Who will be your #ManCrushMonday?


Who is your pick for @MCM?

  1. Adam Baer
  2. Brady Bennett
  3. Vadim Black
  4. Johnny Forza
  5. Ronan Kennedy
  6. Devon Felix
  7. Zeno Kostas
  8. Mick Torrence
  9. Logan Slater
  10. Tate Thompson
  11. Draven Caine
  12. Tanner Valentino
  13. Gage Owens
  14. Brice Jones
  15. Zander Floyd

Behind the Scenes: Who is the Biggest Slut?

Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of “Who is the biggest slut?”. Find out which one of your favorite broke straight boys has jerked off in a banana peel and which one hasn’t done much of anything in this late night game of titillating fun.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
Who is the Biggest Slut?

Adam Fucks Paul Canon

Get that lube out, baby!! Today’s update pairs two guys who could make BSB fans march on Washington, DC to shut the town down! LOL! Adam Baer and Paul Canon are smooching it up when the camera starts rolling. As they make out, clothes are tossed aside. Adam’s tool springs to the ceiling when he takes off his shorts.

Adam puts lube in his hand and reaches over to jerk Paul off. He must be doing something right because Paul leans back and moans. Adam gives Paul a romantic kiss; Paul puts his head in Adam’s lap and puts that thick tool in his mouth.

As he orally pleasures his scene partner, Paul puts a finger in his ass. Adam gives one of those perky cheeks a slap. He also fondles Paul’s scalp as his tool gets covered in spit and pre-cum. There’s more kissing before Paul grabs one end of the couch. Adam puts lube on his sausage and slowly enters Paul’s boy hole. Bare. “Oh, fuck,” Paul moans.  Adam is slow at first. His dick is big and mighty and he wants Paul to get used to it. As for Paul, he whimpers and groans. His special spot is getting tagged.
Adam picks up the pace, that pole breaking Paul’s ass seal. The strokes are balls deep. “Oh, fuck,” Paul whispers.

He gets on his side, his sweet tail on the couch’s edge. Adam gets back in, making Paul’s toe’s curl from all the pounding. The pace picks up and Paul cries out. Adam doesn’t pay much heed. That ass is too good. He does lean in for a kiss though. Paul gets on the floor, his well used hole pointing to the ceiling. He grabs his feet as Adam stuffs that hole like a turkey. Paul bites his lip and curses as his butt gets made anew. Adam pulls out and strokes his pud. The first stream hits Paul’s man hole. The second lands on Paul’s sweaty nuts.  It all ends with a kiss. Such sweethearts.

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Adam Baer & Paul Canon


Sergio Valen Fucks Adam Baer

The old and new gods have blessed us with the return of Adam Baer. When this update starts he and Sergio Valen are smooching it up. As they swap spit, clothes are removed until only the skivvies remain. Adam’s big old tool is straining to get out and play. After some more kissing, the two studs finally get naked. Sergio’s drum stick curves to the side, itching to go somewhere warm.

It will have to wait a bit because Sergio offers his mouth to Adam’s hose. Sergio licks that dipstick, making Adam moan. He takes a few licks and then hand jerks it. Tries to deep throat but, as we all know, Adam’s tool is mighty beast! LOL! Effort tears start to form in Sergio’s eyes. He comes off his knees for a kiss, and takes a seat. It’s Adam’s turn to work some tongue magic. He strokes Sergio’s chest as he sucks away. Even looks up in Sergio’s face to make sure everything is going fine. Of course it is. Sergio just leans back and let’s Adam do his work. Points his sausage in the direction of Adam’s mouth. Not that Adam has to search far.

There’s more kissing and Sergio slaps one of Adam’s butt cheeks. Now most BSB people love Adam as a top, but that ass of his is soooo succulent. It begs for a stuffing, which is what Sergio will do. Adam gets on his knees on the chair, and Sergio saddles up behind him. In one slow motion, Sergio enters the boy hole.

Bare and natural. Soon the strokes are balls deep and Adam whimpers. That’s a whole lot of meat for an ass to handle. He grimaces, groans, and loudly breathes, but Adam doesn’t ask Sergio to stop. That joy button is getting pushed multiple many times.

Eventually Adam outs a hand on Sergio’s thigh, like he wants him to slow down. Sergio can’t pay attention to such formalities. That ass is too fine. There’s more kissing before Sergio takes a seat. Adam aligns his hole to Sergio’s wick and takes a seat. Sergio resumes his slow pounding, with Adam’s soldier straining for relief. Adam takes over, going up and down. Adam gets on his side, his knees drawn to his chest. Sergio reenters in and Adam’s toes curl. Sergio can’t take all the excitement. He pulls out and strokes a load that covers
Adam’s butt cheeks and hole. Adam pulls up and strokes his toy. His juice explodes out, at least a foot, covering the black couch in white nectar. Is your man milk on your couch now? All that work needs some more kissing, which the two do.

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Sergio Valen Fucks Adam Baer


Adam, Mick & Kaden

It’s like that soup…”Mmm,Mmm Good.”
We’ve got Mick, Adam and Kaden in a delicious threesome. Adam introduces us and gives us a brief run down of the menu.

“Today everyone is getting fucked but me,” Adam says into the camera.

Adam instructs today’s bottoms to strip down. Adam blesses us with a theatrical strip tease, tossing his clothes off camera seductively. The trio reassembles on the bed. Teasing their soft dicks. Kaden leans over and sucks Adam and Adam leans over and sucks Mick. The sexiest little assembly line you’ll ever see. Kaden puts his juicy lips to work on Adam’s fat cock, stroking his own meat. Mick sits back comfortably as Adam deep throats his tool.

After a while Kaden stands up and prepares to get sucked by Adam and Mick returns the favor.

“I’ve never had a black dick in my mouth, but let’s do this shit,” Adam says.

He must love black dick because Adam sucks Kaden like his rent is due! Taking Kaden’s meat all the way down his throat, periodically looking up at him. Meanwhile Mick slurps and sucks Adam.

Before you know it Kaden is sitting on Adam’s thick cock. He slowly eases himself onto it. Adam is gentle but you can only go so easy when you have such huge dick. Kaden repositions himself on his knees and prepares for Mick.

Mick slides his meat into Kaden’s virgin slot. 4Kaden’s ass is being busted in two. But it ain’t over for the newbie. He gets on his hands and knees, and Mick saddles up. Mick is gentle to the virgin, slow dicking him. A few strokes are balls deeps. Those cause the loudest cries.

“I should not be enjoying this, but I am,” Kaden says.

The guys switch it up and Kaden enters Mick while Mick slobs on Adams knob. Kaden can’t stop moaning as he digs into Mick’s ass .

Kaden kisses Mick’s shoulders as he fucks him. Adam, the old pro, leans down and gives Kaden a sloppy kiss.

Adam wants one last taste of Kaden’s virgin hole, so Kaden get flat on his back as Adam fucks him. Mick sits on Kaden’s chest and feeds him his dick. Kaden is  filled at both ends! Before you know it, Mick explodes on Kaden’s mouth. Kaden cums next, shooting a fat load onto Mick’s ass and his abs. Finally, Adam shoots a big load, mixing his cum with Kaden’s.

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Adam, Mick, & Kaden

Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels

The process of making our BSB scenes is a dynamic process. We capture some intense moments on camera for your viewing pleasure, but the moments we catch in between takes is just a great. Check out this Behind The Scenes footage featuring Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels. Someone had to stop production after 3 minutes of fucking. Find out why! Check it out.

Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels


Adam & Duncan

They say size doesn’t matter. That’s debatable. In this latest update size is king (or queen, LOL). Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer are ready to put their mammoth cocks to work on each other. That’s right, these two hung studs are going to flip flop and we hope they don’t injure each other in the process.

Lovable Duncan has spent quite of bit of time traveling around the country. At some point he decided to depend on the kindness of strangers and did a little hitchhiking to a few of his destinations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have had to suck any dicks in exchange for a ride, or so he reports.

These guys are pretty familiar with the flow and quickly get undressed, revealing their dangling dicks. Adam get’s the party started by putting his warm wet lips around Duncan’s fat cock. Duncan’s meat get long and plump, Adam is giving him the head of his life.

“Fuck,” Duncan moans.

Adam kisses, slurps, sucks, and swallows Duncan’s dick like it’s the last popsicle in the freezer. Meanwhile, Duncan’s soft touch and gentle jacking wakes Adam’s cobra of a cock. It stands straight up, just waiting for its chance to relax inside Duncan’s deep throat.

Adam’s jaw deserves a rest so Duncan deep throats his dick. Duncan likes it nice and wet. He sucks so well that we think he may have had some recent practice.

“It looks like you might have had some practice while hitchhiking,” the cameraman says to Duncan.

Duncan laughs no, but there’s no denying it. The dude has learned how to swallow a sword.

Before you know it, it’s time to fuck. Duncan get’s into the doggy style position and we catch a glimpse of that sweet warm hole. Adam lubes his massive cock up and eases into Duncan’s tight butt. Adam is gentle at first, taking his time as he pushes his huge cock in as far as it can go. Duncan grunts, curses, and grabs on the sheets as he gets filled up. Adam puts Duncan on his back and slow strokes him until he just can’t take it anymore.

It’s Duncan’s turn to do some damage. Duncan eases his mammoth monster inside of Adam’s asshole. Duncan digs deep but moves slow.

“Fucking take that dick,” Duncan whispers.

Adam obliges his request and jacks his own dick. Moments later Adam unleashes a hot creamy batch of man milk onto his torso. Shortly after Duncan shoots a huge load onto Adams body as well.

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Adam & Duncan

Adam Fucks Daniel Raw

The porn gods have been kind to BSB today. Heart throb Adam Baer is paired with newbie hit Daniel
Grange. Not only do we get delicious Daniel back, but his virgin ass will be popped!

“He’s huge,” Daniel says, pointing to Adam.

Yes, he is Danny boy. Hope you’re ready. :-)

The two get off the bed and Adam grabs his chest. He wants everyone to know he’s been hitting the

“You guys will see a little bit more,” he notes.

“I have some catching up to do,” Daniel adds.

“You’re behind,” Adam replies.

As they remove their shirts, neither is getting kicked out of the bed of a level headed (wo)man.
When the real show begins, the two start off kissing. Daniel is tentative at first, but soon grabs
Adam’s backside with a smack. As they lock lips they reach down and stroke their dicks. Daniel hits
the floor first and swallows Adam’s tool. Those baby blues look up in Adam’s face.

“Take as much as you can,” Adam quietly orders as he guides his meat.

Daniel gets about half way before choking. Adam starts to face fuck the newbie, who looks so
helpless with a mouth full of cock.

Adam spits in his mouth and gives Daniel a kiss for the good job. He pushes him on the bed and
returns the favor.

“Suck that cock,” Daniel groans. “Oh, god.”

Adam licks and laps Daniel’s tool, making the boy happy and contented.

“God. You’re so good at that,” Daniel says.

Adam pulls up and kisses the soon to be sore bottom.

“Let me see that hole,” Adam orders.

Daniel puts his face on the bed and points his booty in Adam’s direction. Adam lubes it up and fingers
it, getting it ready for his pole. He teases the hole with his bloated head.

“Keep them spread,” Adam commands as Daniel pulls his cheeks apart.

Adam enters in one slow, raw, stroke. He waits a moment and starts fucking balls deep. Daniel’s
whimpering makes him even sexier as he gets busted real good. Adam grabs Daniel’s hair and goes
to town.

Adam wants to make certain Daniel remembers this day. He pushes the lad on his stomach.

“Spread ‘em,” he orders.

Daniel reaches back and pull his cheeks so Adam can have easier access. Adam gets back in.

“Your dick is huge,” Daniel cries on a down stroke.

He grits his teeth into the mattress as Adam does what he wants. Daniel’s cries fill the room. Adam’s
strokes are powerful. Not quick, but certainly insistent.

Daniel gets on his back and before he gets back to where he should be, Adam gives him a kiss.
There is the initial shock when that fat hot dog breaks the seal, but Daniel’s dick says it all. He’s
getting off on this.

“You’re making me so hard,” he whines.

Adam spreads these legs apart and pounds away.

“You have a fucking massive cock,” Adam whispers.

It’s massive and does it’s duty. The pace picks up and poor Daniel looks like he’s being split in half.
Adam pulls out and busts a nut all over Daniel’s dong and stomach. His hole might be stretched
beyond recognition, but Daniel grabs Adam’s sausage and jerks it until there is no more man milk.
Adam leans in and gives his bottom toy a scene ending smooch.



Adam & Johnny Fuck Underwater

Adam Baer. Johnny Forza. A pool. Do you need anything else? Do you HONESTLY require anything
else in your life? LOL! Today’s special episode is a wet romp between Adam and Johnny in an
indoor pool. The lads playfully frolic like two horned up dolphins. Your mother was wrong about
rough housing near water. This kind of play is A-OK!

The two stop playing and kiss. It’s a short smooch, but enough to get you hard. Swim trunks are
pulled down and both are rock hard. Adam goes below first and blows. Air bubbles surface as he
deep throats Johnny’s meat. He has to come up for air, but Adam is good at underwater play.

They swim to the step and Johnny goes under. He strokes his meat as his mouth caters to Adam.
Deep throating is hard for Johnny, but let’s be generous. Blowing a dude under water is no easy
feat. LOL!! Johnny come up for air and there’s more kissing.This session is longer than the first.

Johnny puts his strong thighs in the air, and Adam aims for the wet hole. No need for lube. Adam’s
sausage is slick, and Johnny’s hole is juicy. When Adam enters, Johnny immediately grunts. Those
moans don’t keep Adam from going ball deep. The New Jersey stud’s moans are heard over the
sound of water slapping against skin. His toes curl with each down stroke.

The boys change positions, with Adam giving Johnny a change to ride him. Adam’s dick splits that
boy pussy in half, with short strokes. Johnny just grabs the pool step and holds on. There is
another stance change. Johnny gets on his side, laying on the step. Adam reenters and continues
marking that Garden State booty as his personal property. He eventually pulls out and the two
have a seat as they smooch. They stoke themselves for a nut. Adam loses it first. Then Johnny.
Their cum clumps together and floats away.




Three is a magic number! This update has a trio of male pulchritude, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels. Shockingly neither lad has done a three way in any form.

“So this is a real first,” the cameraman observes.

“You all are lucky,” Liam says to the folks out there in BSB land.

He strongly hints how the scene should be rated. Highly of course. :-)

Adam will play the bottom in the vignette, which sort of makes sense. His booty is just so round and perfect. You can make a meal out of it. However, isn’t time for Liam to return to his natural position? Remember the joyful sob when Tim fucked him? :-) As for Skyler, this will be his first time giving it to a guy.

“First time for everything,” Skyler observes.

Clothes are removed (Adam is rather quick with the disrobing). Skyler sits on the couch, Liam takes a seat in front, and Adam stands over Liam. Adam’s tool gets sucked first, Liam doing the work and Skyler pushing Liam’s head. Skyler reaches around and strokes Liam off. Adam is appropriately excited, but it’s hard not to be when Liam is working that sweet mouth. As for Liam, his pole is ready to cut some diamonds. :-)

Skyler keeps looking up at Adam, and eventually gets noticed.

“All right,” Adam says. “Now it’s your turn.”

He gets on the couch and puts his sausage in front of Skyler’s face. Skyler opens his mouth and takes it in.

“Suck that dick,” Adam orders.

Skyler does so, treating it like the treat it is. Poor Liam looks on and jerks off Skyler. But soon enough, he can’t stay out of the action. Liam gets under the hose and licks the shaft.

“I want you to eat some ass,” Adam commands Liam.

Adam gets on all fours, with Skyler in front of him. As Adam sucks Skyler off, Liam tongues that booty. He spits all over the hole, spreading Adam’s pale cheeks. When there’s enough lubrication, Liam saddles up and fills Adam up. The blond bottom would shout, but Skyler’s snake is in his mouth. Liam slaps Adam’s ass as he gets what’s his. Adam isn’t given any orders now. Just muffled cries.

Liam is balls deep, making certain Adam’s special spot gets hit. Adam is trying to keep his attention on Skyler, but it’s hard when you’re being broken like a peach.

“Why don’t you try fucking that hole,” Liam wonders to Skyler.

Adam gets on his side. Skyler uses some lube and gets in.

“Feels good, don’t it,” Liam asks. “It’s a great hole?”

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler says.

He too is going balls deep. As for Adam, his other end is sucking off Liam. Adam’s milky thighs have never looked better, spread apart and used like they should be. And he must be liking it because his bush beater is stiff.

Liam gets another shot, this time with Adam on his back. Adam looks like he’s going to cry but Skyler’s candy cane wipes away any tears. :-) Liam picks up the speed and Adam’s muffled moans get louder. His holes have never been stretched out like this.

“Oh, I’m about to cum,” Adam whispers.

His juice coats one of his nipples and right after that Skyler loses all his cum on Adam’s chest. Liam pulls out and jerks his load on Adam’s pubes. There are tired high-fives at the end.