XXXPOSURE – Sebastian Kross -amp; Clark Franco

Besides their hard ons, Sebastian Kross and Clark Franco have something else in common: they are smooth from their ears to their toes. Kross' body is a sculpted masterpiece, with muscles so defined they cast shadows on themselves. Clark is on one knee, providing a blow job that gets Sebastian's motor revving. Sebastian has to make him stop or he'll shoot, so he pushes Clark face-down onto a bench, his cock protruding backwards, and begins devour his ass. Clark has smooth, unblemished olive skin and the hard, tight body of an athlete. He grunts and hums. His own tongue flicks in and out, as if imitating what Sebastian's tongue is doing to his hole. Sebastian is so turned on that he has to cum. Clark leaps up to catch the hot load in his mouth, triggering his own milky explosion. Sebastian leans over and licks the stray droplets of his semen off Clark's face.

7 Minutes In Heaven – Devin Franco -amp; Steven Lee -amp; Dakota Payne

The game '7 Minutes in Heaven' has come to an end when Dakota Payne, who's boyfriend left the game because it made him jealous, runs into Devin Franco and Steven Lee who are naked in the living room. The couple convinces him to join them for some fun, and the three get out of their clothes and ready for some action. Devin and Dakota both want a taste of Steven and get between his legs to service his giant cock together. Steven is ready to pound some tight raw ass, and Dakota is the first to volunteer to help him out. Dakota hops on and bounces on the thick dick until Devin wants his turn. Devin mounts up and rides Steven's hard cock bareback while Dakota licks Steven's cock as it goes in and out of Devin's hole. Steven can't get enough of each stud and continues mixing it up by giving each horny guy some dick time. After sucking Devin and getting pounded by Steven, Dakota is ready to do some fucking of his own. Devin lies back with his legs spread and lets both his buddies have their way. Dakota and Steven take turns fucking Devin's face and ass until both his holes are filled with jizz and his body is covered with cum.

Out With The Old – Joe Parker -amp; Julian Torres

Joe Parker and Julian Torres are in their storage unit getting rid of old items. Julian has asked Joe to get rid of his old couch from earlier in their relationship and Joe is being sentimental about holding onto stuff. He recalls the 1st time that they had sex on that couch and starts seducing Julian. Julian tells him they can have sex one last time on that couch, but to do so Joe needs to part with everything in the storage unit. Joe agrees and they start making out and undressing each other. Once their cocks are out, Julian starts by sucking Joe's big cock and proving what a great cock sucker he is! Joe then has Julian lie down on the couch where he sucks his hairy uncut cock deep down his throat. Julian then sucks Joe's cock some more before he climbs on top of Joe and starts riding his cock deep in his ass. After riding for a while, Julian gets on all fours and Joe fucks him from behind. Joe then puts Julian on his back and continues to fuck him deep until Julian cannot hold back and he shoots all over his Hairy stomach. Joe pulls out and shoots his load onto Julian.

Fistpack 21 – All Hands On Deck – Sky Devil -amp; Matthieu Paris

Now that SKY DEVIL is warmed up, MATTHIEU PARIS takes over,putting his top fister services to work on SKY DEVIL, who rides thesling belly-first, giving his ass, body, and soul over to MATTHIEU'sexpertise. MATTHIEU swims one arm and then the other up SKYDEVIL's chute, pillaging SKY DEVIL's booty far and wide. Pulling offhis boots, MATTHIEU slicks up his feet and slides in between SKYDEVIL's upturned globes like a pair of comfy slippers. Finally,MATTHIEU climbs up on the sling, rides SKY DEVIL like a backwardscamel, and finishes off SKY's hole like a pro..

Pumping for Promotion – Seamus O’Reilly -amp; Dale Savage

After stretching Seamus O'Reilly to the absolute limits with his hefty fists, Dale Savage leads his employee to a private conference room. Seamus knows he needs to give a little to his boss to climb the corporate ladder, so he gets down to take another taste of Dale's big cock. It's clear to Seamus that Dale wants his hole abused and he bends his boss over to give him what he wants. Seamus gloves up and greases his hands before getting forearm deep into Dale's wrecked crack. Dale wants his cock serviced at the same time and rolls onto his back so Seamus can continue to do his thing. The young stud continues plunging Dale's asshole with his fist as he sucks the big daddy cock at the same time. Dale moans out with each thrust and slurp from Seamus, begging for everything to go deeper and harder. The two switch up positions until Dale gets on his back, ass up, so that Seamus can really have his way. Seamus alternates fists in the nearly-spent daddy and makes Dale agree to a promotion, a raise, and an all-expense paid vacation before Dale shoots his load with Seamus' fist still planted squarely in his wrecked and throbbing asshole. Seamus may have just found the perfect way to get everything he wants while working in the office.

Two Big Dicks Are Better Than One! – Cesar Rossi -amp; Scott DeMarco -amp; Jack Andy

Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy are sitting in the locker room showers looking at the mobile phone when they discover that they have both been talking to the same guy on the hook-up app and he is in the gym. They invite him to join them in the locker room and while they wait, they start stroking their big cocks and making out. While they are making out, Cesar Rossi appears in front of them and he is pleased with what he sees. He drops to his knees and starts sucking both of their cocks. Jack then starts sucking Cesar's cock while Scott rims his hot ass. Scott then starts fucking Cesar while Cesar sucks Jacks cock. Jack and Scott then switch places and continue to spit roast Cesar. Cesar then lies on his back and Scott fucks him until he cannot hold back and shoots a nice thick load of cum all over himself. Jack then shoots on Cesar's chest

Nob Hill – Woody Fox -amp; Alam Wernik

With just one week before San Francisco's legendary Nob Hill Theatre closes it's doors forever, sexy owners/boyfriends Leo Forte and Adam Killian are going out with a BANG, featuring a lineup of shows that kicks off with aerialist Woody Fox and Falcon Exclusive Alam Wernik. During rehearsal Woody can't keep his eyes of smooth, muscular hunk Alam, who is working out nearby. When the pair think they're alone it doesn't take long before Alam jumps off the weights and onto Woody's face to get his world-class ass eaten out. They move into a fierce 69 where Woody fucks Alam's face hard while he sucks on his buddy's Brazilian beef. In an erotic acrobatic move that has to be seen to be believed, Woody jumps into his ropes and hangs from the ceiling with his cock in Alam's face, sliding down to a full splits while suspended in mid-air to get his cock sucked. Now rock hard, wet, and ready for more, Woody throws Alam down on the stage and fucks his hole long and deep. Alam blows his load followed by Woody who pulls out and jerks a thick one all over Alam's chiseled abs.

Fuck Yeah! – Adam Ramzi -amp; Caleb King

Caleb King and Adam Ramzi sit naked, making out and jacking each other's hard dicks. Caleb begs for more every time Adam teases his pierced nipples. Both men are just the right amount of furry, lean and athletic. Caleb eagerly services Adam's perfect dick like a master of cocksucking. His efforts get a satisfied grin and a 'good boy' pat on the cheek from Adam. Wanting to satisfy him just as much, Adam kneels to give Caleb an aggressive wet blow job. He stares up at Caleb while he strokes in and out of his mouth, telling Caleb it's a different hole Adam wants stroked. Now! Caleb goes for it. He wants Adam's ass, so he's quick to get his big dick in Adam's hot hole. Hooking a long leg over Caleb's shoulder, Adam barks orders like a top, inciting Caleb to fuck him harder and rougher and moaning 'Fuck Yeah!' Adam reasserts dominance in a nimble position change that puts Caleb on his lap and Adam's cock in Caleb's hole. Now, Caleb takes charge of the fuck, ensuring that Adam's cock hits his sweetest spots. Caleb's hefty orgasm leaves both their thighs dripping with hot cum. Adam stands and feeds Caleb his tasty seed.

7 Minutes In Heaven – Wesley Woods -amp; Steven Lee

Wesley Woods, who's in a non-sexual marriage, reluctantly plays a game called '7 Minutes in Heaven' and ends up picking Steven Lee's name from a bowl. The two head off to a bedroom, where Steven helps Wesley unleash his pent-up sexual libido. They quickly get naked and hard. Wesley loves to suck cock and gets Steven's extra thick dick down his throat. Steven wants a mouthful of Wesley too, and the two 69 as Wesley continues sucking dick and Steven opens Wesley's hole with his tongue. Wesley can't hold off any longer and hops on Steven's massive raw dick to ride the stud bareback. Wesley takes it all the way to the base before Steven takes control and bends Wesley over. Steven slides back into the stud and picks up the pace to give Wesley the pounding of his life. Wesley wants to take it even deeper and rolls onto his back to let Steven pound his prostate. Steven doesn't stop and hits just the right spot to make Wesley blow his load while he's getting fucked. When Steven sees Wesley let go, he pulls out and covers the stud with cum. Will Wesley reconsider his monogamous relationship after '7 Minutes in Heaven' with Steven?

Daddy’s Jock – Jay Donahue -amp; Jack Dyer

Jack Dyer and Jay are in the bedroom and Jack wants to know if Jay is wearing what he asked him to, his Jock Strap. Jay Donahue tells him yes and they start making out and Jack pulls off his jeans and takes in his boy's jock and nice hairy body. Jack starts sucking Jay's hard cock and licking his pre-cum. Jay wants to see his Daddy's jock strap, but Jack makes him wait and beg for it before pulling off his jeans. He then rolls Jay onto his back and rims his ass deep before pulling off Jay's jock strap and making him smell it while he feeds him his cock. After going back and forth with each other sucking and smelling each other, Jack turns his attention to Jay's hairy ass and he rims his hole. He then fucks Jay from behind while feeding his jock strap to him. Jay then flips on his back and Jack fucks him and sucks his toes at the same time. They fuck until Jay blows his load and then Jack shoots his.