Fisting Spa – Devin Franco -amp; Josh Mikael

Devin Franco's at the 'Fisting Spa' and he's waiting to get turned inside out now! Devin bends over to expose his smooth hole, triggering Josh Mikael to dive his bearded face in, tongue first. Devin's hole can't get enough attention, but Devin wants Josh to get in a little deeper. Happy to help out his new bud, Josh slicks his fists and pounds them deep into Devin's bare hole. It doesn't take long before Devin is boasting a perfect rosebud and Josh continues reaming his hole with his fists. Wanting to prove just how hungry his hole is, Devin hops up to ride Josh's fist, reverse-cowboy style. Impressed by Devin's ability to take a fist, Josh spins him around so Devin can continue impaling himself on Josh's hand while Josh sucks on Devin's cock. Eager to get his nut, Devin lays back to take Josh's fists. Every time Josh's hand leaves Devin's asshole, he's met with Devin's bright red rosebud in his face. Unable to hold back any longer, Devin grabs ahold of his cock and beats his meat until Josh's fist inside makes him blow a creamy load all over his smooth abs.

Deep Hole Exam – Joe Parker -amp; Nick Milani

Nick Milani has come to see his Doctor Mr. Parker in hopes of figuring out why he has to use so much lube when he gets fucked. Joe Parker exams him deep and hard and when he doesn't see anything wrong he decides to go for a full exam. Nick begins to worship Joe's cock and soon enough he's gagging and blowing his big hard cock. Joe bends him over and rims his ass getting it ready for his big cock. Nick's ass is wet and ready he's in the perfect position so Joe pushes his cock into him balls deep and starts to fuck him giving him one special exam. Nick's ass seems fine and with a few more hard thrusts Nick cums all over himself. Joe pulls his raw cock out and strokes his nut out onto Nick's smooth chest.

The Foreman’s Son – Zario Travezz -amp; Taylor Reign

Zario Travezz and Taylor Reign are on a scaffolding painting a wall, but they get distracted by their attraction for each other. Zario runs his fingers along Taylor's firm, tight ass as Taylor tries to take all of Zario's big cock in his mouth. As Taylor works Zario's hard shaft, Zario slips a couple fingers into Taylor's ass, stretching out his tight hole preparing it for his bare cock. Zario chokes Taylor with his dick, grabbing his head and forcing him down to take his full length down his throat. Taylor's face is lit up as he tries desperately to please Zario's eager cock. Zario works his tongue up and down Taylor's sweet ass, enjoying the taste of his smooth hole. He lines his cock up with Taylor's raw hole and pushes his cock in, inch by inch. Taylor moans out loud as his body opens up to Zario's bare, thick cock. Taylor gives in fully to Zario's needs and rides Zario's cock as he fucks every which way he can. Taylor is ready to blow and pulls out as they both start jacking their cocks to cover each other's faces in sticky, hot cum.

Temptation – Brenner Bolton -amp; Letterio Amadeo

Beefy, tatted stud Letterio Amadeo shares some intense kissing with smooth, lean Brenner Bolton. Letterio is furry, muscular and wears a ring in his right nipple. Brenner stretches the foreskin on Letterio's meaty, up-curved cock before sucking it. Grabbing the back of Brenner's head, Letterio face-fucks him with and thrusting rhythm, as spit drips down onto his thick cock for lube. Spearing Brenner's ass with two fingers of each hand, Letterio spreads and stretches the walls of Brenner's hole until his tongue can slip in easily. Letterio's tongue paves the way to loosen up Brenner's ass to get it ready for Letterio's massive uncut cock to slide in. Groans of pleasure echo through the room as fireworks of cum burst from Brenner's cock. As sweet as Brenner's hole is, Letterio saves his load for Brenner's mouth.

Casual Connections – Josh Moore -amp; Devin Franco

When it's time for his morning routine, Devin Franco walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth and finds Josh Moore finishing up in the shower. Josh is trying to get ready for work but can't resist the sight of Devin looking sexy in his undies. Josh gets out of the shower, his rock-hard body still dripping wet and the two begin to kiss. Devin drops Josh's wet towel and things start to get even steamier as Josh goes down and makes out with Devin's hot hole. Moaning with excitement, Devin wants to taste Josh, so he sucks on the British stud's hot, throbbing, uncut cock. Josh reaches for the lube as Devin begs to feel that thick uncut raw dick deep inside of him. Starting on the counter first, Josh pounds away at Devin's hungry hole. Moving from ass back to mouth, Devin sinks back down and eagerly sucks up Josh's wet cock. After fucking Devin's throat for a while, Josh is ready for some more bareback hole action, so he moves Devin into doggy to fuck him from behind. They switch it up again so Devin can ride Josh's thick meat until Devin gets the cum fucked out of him, unloading all over Josh's abs. Devin gets down on his knees one last time to receive Josh's hot creamy jizz all over his face and body. Josh leans down to seal their connection with a hot, cummy kiss.

Surprise Third – Cesar Rossi -amp; Bennett Anthony -amp; Angel Ventura

Cesar Rossi has a surprise for his sexy man Bennett Anthony but he won't tell him a thing. Bennett is excited to find out what it is but before he does Cesar and him begin kissing and enjoying one another. They are mid deep in some hot action when they here a good friend coming walking in. Angel Ventura is the surprise for Bennett and he is hyped. He can't contain himself and they all begin kissing and sucking. All their mouths at one point are stuffed with cocks as they get ready to fuck. One by one they all take turns fucking each other and sucking each other and once their balls can't hold their nuts in they finally blast their warm cum all over the place.

Fistpack 21 – All Hands On Deck – Sky Devil -amp; Antonio Biaggi

We thought SKY DEVIL was just about done but he found his wayback to ANTONIO BIAGGI's services. ANTONIO slicks up his bigpaws and slides them effortlessly into SKY's Teflon ass. BIAGGI'seyes widen with SKY DEVIL's cavernous hole and ANTONIO's ownthrobbing cock begs for release. ANTONIO's fisting coaxes a hot,creamy load from SKY DEVIL followed by ANTONIO's own pent-upclimax.

Pumping for Promotion – Teddy Bryce -amp; Julian Torres

Julian Torres shows up late to a meeting to find his boss, Teddy Bryce, jacking off at his desk. To show how sorry his is for his tardiness, Julian gets on his knees and sucks his boss as he plays with Teddy's hole. Julian can't resist taking a taste of Teddy's ass and rims the stud to warm him up for what's about to come. Teddy needs more than just a tongue and begs for Julian to give him something a whole lot thicker. Julian knows what Teddy needs and snaps on his gloves before he glides his fingers and then his hand deep into his boss. Julian opens Teddy's gaping hole even wider as he slides in past his wrist to wreck Teddy's hungry asshole. Teddy loves it all but wants to go even deeper as he stands up and squats down to ride Julian's fist. The pleasure is out of this world for Teddy but now Julian wants to take control one last time. Teddy lies down on his back and lets his employee do the rest of the work. Julian goes faster, slamming and stretching Teddy's busted hole until his boss sprays his load all over his tatted body. This might just be the break that Julian needs to climb the corporate ladder and get the promotion he deserves.

Morning Beef Injection – Jack Andy -amp; Riley Mitchel

Jack Andy is stroking his big cock sitting in bed when his man Riley Mitchel comes walking in and chuckles to himself. Jack was supposed to get ready for the gym but instead, he has his big dick in his hand. Riley doesn't waste any time and he begins to pleasure that big long cock of Jack's. He takes him all the way in until he can feel those manly balls against his chin. Jack flips him over onto his knees and buries his face between them furry cheeks until his hole is nice and wet. Jack eases his big cock into Riley's sexy ass and once balls deep he fucks him hard and slow as the two intertwine themselves with pleasure. Jack pulls his raw cock out and blasts his load all over Riley and then he moves over to his face where Riley can suck on his balls while he strokes his warm load out.