TIMFuck Exclusive: DAVID and ZACK

It didn’t take much coaxing for our London director Liam Cole to get Euro studs David Sanchez and Zack to come play for his camera: in true TIM fashion, these guys are up for anything and everything, anytime, anywhere. As the action heats up, David takes a break from relentlessly pummeling Zack’s tight hole to get a taste of his irresistible meat–and then does his damnedest to fuck the shameless bottom with it. Bending Zack’s dick back, David stuffs as much of it in Zack’s hole as he can, before his own swollen cock demands and takes its rightful place in that sweet fuckchute once again. Not wanting to waste the seed when Zack finally cums, David gets on his knees to swallow it down before shoving back inside and sliming Zack’s guts.

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TIMFuck Exclusive: ZACK and JON

After enjoying some oral worship from Jon’s talented tongue, assertive topman Zack pushes the cock junkie onto the bed and strips him down to his black jockstrap for the main event. Inch by inch, Zack slides his meaty length up Jon’s fuckhole, and you know just how deeply Jon is feeling it by the way he clutches at Zack’s thigh. As the pace picks up, Zack drags Jon to the edge of the bed to get more leverage so he can thoroughly and mercilessly pummel Jon’s hungry ass. Zack gets him in some different positions before he finds the one that makes him dump his load deep inside Jon’s guts.

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Broke College Boys – Zack And Matt




I’m hanging out today by the pool with Matt and Zack. These boys look great in their swim togs. I found out that Matt is going to school to be an engineer, and Zack is twenty-one and going to school to be a teacher. He wants to get a degree in teaching, spend all that money and never get it back. Zack is gay, and Matt is bi-sexual. They are both playing the field and free and easy. Since both of these boys are strapped for cash for college, I offered them some cash to play around while I taped them. After negotiations we all agreed on four hundred dollars for a mutual blow job. Zack jumped on both the money and Matt with a hungry appetite. Matt says that Zack is a great cock sucker and his cock gets harder by the moment. Zack makes that dick look like an all day sucker, and he has no inclinations to stop. He loves to deep throat that dick of Matt’s and he makes Matt moan and groan each time he sucks that dick down and into his throat. (MORE)

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Boy Gusher – Tyler And Zack




Today we are in for a treat, we have Tyler again from Broke Straight Boys making an appearance in my house on camera. I love this boy, and it seems that a lot of you guys do too. Tyler didn’t waste any time he begin jerking and sucking on Zach fast and furiously. Zach got hard immediately from Tyler’s expert mouth and hand action. He then began to reach over and rub Tyler’s dick through his underwear and Tyler began to get hard as well. Tyler slipped off his undies and these boys went into a sixty-nine position so that they both could lick and suck on each other. They licked and sucked on each other until Tyler had to get up and rub his cock against Zach’s.

Tyler jerked some more on Zach’s cock as Zach jerked on his. You could tell he really wanted to ram that dick inside Zach’s hot ass, but knows that we only go for the jerk and suck action here at BG so he calmed himself down a bit and began to jerk the shit out of Zach’s dick. At this point Tyler is jerking both his and Zach’s cock. Zach adds his hands to the mixture and those cocks are being jerked together. Those dicks look great stuck together as both boys jerk on them together. It is really beautiful to watch this jerk job and Tyler is so excited he shoots a huge load all over Zach an then Zach follows his lead and mixes his cum with Tyler’s on his stomach.

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Broke College Boys – Derek And Zack




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I caught these guys coming out of the house on their way to enjoy the great weather. You know sack and his friend today is Derek. Zack is twenty four and Derek is 20. They are both going to college and trying to get money as always to pay for books and stuff. Zack has to go almost six years to get his doctorate and become a professor. They both live in the valley and have lived in Nepal. They both found Nepal to be an interesting visit. Zack stopped by for some extra cash, so I didn’t beat around the bush I just came out and asked them if they wanted to do something for us. I offered them five hundred to fool around. They said no, then I offered $850.00, they talked about it a bit and then offered to do it for $1500.00. They met me in the middle with a price of twelve hundred dollars.

After the money was talked about these two went right at it with some serious kissing and Zack takes his shirt off and then helps Derek out of his. His hand is already unzipping and reaching into Derek’s pants. Derek takes the queue and his hand begins to wander into Zach’s pants as well.

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