Born to Porn – Devin Trez -amp; Jimmy West

After doing their glamour shots and getting interviewed, Devin Trez and Jimmy West lock lips and caress each other's naked bodies in the hot tub. Jimmy is the first to make a move as he sinks into the water to deepthroat Devin's long, uncut pole. The passionate cocksucking continues until Devin bends Jimmy over to get a taste of his smooth hole. With Jimmy's hole open and eager, Devin works in his rod bareback until it's completely inside Jimmy's ass. It's a tight fit at first, but soon, Jimmy is pushing back on Devin's cock, eager for all his inches. As Jimmy's hole clenches his cock, Devin loses control and blasts off a massive load that sprays everywhere. Jimmy wants to bust so he lays on his back to keep getting his hole stretched until he unloads thick ropes on his stomach.

Towel Boy – Arad Winwin -amp; Logan Cross

Towel Boy Logan Cross is refilling the towel stock in massage therapists Arad Winwin's room in between clients. When Logan explains a recent injury, Arad offers Logan to get on the table for a quick massage. As Arad rubs his shoulders, Logan is face to face with Arad's thick bulge. Seizing the opportunity, Logan reaches out and pulls down Arad's shorts to reveal his massive uncut cock. Logan instantly wraps his lips around and gets to work servicing Arad's pole. Arad returns the favor with a sopping wet hummer on Logan's cock before bending him over and treating his hole to the same oral pleasure. With his hole slick with spit, Logan invites Arad to slide his dick deep inside. Logan's eyes roll back as Arad pounds his prostate from behind. They switch into multiple positions with Logan ending on his back getting his load pounded out of him while Arad coats Logan's hole in a thick load.

Greasers – JJ Knight -amp; Christian Taylor B

Falcon exclusive JJ Knight needs a little help in the homework department and Christian Taylor B is more then happy to help - as long as he gets some of JJ's grade-A cock. After demonstrating killer oral skills the Greaser takes the clean-cut tutor to task by jamming his 12 inch prick all the way up inside Taylor's sweet open hole.

Born to Porn – Adrian Hart -amp; Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox is sitting poolside while getting his girthy cock sucked by Adrian Hart. While the cameras roll, Adrian works Cade's massive dick with his mouth, savoring every last inch. After getting his taste of cock, Adrian gets bent over and rimmed deep by Cade's hungry tongue. CUT! Switching positions, they move from the pool and Cade inserts his fat cock deep into Adrian's ass. Adrian gets pumped bareback full of Cade's award-winning cock. Cade paints Adrian's hole with his milk and rams his cock back in until his massive dick hits Adrian's prostate just right, and Adrian blows a load all over his rock-hard abs.

Scared Stiff #02 – Brock Banks -amp; Link Parker

The Gardener Brock Banks is tending to the mansions yard when he hears a disturbing noise emanating from the house. He looks up only to see The Pig, Link Parker, a beefy stud in a leather harness, jock and a pig mask, standing on the mansion's terrace. The Pig summons Brock inside. Overcome by an eerie attraction, Brock enters to find The Pig at the top of the spiral staircase. The Pig saunters down and thrusts the bulging leather jock in Brock's face. The leather and man musk of The Pig gets Brock wanting more and he quickly pulls out The Pig's huge hard cock, taking it all the way down his throat. While Brock is managing his meaty cock, The Pig is helping him out of his clothes, and Brock eventually rises up to kiss the masked stud. Link removes his mask and lays back for some more making out, before welcoming Brock's hefty, uncut meat into his mouth. Balancing on the staircase, Brock delivers his dick deep in Link's mouth and then sits his hot Puerto Rican bubble-butt on Link's face. Returning Link's favor of an intense rim job, Brock opens Link's legs wide so he can eat his hole deep, before drilling him bareback. Wanting to give Link the ride of his life, Brock lays back on the stairs so Brock can ride reverse cowboy and then they flip it to doggie and the climb the stairs with a trust for each step. Finally, Link, back on all fours, pushes his inviting white ass onto Brock's dark cock until he milks a load out of it, leaving a pool on Link's ass. Brock eats half of it and shoves the other half back in with his dick. They share a cummy kiss, an evil laugh fills the house and Link disappears, leaving Brock completely perplexed. What in this house is of the natural world and what is supernatural? Find out when the scene fast forwards one year later!

Derrick’s Audition Raw – Derrick

I'm very excited to bring you the exclusive unedited raw footage of sexy Derrick's first audition for Maskurbate. This is the first time I met Derrick. I've had the chance to spend time with him and recently watched the entire shooting thinking that you would enjoy seeing the whole thing. More interview, stripping, muscles, sex and shower! Enjoy Derrick like you never did before! New this week on Maskurbate