19 year old Straight Boy Jake Hartley

Who does’t get tingly with anticipation when a newbie sits on the Broke Straight Boys couch? Today those trembles will hit the red zone. We have Jake Hartley in front of the lens today. He’s here for the reasons we’ve come to love.  “I like the money,” Jake says when the cameraman wonders why he is gracing us with his sexy self. “Helps with rent. Pay some bills.” The 19 year old seems to have no problems with the fairer sex. He apparently makes them so wild that one gave up the booty at an “Avatar” showing. “She just hopped on. We were in the back.”


Our hot new boy Jesse Dade

Lovers of laconic men of beef will drool over Jesse Dade. The 20-year-old isn’t a talker, but that’s OK. He has enough masculine sexuality to keep a mid-sized town satisfied. The 5-foot-11-inch newbie’s body, brawny and compact, is the product of manual labor. He worked in an oil field; he confesses the gig was difficult. That job is gone, and he needs some cash. Today, we won’t ask him to work too hard. Jesse is recently out of a two year relationship, but he gets a fair share of fun. Either by fucking or jerking. “Maybe once a day,” he says when asked about his stroking regimen. “At minimum.”

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