him a taste when he kisses him. Jason jacks his dick and he explodes. The load lands on Skyler’s smiling face.

“Good stuff,” Jason remarks.

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Jason Matthews & Skyler Daniels

Jason Matthews & Damien Kyle

Jason is back! Jason is back! Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! Excuse the
excitement, but the world is always a bit more wonderful when Jason Matthews is in the BSB
studio. :-)

Next to him is Damien Kyle, another one who causes irrational exuberance. That joy is increased because in this update, Damien will be on his stomach receiving a good dicking!

“Not too pleased about that,” Damien says.

“Don’t worry,” Jason replies. “My hands are small.”

There is a long pause and then laughter. Is this another BSB comment needing a trademark?

“You weren’t supposed to tell him that,” the cameraman notes.

Seems like Damien has his paycheck all spent on some new shoes.

“Cause that what he needs,” Jason teases. “Girls and their shoes.”

“Shut up,” Damien says.

After they get naked, there’s some disagreement who will suck first. Damien (loses) wins and puts
his face in Jason’s lap. At first Damien deep throats, his nose hitting the base of Jason’s meat. That
makes the hot dog get larger, and Damien has to slow down. Either way, Jason is happy with
his scene partner’s work. So much so that he gives Damien a hand job.

They switch positions. Jason gives Damien oral care. He treats his partner’s meat stick like candy.
Sucking and licking. Making sure to get to the surprise in the middle! LOL! Damien’s toes curl under
themselves when Jason licks a sensitive spot.

Jason stops and leans in for a kiss. Damien returns it and the boys swap tongues for awhile. Isn’t
straight male romance sweet? LOL!! Damien gets on his hands and knees, but before he gets
fucked that hole is rimmed. Jason spreads those cheeks and makes the orifice wet with spit.
Damien’s face shows some confusion. Should he really be grooving to having his ass eaten? LOL!

Jason leans in for other kiss. Damien’s tongue find Jason’s and the two make out for a brief
moment. Jason lubes up and enters. Raw and natural. First Jason goes slow, but soon enough that
fine booty proves too good. Balls deep, baby! Damien holds on to the couch and moans! He’ll
clench his fist and grit his teeth. But that’s it. No wish to stop.

They switch positions, this time Damien straddling his scene partner. Before Damien takes his ride
they kiss again, this time with more passion. Getting fucked by a dude brings out the romance.
LOL! Jason does the work, fucking Damien with abandon. The sound of skin and Damien’s grunts
fill the studio. Occasionally Jason will lick one of Damien’s nipples and Damien will stroke his
partner’s hair. Out of nowhere, Jason increases the tempo, stroking hard and deep. Damien loudly
moans, and Jason gives him a kiss for being a good bottom boy.

Jason puts Damien on his back and keeps up with the hard thrusting. Damien’s legs are spread apart
and soon enough it’s too much.

“Oh fuck,” he cries.

Jason is making certain each stroke will be felt for the next few days. After a powerful down
stroke, he pulls out and jerks a load all over Damien’s chest and abs. He leans in and gives another
passionate kiss. Damien jerks his load on his abs and the two lip lock for the final time.

When asked about his well used booty, Damien gives the only answer that makes sense.

“It’s fucking loose!”