Broke College Boys – Richie And Cameron



Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Today is special and things are not going to go the way they usually do. We are having a mini party and we called in a stripper. This video is about what happens when a stripper and three boys are let loose in the living room.
As we watch our sexy stripper doing his thing on the pole we had erected in the living room the boys actually seem bored. Are they really bored or are they trying to repress those sexual urges in front of the other boys of the house.

After watching the stripper doing his dance in his white undies it seems all the boys are still a bit up tight even though they are putting a few dollars in his pants. It is Cameron that actually lets loose first when the stripper pulls him up on stage and begins to have his way with him ever so lightly.

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Boy Gusher – Mike And Alex




There is nothing hidden in this hot video that I captured. I am the master of getting guys to come over and suck and jerk on those rods for me, and today wasn’t any different. I got online and started hanging out in a few adult chat rooms I know and in a few hours I had two horny guys headed over to my house for some jerking fun. Mike arrived a bit earlier than Alex, so he was ready for this little hottie when he arrived. They didn’t waste time; Alex went right after Mike’s hot hard body. He unbuttoned his shirt and began working on his jeans moaning and breathing hard the entire time. Mike leaned back and enjoyed the great tongue action that Alex was giving him.

Alex didn’t even get Mike’s pants off he just pulled his cock out of his jeans and began to suck on that big dick. He did finally pull his pants off and helped him take his shirt off so that Mike was naked and showing off all his tattoos. That is when Alex really went to town on that cock sucking and jerking as he moaned his enjoyment. I think he moaned louder than Mike. He really loves cock and you can tell by how well he sucks on that hard dick of Mike’s.

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College Boy Physicals – Topinbottom And James


Dr. Topinbottom @ College Boy Physicals says,

I was checking out my new office when Dr. James entered the room. I think he was a bit startled and didn’t think I was here in the new part of the clinic. I took this opportunity to introduce myself as when he started I had been out of the office on some personal time. (MORE)


After receiving a bit of personal history from Dr. James and how his brother spoke highly of the office, I asked to see what his bedside demeanor was like. Almost a “pop” quiz, sort of speak. I told Dr. James to treat me as if I was a patient in my own office, he started off with regular diagnostics. He inquired as to how I was feeling and if I had any concerns, I off course said stress, who isn’t stressed when they just moved offices. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Justin And Austin




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Austin is back again, and this hot guy has 3 girlfriends. How he manages to come and see us and juggle all those girls is beyond me. He told us that one of his girlfriends wanted to come along, but she had to work today. She is pretty turned on by the idea of him being here with us. Justin hasn’t been working much he has been hanging around with us instead. Justin likes to party and of course hanging with us is a never-ending party. Although Austin has been here with us a lot he is still a straight boy. He has gotten his cock sucked and enjoyed it, but he hasn’t sucked a dick or fucked or gotten fucked by a guy yet. After some debating and money chat I had Austin talking eight hundred dollars to experiment. This gives Austin a chance to explore the other side and get paid for it.

He starts slow taking of Justin’s pants and undies on the waterfall. Austin then begins to suck on Justin’s cock and Justin asks him if he has done this before because it feels so good. Austin stops long enough to say no its his first time and then goes back to licking and sucking on that cock making Justin moan some more. I point out that they have an audience and Justin thinks it is hot that those two guys down below are watching Austin suck his cock and jerking on their own dicks as they watch. Justin then tells Austin that he can sure work that tongue, and that the girls must love him for it. Austin stands up and Justin takes on that cock sucking it like mad. A bird flies over cawing and Justin doesn’t even blink an eye, he just keeps on sucking that dick as Austin moans. Justin really starts sucking on that cock making Austin grab his hair and help him suck on that cock while the boys down below continue to watch and stroke themselves.

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An Ass Pounding Good Time – Mason Wyler -amp; Adam Wirthmore -amp; Paul Wagner

This week, Mason has a new buddy to play with. Meet Paul Wagner. This hulk of a man is huge, hairy and hung! Oh, and he goes both ways! Did we also mention that joining this duo is Adam Wirthmore. Yeah, that's right, a good ol' 3 way cock fest! These three studs swap cock, ass and cum.<br/><br/>This is one hot scene!<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Broke College Boys – Sean And Johnny



Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. This is another hidden camera update. I can be a real sneaky bastard sometimes. I think that one of the straight guys at my party is curious about having sex with a gay guy. I want to find out what is going on and have left my camera hidden in the backyard. Let’s see what happens when they hang out in the backyard poolside. The boys get to talking and Sean introduces himself to Johnny and they discuss his curiosity about gay sex and he explains that we have gay sex here all the time and actually shoot porn. Sean does a great job of talking to Johnny and finding out about him and pushing him towards trying a little gay sex.

He pushes and prods until Johnny agrees to let Sean suck his dick. Johnny states he has never had an opportunity or chance to do that, and of course Sean tells him he does now. It takes some working on Sean’s part, but he finally gets to lock his lips around that straight cock of Johnny’s. As they stand up Sean reaches down to rub Johnny’s dick as he gives him a deep French kiss. So far so good, keep going Sean. Johnny mentions that the kiss wasn’t bad and that it was sorta fun. That is when Sean begins to kiss his body and lick his way down to his pants.

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Boy Gusher – Zack




Zack had a fight with his boyfriend and came to my house to spend some time. I told him that I would help him forget all about his boyfriend for a few hours. I had all kinds of crazy ideas churning in my head. When he got there I had him put on a blind fold and lay down on the bed with just his undies and shorts on. I began by pinching his nipples lightly then moved down to squeeze his cock and balls through his shorts and underwear. I teased his body playing with his nipples, his underarm hair and just getting him in the mood. I even had him smiling as I played with his cock. I finally pulled his shorts off and played with his toned body and began to slowly pull his undies down and around teasing him even more.

I love foreskin so playing with his uncut cock was really fun for me. I took my time playing with that dick and making it hard. I got up and tied his wrist to the bed so he couldn’t stop me and this is where he started to get nervous and I started to get hard. I then peeled off his undies and he was hard waiting for my attention as I put those undies under his nose and made him smell them. I began jerking on his dick and even let him have a peek as I jerked on his cock. It still wasn’t fully hard and I couldn’t wait to see that dick hard and throbbing. I decided then that it was time to get that cock hard and jerking and I put all my attention on that dick and began to jerk and stroke it like mad. When that cock got hard I tied his other wrist to the bed and he was grinning and wondering what I’d do to him next.

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College Boy Physicals – Ashton And New Doc


The new doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today was my first day at the clinic, my name is Dr. James. I’m the younger brother of the first Dr. James that worked in this clinic in the past. After meeting with Dr.Dick, he sent me to see one of the more popular patients named Ashton. Ashton has already been in to see Dr. Dick, Dr. PhingerPhuk and Dr. Topinbotom numerous times and I was warned that he was trying to score some Viagra. You see Ashton only comes to the clinic so he can get his fix for Viagra and then he sells them to other students. (MORE)


When I entered the room, I was well aware of his situation and I was prepared. To my surprise, he wasn’t here for his fix for Viagra but he injured his knee. Ashton explained while doing some hazing in one of the college dorm rooms, he had to get on top of a coke machine and flip off which he did but had injured his knee at the same time. Ashton is a hot care-free 19 year old going to college and hustling his way through school. I remember guys like this when I went to college and when I was broke and many of us guys did things we weren’t so proud of doing, but it got us through school. In Ashton’s case, he was trying to get into some frat parties and such and now he’s injured. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Aaron & Reigner




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am sitting here with Aaron and Reigner. Aaron is nineteen and spent the summer just fucking around not working at all. Reigner is twenty and states that he knows Aaron from the college bookstore. They both are pretty broke and in need of tuition money. I explained to Reigner that I pay some cash for odd jobs. I like Reigner he was easy. He showed me his cock for thirty bucks. I like the way this is heading. He just whipped that cock out of his Calvin Klein undies. Then I offered a hundred dollars to blow each other. I’m pretty sure that Reigner would have been ok with it, but as usual Aaron shoots me down. He states that he would do it for $300.00. Reigner agrees that would work for him too.

They begin kissing and it is Aaron who makes the first move and helps Reigner out of his undies. He just pulls them down he didn’t work them all the way off. He sucks that cock and Reigner moans in delight. Then he rolls off and Aaron returns the favor helping him out of his shorts and then reaches into his underwear to grab his semi hard cock. He begins to suck on that dick and Aaron leans back and just enjoys that tongue and mouth on his hard dick.

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Broke College Boys – Caiden & Branson




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. It is a relaxing Sunday here, and the boys are hanging out after a major party at the house. I know that they both could use some cash. Branson is heading to L.A. for awhile and he will definitely need some cash and Caiden has a ticket that he has to pay. So I offered them $600.00 to do what they were aching to do anyway. I told them they could do whatever they wanted sucking, fucking or whatever.
They agreed and they began to kiss, but if you notice Caiden already has his hands on Branson, and in a blink of an eye Branson was naked and standing before Caiden.

Caiden grabs his cock and begins to jerk on it slow at first, but then Branson is taking his Caiden’s shirt off and kneeling before him to help him get his pants off. As those pants slide off we see that Caiden is already pretty hard and ready for Branson to suck on his hard dick. Branson begins to slide up and down on that cock as Caiden moans, his hand jerks that cock as well making Caiden one happy mother. Caiden then grabs the back of Branson’s head helps him to gobble up that hard dick. I don’t think Branson needed the help he was totally into Caiden’s hard cock, but it sure did make watching hotter.

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