Lycan And Slave Serve Shadow – Anal Discipline

Lycan and Slave orally serve Shadow in this scene. They love his big, rock solid cock and that means they love sucking on it and stroking it until it shoots a nice load of jizz. Slave is the biggest submissive here though, on his knees to do what he does best. Between he and Lycan working Shadow's man meat, it isn't too long before it's giving Slave a big, messy facial!

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Leather Studs Dominate Each Other – Anal Discipline

Austin Marks and Blake Andrews both love to dominate, so they took turns doing so here. Still, only one guy ended up getting fucked in the ass. He was still controlling things though. These bloke are real men, into real rough sex. Leather, a sling, hot mouths and a hairy man hole to pound the hell out of make this a scene not to be missed. They're well hung too!

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Shadow Feeds His Piggy A Cum Load – Anal Discipline

Lycan really wants a jizz load down his throat, and Shadow has been saving one up for him. The masked man gets off on fucking that fat ass first, shoving a sex toy in before getting his solid joystick out for the piggy to suck on and drain of that hot thick load. Piggy Lycan loves that jizz, and he doesn't spill a drop as Shadow floods his mouth and then leaves him there on the bed used and aching with a fake bone in his hole.

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Ray Lycan Dominates And Fucks Nick – Anal Discipline

Ray Lycan likes his subs completely obedient and Nick certainly is that. He first gets his face fucked before Ray plays with his ass for while. Then Nick licks his leather boots before his man hole is taken deep and hard by his new Dom. Adorned in leather and having all the kinky fun they love to engage in, this scene is super hot and ends with Nick eating Ray's salty cream!

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Stunning American Twinks Fuck Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Billy Dexter and Dominik Trojan are both gorgeous, blessed with long cocks that they put to great use here as one face and ass fucks the other raw. Their boi lust is beautiful and the way the top hammers his bottom is fantastic. Lean, fit and having all the skills for great bareback porn, these guy2 go until the big loads are spewing!

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Shadow Junior Flogs And Fucks Russell Tucker – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior and another Dom had a hold of Russell Tucker and they weren't about to let him go until they had hurt, humiliated, flogged and fucked the hell out of him. Bareback, of course. Russell undergoes a lot of abuse here and loves it. He is forced to go ass to mouth with his Dom's big dicks and of course, he cannot complain. He'd get flogged even harder than he did. If that is even possible. Wow!

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A Load Of Super Hero Cum – Anal Discipline

Rob C has been captured, and there's nothing he can do about it even if he wanted to. Shadow has one plan, to steal the hero's essence. He knows how to achieve that too, revealing that big pink pecker and his heavy hanging balls, jerking and sucking the hung hero until hes ordering his slave to feed him his spunk in a delicious finish!

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Just 2 Guys With Hard Cocks To Enjoy – Broke And Horny

Kicking back and watching some pussy porn, Mike and Trey soon have their hard cocks out in their fists. The two check each other out, enjoying the look of another stiff boner being jerked, but when the offer of some head is made the game changes for the better. Sucking and stroking each other leads to some hot spooge fun, with jizz eating too!

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Feeding The Cock Sucker – Anal Discipline

Big dominant daddy has been captured, restrained on the bed and left for Shadow to enjoy. The horny fucker loves to feed men his rod and semen, and it seems Big daddy isn't too worried about sucking it when it's in his face! His own pecker is soon out and being jerked too, eventually spurting a load as Shadow pumps his own spunk down his throat!

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Cock Sucking Slave Performs – Anal Discipline

He's been wrapped in plastic and spandex for a long time, horny for action as he lays there on the table. His master arrives to play, cutting some space and releasing his rod for some jerking. Slowly he reveals more of his slave as he unwraps his present, releasing his buddy to give him what he needs. Fucking his face and being sucked off the master pumps his cream down the slaves throat before placing him back on the table and stroking his dick until his spooge is spewing out! No doubt he's going to be rewrapped for another play session when the master needs!

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