Corey shows off

Meet cutie pie Corey. The 18-year-old is here for a silly reason: he has a DWI charge so has lots of court costs and fines. A terrible mistake on his part is a boon for us. But come on Corey: call a taxi next time you want to get your drink on.

The lad started jerking off when he was in sixth grade. His story is sort of unusual. He peeped into a neighbor’s shower and saw a female friend. Thus began a new, pervy, adventure. :-)

He’s a busboy at the fine restaurant called Chili’s (that’s where the cameraman met him).

Corey strips to his underwear and and someone is sporting wood. :-) It’s been a long time since he’s had any booty. Corey is tan all over and has hefty thighs the need to be kissed. His tool would make a good mouthful.

His jerking technique is pretty basic, nothing dramatic, but he’s grooving to it. Not nervous at all. Even plays to the camera occasionally. Little tease!

Begins to play with his fuzzy balls. Throws his head back and stokes his chest. Wonder if anyone has nibbled on these juicy nipples? When asked to show his man pussy, he does with a smile. It looks tender and sweet. Like it needs to be filled with something.

Corey puts his legs down and returns to paying attention to his pole. His moans get louder and the stroking quicker. Someone is ready to pop! The stud bites his lip and starts shaking his head back and forth. The jerking speed picks up. When he’s moaning to himself you know he’s ready to blow.

Cory whispers some filth and strokes his thighs. He looks like he’s about to cry he’s so horny. The jizz spurts out, slathering his hand. That thumb is coated with the cum.



Boy Gusher – Corey




There is nothing bad about a little light bondage and when Corey stopped by I knew I had my guy. He was so tired he passed out on the bed, and that is when I stepped in and took advantage of him. I rubbed his cock in his jeans and then unbuttoned them to play with that dick in his undies. I wanted those jeans off of him, so I moved to the foot of the bed and took his shoes off. I took one up to his face and put it on his nose, but he didn’t move an inch. I went back down to the bottom of the bed at this point and peeled his pants off sliding them off his legs slowly until they were on the floor. I’m pretty sure at this point he is playing possum and pretending to be asleep, but I go with it. I grab my rope and tie his wrists to the bed so that I can have my way with him.

As soon as I get his undies off and begin to jerk on his cock he moans and then I know for sure that he is awake. He soon begins to talk to me as I rub and jerk on his cock telling me how great my handjob feels on his cock. He tries to lift his arms off the bed to join me in stroking his cock, but he can’t. I add some lube and begin to jerk on that hard dick even more as he moans and watches me through hooded lids. I rub his stomach and legs while I masturbate his cock and he is really moaning, he is even adding some words in here and there. I know he is close to cumming I can feel it. He really wants to grab that cock now and the binds I have him won’t let him so he is a bit frustrated as he rides the edge before he cums. I begin to talk to him about his cock and he tells me to stroke it just like that and I tell him to pop his shit, and he explodes that dick cream all over his stomach and my hand.

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College Boy Physicals – Corey


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

My next patient of the day is Corey. Corey is a new student here at the college and he has to come in often to get examined due to the fact he only has one testicle and its very important for him to make sure he stay’s on top of his appointments to make sure that everything is working normal. Today was just a normal routine exam for Corey. Since I’m Doctor Dick, I’m his specialist and I specialize in this part of the body so its important that as a doctor I make sure that the patient is thoroughly looked after. (MORE)


Corey is a healthy 21 year old guy so I didn’t have to really do much for his exam. I just did the important part of the basic exam such as listening to his heart and taking his blood pressure. I know Corey smokes so its important that I listen to his lungs. To may amazement, his lungs sound strong and healthy for a smoker. But I guess that will catch up to him someday. I then had Corey lay down on the exam table and felt around his upper abdomen then unbuttoning his pants and working my hands underneath the waistband of his underwear as I felt around the pubic mound and around the upper genital area. Everything seems to normal but as I suspected, my patient started to get an erection as his penis was going from soft to semi-erect. I removed his pants and felt around his gentils a bit more and then I had him remove his underwear really feeling his nut sac and his one testicle. At this time, Corey was sporting a pretty good hard-on and it was throbbing and I knew I had to take that sperm from his cock. (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – Shawn, Corey, And Angel




Welcome back to Boy Gusher, today I have Shawn, Corey and Angel with me. Shawn is in the middle and he is straight. I have Corey on the side who is gay and Angel is bi-sexual. Now that is quite an assortment of hot guys. Shawn states that he has never had a guy suck his dick before as Angel and Corey are fondling his cock in his jeans and underwear. He begins to get hard right away as the boys continue to fondle his dick. When they pull it out of his underwear it is hard and looks big and tasty. Angel takes a turn licking on it and then it is Corey’s turn to tease it with his tongue. They finally finish getting his undies and jeans pulled down a bit more and both of those boys go to work on that dick and balls.

Shawn tells me that it feels pretty good and as the boys begin to strip down to their underwear he continues to jerk on his own dick keeping it hard for them. The boys hopped back on that big rod and they both slurped and played with that cock. Shawn moans his pleasure over and over again as Angel sucks his cock and Corey teases his dick with his tongue.

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College Boy Phtsicals – Corey 2


College Boy Physicals says,

Corey took my advice and came back for his follow-up exam. Corey is a hot 21 year old straight boy that is pretty advanced. He’s use to being manhandled by Doctors since he has had one of his testicles removed. When Corey was a young boy at the age of 9 years old he had a bad hernia and they had to remove one of his testicles. Ever since then, Corey had to visit a doctor every year to get his testicles examined to make sure everything is working correctly. On Corey’s first visit I just did the basic exam but on his follow up visit I wanted to explore his body a bit more. (MORE)


I decided that his next visit will be an intense prostrate exam. I arrived in the exam room with him waiting for me. I welcomed him back and proceeded to listen to his heart. I didn’t do all the basic stuff because I did it last week and not much changed but I like to listen to his heart to make sure that his heart is strong and that he will be able to endure my tests on him. I asked him to remove his shirt and I listened to his heart very carefully. Everything seem to be normal. He was a bit nervous but that is normal with all patients. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Corey


College Boy Physicals says,

Corey is our newest patient. This hot smooth toned straight 21 year old college student has to go to the doctors for a physical each year because he only has one testicle. At age nine, he had an accident and they needed to remove one of his testicles. Every year he as to go to the doctors and get a check up to make sure nothing is wrong with his one and only testicle and that everything is in working order. (MORE)


Cory was a bit nervous since this was his first time not at his normal doctor. I told him that we give a very thorough exam to all new students that arrive. I did his normal heart and throat and ears exam and I listen to his heart and such and then took his blood pressure. Everything was working just fine and nothing seem to out of place. I had him remove his shorts just leaving his undies on and I weighed him. Cory is 5’11 and weights 135lbs. Has a really smooth toned body with fine blond hair, he reminded me of the local surfer dudes that hang out on the beach. After weighing him, I had him jump back onto the exam table were I palpated his upper chest and worked my hands down his lower abdomen. Again, everything was in great working order and no normalites to report. I had young healthy 21 year old guy, that was in perfect shape. (MORE)


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