Boy Gusher – Damien and Michael

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In this update we find sleeping hottie Damian fast asleep as his friend Michael comes to check up on him. With a hottie with a body like that it is hard to keep your hands to yourself, and Michael thinks why should I as his hand creeps down into those undies to touch and stroke that hot sleeping dick. Michael doesn’t waste time working and stroking on Damien’s dick until he is rock solid. He then takes that throbbing dick and pulls it out of his undies to stuff deep into his mouth. If Michael is awake at this moment he isn’t saying a word he is lying there enjoying everything that Michael is doing for him and his dick.

Michael jacks off Damien's cock.


Watch Damien unload!


Boy Gusher – Damien

Guy Jerking Off

Guy Jerking Off

When you first look at Damien you would think he is just the nice,cute guy next door. Then he takes off his shirt and exposes his hot body and his bad boy tattoos  and you know right away that he is not your ordinary guy.

Damien says he had always wanted to be a model so when he got the chance to model for Boy Gusher he jumped at it. He stripped down to his underwear, laid back on the bed and made himself comfortable. He started rubbing his cock through his underwear and felt himself starting to get hard so he peeled off his underwear and stroked his tool.

Gay Handjob

Gay Handjob

As the camera guy jumped in and started massaging his balls and rubbing his cock, Damien arched his back with pleasure. He had never gotten a gay handjob from another man and it felt very good. He was so turned that his cock was rock hard and he started moaning.

The camera guy moved around to the side and pressed against the base of Damien’s cock as he gripped the shaft hard and stroked it fast. Damien was so lost in pleasure that he ran his hands all over his body and teased his nipples while he got stroked.

Gay Cumshot

Gay Cumshot

The camera guy was so skilled at jacking guys off that it didn’t take him very long and he had Damien ready to burst. With a couple more good strokes Damien went off like a fountain shooting hot spunk all over his tight belly. Damien’s modeling debut was one hell of a good time.


Boy Gusher – Damien




One look at Damien and you’ll be hooked, this smooth skinned hottie looks good enough to eat, and I can tell you from experience that he is. You can see that I didn’t have to sneak creep in on this horny guy. He was ready for anything, so I gave him everything that I had to make him cum. We started off slow with my feeling and touching his smooth body. I can tell you it felt so good underneath my fingers. When I pulled his pants down he was already semi hard and ready to go.

I didn’t mess around, I pulled out my tens unit and put those crocodile clips right below the head of his cock and began to give him a mild tingling buzz on his cock. I continued to stroke him slowly as the box juiced up his cock making him smile and lean back in erotic pleasure.
He loved the feeling and I loved alternating the sensations to his cock first soft and then more urgent and that drove Damien crazy. I continued to play with his cock with one hand while I tuned him up with the other. After awhile I let him jerk his own cock as I played with the juice and watched him smile and writhe with pleasure.

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