Remember When… Paul Fucked Damien?

Lovers of green t-shirts and feet will cream over the start of this recent update. Paul Canon and Damien Kyle are sitting on the bed, both wearing green tops and their little piggies facing the camera. When the cameraman gives them props for color coordination skills, Paul admits it was part of their master plan. :-)

“We definitely trying to get that vibe,” Paul says.

“Yeah, definitely,” Damien adds.

Apparently Paul has not been able to have any sex recently (minus jerking off). This is difficult to believe, but no need to question the lad. LOL! As for Damien, he’s been hitting it.

“I’m not complaining,” Damien says with a smile.

Damien might start complaining after Paul is done fucking that sweet ass. In fact, Damien isn’t looking forward to having his booty stuffed. However, he turns philosophical.

“But it’s worth the money, so you got to do what you got to do,” he opines.

The performers are naked and get on the bed. Both reach over and pull puds. They even kiss with some passion! Paul puts his head in Damien’s lap and sucks. He deep throats from the start, licking the entire shaft. Damien wants to offer a reach around but someone is close to popping.

“Chill out,” Paul says.

Damien gives a return BJ. He too deep throats, making Paul’s toes curl. Effort tears need to be wiped from Damien’s face. Too bad Paul didn’t use his dick to get rid of those droplets. LOL! He does, however, make sure to guide his sausage into Damien’s hot mouth.

“Fuck,” Damien exclaims when he comes up for air.

It’s time for the fucking. Damien gets on his stomach and is mounted by Paul. When that raw meat breaks the seal, Damien screams.

“Oh, fuck,” he yells.

Paul plays it deaf, making each stroke go balls deep. He turns Damien over on his back, and the fucking resumes. Look at Damien’s hand, trying to keep Paul from going so deep. Not working. One bit. Damien even looks up at Paul, as if eye contact will make the top slow down. Paul’s strokes are long and strong and cause Damien to curse and groan.

Paul is really laying the pipe down. Making that man hole his personal property.

“Oh, my God,” Damien whimpers.

Paul pushes those legs apart, trying to get in as far as possible. All of that prostate pounding causes the desired outcome. Damien dumps a load on his pubes.

Paul turns Damien back on his stomach. He stuffs Damien for the last time and fucks him until nutting time. And goodness gracious!! Paul’s juice lands everywhere, from Damien’s back to his well used booty. While Paul likes the look of nectar on Damien, our new bottom isn’t so pleased.

“It’s fucking gross,” Damien whines. “Get off me.”

Isn’t that what Paul just did? :-)

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