Graham Fucks Paul Bareback

This BSB installment stars Paul Cannon and Graham Brady. They are on the bed,
teasing you toe lovers by wiggling their little piggies. When asked about the plot of today’s
script, Graham offers a playful answer.

“Play patty cake,” he says.

“Is that what they are calling these days,’ the cameraman asks.

“It’s a New Age term,” Paul offers.

Patty cake really means Graham will play top to Paul’s bottom.

“You look so good when you’re getting fucked,” the cameraman notes to Paul. “I’m glad you’re still

“Not after this trip,”Paul observes.

The two models strip and giggle over something. Once the laughing is done Paul grab’s Graham’s
face and places a wet kiss on his lips. Graham returns the passion.

“That was a good start,” the cameraman observes (anyone want to disagree?).

“I figured you would think that,” Paul replies.

Paul takes Graham to the other side of the bed, and pushes him on his knees. Immediately Graham puts that thick tool in his wet mouth. Paul guides him with his hand, making certain the skinny lad gets as much meat as possible in his mouth.

Graham looks at Paul as he sucks away, those eyes getting wet from the work. With no notice, Paul
pushes Graham against the wall. Paul gets on his knees and blows Graham. He takes the entire
sausage in his mouth.

“Damn,” Graham whispers in appreciation.

Paul’s pole sticks straight out as he pleasures his scene partner. He chokes and slurps up and down
that hot dog. He stands up and gives Graham another romantic smooch. Paul returns to the bed, but this time he gets on his knees. Lube is put where it should be. Graham slowly enters Paul’s boy hole. He needs to get back in and when he does, Graham starts long stroking.

“Oh, fuck,” Paul moans in the mattress.

Graham fills Paul’s ass up, making the bottom boy curse and groan. We get an overhead shot of
Graham’s gadget piercing Paul’s perfect cheeks. The cameraman was right. Paul looks good
getting boned! :-)

There’s more kissing as Paul gets off the bed. He leans against the wall and Graham reenters. A shot
shows all this fucking makes Paul’s pup tent bloated and hard. It looks like it’s ready to pop!

“Oh, fuck,” Paul groans.

Paul grabs his hair and cries as Graham pounds away. There’s more kissing before Paul gets back on
the bed. This time on his back. Graham jerks his bottom boy as he fucks him.

“Cum for me,” Graham orders.

Paul does, a large load that strikes his chest. Graham tries to get some more strokes in but Paul
pushes him away. All that pounding now hurts. Graham jerks his man nectar all over Paul’s pubes.

And what can end this perfect scene? More kissing! :-)



Damien Kyle Barebacks Graham Brady

After he’s finished with BSB, Damien Kyle should be a spokesperson for Wendy’s. When asked what he spends his money on, Damien gives a pedestrian answer about the gym, gas, and food. However, he perks up when describing the fast food joint.

“Oh my god. The chicken sandwich. Oh, my god.”

Do you need a better endorsement? ” :-)

As for Graham Brady, he will now be able to buy a cell phone with his BSB paycheck. He’ll be able to get a top of the line cellie (is that the term the kids use nowadays) because in today’s update he will be fucked for the first time. The cameraman asks how he’s is dealing with the prospect of a meat injection.

“Still debatable. I’m sweaty if that helps.”

Clothes are removed. Damien’s gym allowance is being well spent. The dude is nice and cut. Especially his abs and chest. He sucks first, deep throating Graham’s pole from the start.

“You’re getting better at this, Damien,” the cameraman notes. “You been practicing at home?”

Damien pulls up with a grin.

“Good one,” he replies.

When he gets back to work, Graham’s mouth stays open in the “Oh, shit this is feeling real good” mode. He puts his hand on Damien’s scalp as if to make Damien suck more. No need to. Damien is doing everything a good cock sucker should.

“You really are good at that,” Graham says.

“All for the Benjamins, baby,”Damien responds.

Soon it’s Graham turn. He puts his curly head in Damien’s lap.

“You suck dick better than my girlfriend, shit,” Damien observes. “Or should I say ex-girlfriend.”

Who are these women letting guys like Damien walk away? :-)

Graham tries to deep throat, but Damien’s tool is too big for him. His pretty mouth can barely reach the base. But Damien isn’t whining that much. Especially with the effort tears streaming down Graham’s face.

“Take that dick,” Damien orders.

It’s stuffing time! Lube is placed in Graham’s hole. He gets on his hands and knees. Damien enters, in one raw stroke, and his bottom cries out. The fucking starts quick and hard.

“Damn,” Graham groans.

The slapping of ass skin is all that is heard.

“Make that booty clap,” Damien says.

Balls deep is this fuck session!

“Pound my ass,” Graham whispers.

Damien does. Brutal stroking that makes sweat beads appear on Graham’s ass. The boys switch positions, with Graham on his back. His face contorts when Damien refills that man hole. Damien is fucking with reckless abandon.

“I’m about to cum,” Graham announces.

He does, his juice splattering his pubes.

Graham pumps away, but eventually pulls out. He strokes out a copious load, showering Graham’s smooth chest in nectar.

Has BSB finally discovered its Bogart and Bacall?