Too tight for comfort

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Raw

Today, the newbies Ronan and Jake have been paired up. Jake is going to have his hot ass breached by Ronan who I’m sure just can’t wait. Let’s get right to it.

The boys start off with some gently kissing as they peel their clothes off. Ronan tosses Jake on the bed and proceeds to blow his brains out. He delivers a nice sloppy blow job and for once Jake doesn’t have a critique. He instead decides to use his mouth by sucking Ronan’s cock. He’s only able to stuff about half of it in, but Ronan has no complaints. Jack licks the entire shaft, getting it nice and moist.

They move over to the bed where Jake bends his tight, little ass over for Ronan. Ronan pushes his rod right in that hairy hole. He slowly strokes Jake’s insides at Jake’s request. We’re going to have to get that hole a little looser! Jake gets fucked on his side and on his back before busting a huge load. Not one to be out done, Ronan fires off a major nut of his own. Now Jake is just covered with man juice.

Ronan said that Jake’s ass was so tight that it almost hurt. That’s a problem I would love to solve.

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Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

The day has finally arrived. Finally! Sergio is going to have his hole opened up by newcomer Jake Tipton. Oh and that’s not all. Jake is going to have his hole penetrated as well. I’ve been waiting for this too long so let’s get started.

The boys nervously kiss each other as they undress. Jake lies back onto the bed while Sergio blows him. Jake is a bossy little fuck and he tells Sergio just how he likes it and Sergio delivers. Jake’s cock gets rock hard and quick! Sergio head game is greatly underestimated, this boy has skills. Soon it’s Jake’s turn to show off his cock sucking abilities. Sergio sits back in the chair and lets Jake and his mouth go to work. Jake is able to get almost Sergio’s entire monster in his mouth, but that’s not enough. Sergio wants some ass.

He lays Jake onto his back and lubes him up. Sergio slowly squeezes his baby maker in Jake’s hot hole and Jake gasps in a mix of pleasure and pain. Jake is able to take it! I’m thoroughly impressed. Sergio takes Jake’s pleasure joyful moans as a green light to start stroking him deeper. Sergio puts Jake on all fours giving us a chance to see his juicy ass take a big sausage from the back. Sergio is such a fuck machine; I wish I were on the receiving end.

But before my fantasies can fully materialize Sergio finds himself on the receiving end of Jakes dick. Sergio is on his back as Jake penetrates his hole. Seeing Sergio’s muscular legs spread wide open with a cock in his ass for the first time has me ready to burst. Like Jake, Sergio is able to take it so Jake picks up the pace while getting in deep. More than satisfied by that warm tight hole, Jake pulls out and dumps a load of milky cum on Sergio’s abs, and dick. Sergio soon delivers up his own load. Hot!

Both boys admit that it hurt at first but that they got used to it. You know what that means! They’ll be back for more.

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It Tastes Like Fruit?

Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

Jake Tipton And Paul Canon

The veteran Paul Canon and my favorite newcomer Jake Tipton are together. Today will be Jake’s first time topping and I simply cannot wait to check out this studs stroke game.

The boys undress, unveiling their hot sculpted bodies. They begin to make out while fondling each other’s cocks. Paul takes a seat and forces Jakes’ mouth toward his dick. Jake has gotten a little better at giving head as evidenced by Paul’s’ moaning. He’s even able to get almost half of it into his mouth. Ready to teach the newbie how it’s done. Paul gets on his knees and immediately takes his entire cock into his mouth. That dick grows hard and fast. Jake begins to give Paul directions on how to suck him off. I must say that I’m impressed by his take charge attitude. He’s going to make an excellent top.

After receiving an awesome blow job, Jake lubes his dick while Paul does the same to his ass. Jake slowly slides it in and it’s immediately apparent that it’s bigger than what Paul is used to. But always up for a challenge, Paul instructs Jake to fuck him harder. Jake not only begins to pound him harder but he digs deeper too! Paul readjusts to his side but that doesn’t break up Jake’s rhythm. He’s a rowdy little fuck. Once Paul is on his back Paul cannot help but to blast a few streams of cum onto his abs. Yes a few! Jake pops a milky load of his own soon after. He then bends down and plants a nice juicy kiss on Paul. He’s not shy about kissing anymore. He then decides to push himself further and tastes Paul’s cum. And to his amazement, and mine, he says that “it tastes like fruit”. Oh…ok, great!

Now that Jake has topped and thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s ass, I hope that he will some get to experience the joys of bottoming.

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The Oral Exam

Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey

Jake Tipton And Ian Dempsey

Ian is back and he’s got some training to do. He’s been paired up with newcomer Jake Tipton who will be giving head for the first time. He’s a little worried because he’s afraid that he may not be very good at it. With that adorable accent I’m sure he can talk he’s way out of almost anything but not today. Let’s get started.

The boys start off with some gentle kissing, another first for Jake. They completely strip down and Jake stands on the bed where Ian begins to play with his cock before popping it into his mouth. Jake starts off soft but that certainly does not last long. Ian puts his expert dick sucking skills to good use, making Jake’s dick stiffen. The way Ian swallows on it makes me drool! Getting more and more excited, Jake tells Ian to go faster and that’s exactly what Ian does. Ian is definitely a man that knows how to please. Unable to take anymore Jake pulls out of Ian’s mouth and pops his load all over Ian. Now it’s his turn for his oral exam.

With cum still on is lips and chest, Ian sits back in the chair as Jake wraps his virgin mouth around his cock. He starts with just the head, getting a good taste of it. You can definitely tell that it’s his first time but he’s not half bad. Dimitri already has Ian breathing heavily and his dick at full attention. He moves down to Ian’s balls and gives them some love, kissing and sucking on them, as Ian jacks his cock. Ian bursts in no time; firing a thick load of cum. Jake tenderly strokes Ian’s thick cock as he settles down. Jakes admits that Ian is better than at least half of the girls he’s gotten head from. And according to Ian, Jake’s not too bad either. So I guess that means Jake passed his oral exam but next up is the anal.

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