Digging Deep – Mason Wyler -amp; Adam Wirthmore

It's Mason Wyler time again, and this week he's brought along his handsome friend Adam Wirthmore!<br/><br/>These two get straight to the point... Or shall we say gay to the point! Once the camera's rolling, these two jump into each others mouths with their tongues before undressing to suck and fuck each other. The two switch off, both taking the others cock in their asses before Adam pulls out and explodes all over Mason, covering him from head to stomach in his warm man milk.<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Boy Gusher – Sean And Tommy




We have Sean and Tommy with us today. Tommy is straight and never had a guy before. Sean is twenty-three and gay and states that he has never jerked off a straight guy before. I explained to the guys that this is a jerk off session and the object of it is to jerk the other guy off. You can’t jerk yourself off that isn’t allowed. The guys then started stripping off and we see that Tommy Ray has a great tat of a Cheshire cat on his chest.

Sean starts off by reaching into Tommy’s underwear and strokes his cock. I mention to Sean that he can do whatever he wants with that cock but again Tommy can’t touch it at all. It isn’t long until Sean is sucking that cock and Tommy is helping by putting his hand on Sean’s head and pushing him down on that dick. Sean does a great job maneuvering Tommy around so he has the best advantage of jerking and sucking on his hard cock. He has Tommy moving and moaning like crazy that big cock rock hard and ready to explode. Sean is like a mad man the way he sucks and jerks on the shaft and head. Tommy can’t help himself he has to unload his hot cum and he explodes that load all over Sean’s hand and cheek. Sean makes sure every last drop is drained from Tommy’s hard cock before giving Tommy a chance to jerk him off.

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College Boy Physicals – Ashton 2


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

I return to the exam room where I left Ashton. I told him to go across the campus and take a shower and freshen up for his next series of experiments. Ashton was back in my office trying to re-new his prescription for his pills and although the he thinks he’s trying to take advantage of us Doctors, we realize the game he’s playing so we are making it very, very difficult for Ashton and pushing him to his limits. If he wants these pills, he’s going to have to work for them and put up with my experiments. (MORE)


I enter the exam room and I see Ashton is all freshened up and ready for next assault. I knew his heart was in good working condition, but this time I checked his blood pressure and it was normal and everything seem to be in working order for a boy his age. I removed his underwear and inspected his penis, this time I placed a new electro attachment onto his penis. These were long sticky pads that I placed on his penis and I wanted to see how much endurance he can take by electrostimulating his penis with these new attachments we designed. (MORE)


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Baked Goods – Mason Wyler -amp; Jake Steel

Jake Steel is preparing Mason Wyler something special for just being himself. Jake is a great baker and he wants to excite Mason as much as possible.<br/><br/>Mason is surprised to see Jake walk in with some yummy brownie batter. They both taste the goods and exchange it with some chocolate swapping.<br/><br/>Sticky treats are great and Jake has more instore for Mason. These two hunks share every hole with a passionate intent. Big cocks,lots of slobbering and great butts to give any man a raging hard on.<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Boy Gusher – Mario




I love clubbing, you meet the most interesting people, and the more they drink the more likely it is to take them home with you. That is how I met this Mario Boy. I felt like Luigi as I grabbed him up and took him home. He soon passed out on the living room couch, and I began my fondling adventure. I wanted to go a big farther today, and I remembered from our chat at the club, that this boy loves to be kinky, the kinkier the better for him. I couldn’t wait to test that theory out. As soon as I had fondled his sweet package inside his undies I pulled it out and slowly took his white tight underwear off. I then grabbed my alligator clips, you know where this is headed don’t you, and clipped them just below his head.

I slowly turned it up and as his cock grew so did my own hard-on. I had done this before, and wasn’t sure if Mario would wake up from this shock treatment, or if I’d be stroking him while he continued to snooze. It only took a few moments of that electric stimulation before his cock began to ooze a small ball of pre-cum. I continued to stroke his balls lightly as his cock got harder and harder and continued to leak its sweet juice. He started to breathe hard as his cock continued to grow. I was sure he’d wake up at this time, but he didn’t. I heard him moan a bit and as the juice continued to push and throb its way into his hard cock it got thicker and began to throb as that pre-cum slowly leaked out. I took that pre-cum and slowly worked it into the head of Mario’s penis as it throbbed in my hand.

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College Boy Physicals – Ashton


Ashton at College Boys Physicals says,

I walked in the exam room and to my surprise I see Ashton waiting for me once again. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him, I thought we’ve seen the last of him after what Dr. Topinbotom has done with him but I guess I was wrong. Of course Ashton was asking for his refill for his medication so Doctor PhingerPhuk told him he’s going to have to work for his prescription. (MORE)


Dr.PhingerPhuk has Ashton remove his shirt and listen to his heart and then weighed him and then felt around his lower abdomen. He then had Ashton remove his pants and was wearing a black jockstrap. Since this was Ashton’s 4th visit he knew how to work the doctor’s over and get on there good side so Ashton teased the Doc with his new jockstrap. The doctor then administered a new vapor which made Ashton a big dizzy and sleepy. That allowed Dr.PhingerPhuk to place Ashton’s legs onto the stirrups and open up his ass and start placing in the new experimental toy called the Assinator. Ashton come back to reality as the Doctor was inserting the large Assinator into his tight rectum. The doctor gave Ashton more vapors and he became dizzy and sleepy once again as the doctor inserted the Assinator deeper into Ashton’s tight hole and was pumping him with the electronic dildo. I increased the power to the Assinator, as Ashton was taking the toy deeper into his ass, as for all the patients, Ashton was the first to take the whole Assinator into his rectum. The doctor pump the toy in and out of his ass, while playing with his dick. Ashton didn’t get that hard but he was enjoying the torment that the doc was doing to his ass, going deeper and the buzzing of the toy increased making Ashton feel hornier and hornier. (MORE)


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Rod Is Back For More – Mason Wyler -amp; Rod Daily

Mason has been waiting to get a piece of Rod Daily and his time has finally cum.<br/><br/>The boys start with a very short interview which turns into some hot kissing. Mason is not wasting any time with Rod and soon has Rods cock in his mouth.<br/><br/>Mason dives face first into Rods tight tasty hole for some nice tongue fucking. What Rod doesn't know is that the sofa he is on spins around and Mason decides to spin him a full 360 right into his finger. It's an awesome sight to see and you know these two hunks are having a blast sucking and fucking each other.<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Boy Gusher – Cole And Brandon




I have often enjoyed the play of colors and I love black and white together. When I got the chance to have another bedtime party, I invited over Cole and Brandon. I thought if anything would happen these two would really look great together, and my hunches were right. Everyone had a great time and because it was so late I offered a bed to the boys for the night. They agreed and I just hung out to see if anything would happen. I am glad I did, I was right.

Cole found Brandon sleeping and he couldn’t keep his hands off of him. He started by licking his body, and as he reached his cock, we find that it is already bulging with excitement. If he was asleep I’d eat my shirt. I think he just enjoyed feeling what Cole was doing to him. I know that is what I’d do if I had a sexy young black stud licking and fingering my body! When that chocolate guy begins to suck on that hard dick, I know for a fact that Brandon has to be awake. He is moaning a bit, but I think he is just playing around. Then we see him look down and he notices that Cole has his cock in his mouth. He even thrusts his legs up and pushes that cock farther into Cole’s mouth. Now the gig is over and Brandon is starting to really get into having his cock sucked by this young guy from the party.

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