Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Mitch

2 of our youngest straight boys: Kodi and Mitch

Kodi and Mitch, two of the youngest models at Broke Straight Boys are going to be doing some fucking today. Mitch is a very lucky boy who will be getting fucked by the ever confidant Kodi. There was little chit chat as the two boys stood up and stripped off, Mitch only wondering how Kodi got naked so fast when he was struggling with his jeans.

Kodi sucks Mitch's cock

Once both boys were starkers, they sat down next to each other and with dicks in hand, they worked on getting their cocks rock hard. Pausing only for a brief moment to apply some lube to their stiffening shafts, it was easy to see that Kodi and Mitch had a pretty good rapport with each other. 


Only mere minutes later, there were two very stiff dicks in the room and as such, Kodi took control of the situation by deciding to suck cock first. Leaning over, Kodi took hold of Mitch’s cock and slowly slid the hard shaft down his throat.

Looks like someone's enjoying it!

2 HOT straight boys fucking


College Boy Physicals – Mitch

Gay Medical Fetish

Gay Medical Fetish

Mitch came into the doctor’s office to get a routine physical. He is a swimmer and was getting ready for the start of a new season. The doctor was out of the office, but Intern Moore was available and since it was just a physical he took the appointment. When he walked into the room and saw hottie Mitch he realized it was his lucky day.

Intern Moore had Mitch take off his shirt so he could check his heart and blood pressure. He was so turned on by Mitch that he had trouble keeping his hands off of him. Intern Moore wanted to move things along so he had him strip, weighed him then told him that he needed to check his balls. After massaging his balls for a minute he told Mitch that the next check he had to do involved him getting an erection. He needed to make sure everything was working fine so he wanted to see how fast Mitch could get hard. Mitch agreed to let him do the test and Intern Moore dove in like a hungry bird. He gobbled Mitch’s cock in his mouth and started to suck.

Gay Blowjob

Gay Blowjob

Mitch was a little shocked at first to have not just a guy but a medical person giving him head. He had never had gay sex before, but this felt amazing so he let Intern Moore do his job. The horny intern sucked Mitch’s dick until he was rock hard then had him stand up. Intern Moore went to his knees and took that hard cock in his mouth. He sucked it like a pro, working the balls and shaft as he went.

Mitch started thrusting his hips, fucking the intern’s mouth. This guy knew how to suck cock and Mitch knew he was about to blow. Just as he came he pulled out and blasted his hot load all over Intern Moore’s face. Intern Moore sucked him dry then pronounced him ready to start the swimming season.

Male Nurse Gives Head

Male Nurse Gives Head