7 Minutes In Heaven – Devin Franco -amp; Jake Porter

Playing an adult version of '7 Minutes in Heaven' Devin Franco, who's in an open relationship, draws the name of the more reserved and monogamous, Jake Porter. They head off to be alone in the bedroom away from their group of friends, and Devin doesn't waste a second getting on his knees in front of the rock-hard stud. Devin sucks and slurps on Jake's pole until Jake notices that Devin's stiff dick is throbbing as well. Jake returns the favor and gives Devin a nice long blowjob then bends the hunk over to rim his smooth ass. Jake takes his time savoring Devin's eager hole, making sure that Devin is ready for his raw, thick dick to ram inside. Devin cant wait any longer for Jake's cock and offers up his ass for Jake to pound bareback as he pleases. After taking a steady pounding, Devin is ready to switch it up and hops on to ride Jake up and down. He takes the young stud's shaft all the way down to the base until he's ready to take charge. Devin flips Jake over and takes a taste of his succulent ass before the hunks flip-fuck as Devin slides his thick, bare pole deep into Jake, giving the stud exactly what he wants. Devin pumps away with his raw dick, getting himself to the brink as he pulls out and covers Jake's dick with cum. Jake is ready to cum as well and uses Devin's jizz as lube as he pounds one out while Devin fingers his hole. Jake shoots his load all over his ripped abs as a cum-hungry Devin licks up every last drop.

Six Feet Away – Rego Bello -amp; Jaxx Thanatos

Jaxx Thanatos and Rego Bello are both on their mobile phones sitting in the locker room when they realize they have been cruising each other on the social media hookup app. Jaxx stands up revealing a hard cock in his shorts and declares that they are only six feet away from each other. Rego starts sucking Jaxx and then Jaxx sucks Rego. Rego then rims Jaxx's massive muscle ass before standing up and fucking him from behind. Jaxx then lies on his back and Rego fucks him until both shoot nice creamy loads of cum!

Fistpack 20 – Fist My Butt – Daxx Reed -amp; Ian McQueen

Over in the locker room, DAXX REED readies one of his favorite toys. His eyes gleam as he greases up a long, thick, black, bulbous butt plug. He places it on the bench and positions his hungry, quivering ass ring at the toy's shiny tip. It takes no effort at all for DAXX to slide down on this anal intruder. DAXX smiles broadly with each stroke as he rides up and down. This hot action doesn't go unnoticed. IAN MCQUEEN saunters in, his own red-hair-pubed poker swelling within the confines of a clear pump tube. DAXX and IAN each put on a show for each other - DAXX bouncing wildly on his toy and IAN pumping his cock meat to an awesome plumper. IAN comes round to DAXX's backside, kneels down, and tongue's DAXX's ass ring as it is spread open by the glistening black dildo. When the toy comes out of DAXX's hole, IAN's probing tongue takes over, feeding on DAXX's greasy open asshole. While IAN's own cock swells inside its hard plastic casing, IAN greases up his hands and dives into DAXX's hungry, muscled ass. To see these two muscled, tattooed hunks enjoying each other is sheer poetry! Watch DAXX rise up to a standing position with IAN's arm stuffed up his ass in liberty tribute. Then DAXX gets down on the floor, his ass pointed up over his head, and IAN comes down to swim the breath stroke inside DAXX's well-opened hole. Finally IAN rises up and sprays forth his pent-up load from his plump, pumped cock in an eye-popping climax.

I Want That Big Cock! – Aston Springs -amp; Adrian Hart

They are back in the bedroom and Aston Springs is asking if the photo that Adrian Hart showed him of his cock is for real. Adrian assures him it is and they start making out. Aston pulls it out and is happy to see it is as big as he expected and he starts sucking Adrian. He tries to take it all but struggles and we see cock sucking tears on his face. Adrian then rims Aston's beautiful ass before fucking him doggy style over the bed. Aston then flips on his back and Adrian fucks him deeper until Aston shoots his load. Adrian then explodes with a massive amount of cum out his huge cock.

The Slutty Professor – Ace Era -amp; Tyler Roberts -amp; Dave Slick

Nerdy Professor Kelp (Ace Era) has until the end of the semester to make himself more relatable and modernize his appearance or he's out on his ass. When he returns to his classroom he catches Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) and his crush, Justin Brody, finishing up their sweaty sex session and it pushes him over the edge. Kelp rushes to the lab and concocts a secret potion that turns him into a smoking hot, muscular stud named Buddy Fuck. Seething with raw sexual energy, Buddy's first stop is the local gay bar where he meets Ty Roberts and Dave Slick, two horny college dudes who can't wait to get a piece of the Slutty Professor. Up in the VIP Buddy calls the shots as they take turns sucking cock and fucking each other's holes. Ty and Buddy spit roast Dave, filling both his holes, until all three men bust their nuts in each other's mouths.

Bang On! – Nick Capra -amp; Johnny V

Nick Capra and Johnny V have boiling-hot chemistry; they can't keep their hands of each other! From the start, you can see Nick's eyes lusting after Johnny's cut grade-A meat, balls and hard ass, and Nick wastes no time getting Johnny's meat into his mouth! Johnny pleasures Nick with an expert blowjob. Johnny's smooth round ass is dangerously inviting. Nick can't help but feverishly bury his face, tongue, fingers and cock all up in Johnny's perfect rear. Nick ravishes Johnny with both his tongue and his dick. Spreading his legs in the air, Johnny gives Nick the perfect angle for an incredible, intense pounding. As they reach the climax, Johnny's cock fires multiple bursts of cum across his chiseled torso. Nick shoots his own load at the same sexy target, doubling the load of cream dripping down Johnny's muscled torso.

London Calling – Josh Moore -amp; Devin Franco -amp; Jeffrey Lloyd

The neon lights are flashing and the music is pumping as Josh Moore and Devin Franco enjoy their last night out in London. Devin walks in, and immediately locks eyes with Josh, their pent-up attraction for each other can no longer be denied. The sparks fly and they look for a secluded spot to unleash their sexual tension. Josh pushes Devin up against a wall as they make out and get each other boned up. Josh is hard as a rock and wants a mouth around his throbbing dick. Devin is happy to oblige by getting on his knees and offering up his wet, drooling mouth to be used. While Devin is down on his knees, sexy club-goer Jeffrey Lloyd spots the two and starts rubbing his own cock to the hot and horny scene. Josh motions for Jeffrey to join in and Devin moves back and forth, servicing both cocks at the same time. Jeffrey needs more than just a mouth and bends Devin over to mount up and fuck his ass as Josh continues pounding Devin's face from the front. Taking a cock from both ends, Devin knows he's in spit roast heaven as his heartbeat matches the pumping music. As each man thrusts inside him from each end, Devin submits to his body's pleasure and takes everything they have to give. Josh and Jeffrey continue to fuck Devin with wild abandon, taking turns plugging his face and ass until they both cum all over the horny spent stud, coating his body with sticky, white cum.

Nut Huggers – Dustin Steele -amp; Matt Muck

Dustin Steele has asked Matt Muck to come over to his aunts' house to help him with some remodeling work while she is recovering in the hospital. He asks Mike to help him lay out some carpet tiles because he has a better eye for that stuff. As Mike bends over to do the work, Dustin takes notice of how great Mike's ass looks in his 'Nut Huggers' and he grabs his ass. They then start making out and their clothes come off as Mike drops to his knees and starts sucking Dustin's hard cock. Dustin takes the mattress that is against the wall and drops it to the floor and puts Mike on all fours and he rims him from behind. Both guys with their Jeans around their ankles and cowboy boots on make for a sexy visual! Dustin then fucks Mike from behind for a while. Mike then rims Dustin's ass and fucks him on his back until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and cums all over Dustin's cock and balls. Dustin uses his cum to jerk off his own cock as he shoots his load.

FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department – Tony Orlando -amp; Sherman Maus

It's criminal Sherman Maus' turn to take control of the law. He starts by undressing Detective Tony Orlando, then quickly bends him over his desk to eat out his smooth hole. Tony's balls hang low as Sherman's rims out and slaps Tony's crack. Once Sherman is done lubing up Tony with his mouth, he works his cock into the man of the law, fucking him deep. Tony craves a bigger tool from Sherman so the convict slides his fists into Tony, one by one. He lets Sherman take turns with his cock and his fists to gape out his hole. Tony takes the brutal beating to his hole from everything Sherman is fucking him with until his rosebud pops out, making Sherman punch even harder. When Sherman's fists aren't enough for Tony's hole, he combines his tools fucking Tony with both his thick fist and fat cock at the same time. Tony's sore hole has had about all it can take and rides Sherman's fist until his cum flows from the tip of his lengthy cock and into Sherman's awaiting hand. Just like Tony did to him, Sherman shoves the cops load back into his ass while he strokes out his own load onto the desk.