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Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott

Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott

Today Abram Hoffer is going to have his way with Chandler Scott. But before they start, the boys give their viewing audience an interesting request. They want to know what YOU want them to do. What freaky, nasty, sexy, over the top antics can you conceive of to have these two perform? I know what I want to see: Chandler being spit roasted by Abram and Zeno before being double penetrated. But while they don’t listen to me, they will listen to you. So make your desires known.

Kissing gets both Abram and Chandler hot and ready. Abram’s cock easily becomes engorged after he tastes Chandler’s sweet lips so he feeds it to him. Chandler sucks on it happily, swallowing the meaty treat down to the base. The next thing to swallow Abram’s cock is Chandler’s ass. He slides his tight asshole onto it and begins to ride it before being fucked hard from below. Abram beats that boy hole up, only taking a break to allow Chandler to fuck his mouth. Soon after, Chandler is put on his stomach and plowed through. He has to hold on tightly to the headboard in order to brace himself for each of Abram’s rough strokes.

Anyone who has seen a BSB video knows how this one ends: with Chandler on his back getting fucked until they’re both shooting thick wads of hot cum. But now you have the chance to take a little control. Remember to watch the video and tell the powers to be just what you want to see Abram and Chandler do.

Abram Hoffer Fucks Chandler Scott

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