Mason Wyler Fuck Machine – Mason Wyler

Here's a real treat for Mason fans. The illustrious Mr. Wyler starts out this time by test driving the brand new Shockspot fuck machine. See him take an artificial cock in the ass and hear his evaluation of this robot lover.<br/><br/>And there's more. Mason wanted to do an interview style, masturbation session that his true fans would thoroughly enjoy. Check him out as he strokes his cock while recounting the story of his first boy toy. He's cracking some jokes, and giving the viewer a true taste of his wacky, sexy personality, right down to his hot cumload blown onto the bathroom floor. This one's a gem and shouldn't be missed<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

College Boy Physicals – Ty & Coach


Ty’s coach says,

I had some time so I decided to bring Ty into the doctors office for his sports exam. I’m the new head coach and I’m in charge of the schools sports department. Ty is trying out for the basketball team and I wanted to make sure that he gets into the clinic for his sports physical. The doctor showed us the exam room and had us wait for him since the clinic is really busy this time of year. The college campus was in full swing and many of the students are getting sick, needing sports exams and such so the doctor was really taking his time. While waiting, Ty tells me he’s been to this clinic before and the doctors have sex with the patients. Being new to this school, I was a bit shocked and amazed that this was happening. As Ty was telling me this, he was stroking his cock through his basketball shorts. I have to admit, I was getting turned on by Ty’s big bulge and I was very curious to see what was underneath those shorts. (MORE)


As Ty continued, he said coming to this particular clinic was a real turn and he was getting super horny. Perhaps something was in the air but I too couldn’t help my self and I grabbed Ty’s growing cock and starting stroking his cock. I removed his shorts and then proceeded to suck his cock and stroke his cock…I really enjoy my job now and having his hard throbbing cock in my mouth really made me want to cum. Ty was enjoying every moment of me sucking his cock. I had to be quick about it because I didn’t want the doctor to come in and see what I’ve been doing. As I continued to suck his cock and it kept on growing, I took some lube and stroked his large thick cock. I took a firm hold and griped his cock and stroked it up & down and within moments, Ty came really hard and strong as spurts of hot boy cum was shooting out of his cock. I just love feeling a boys cock in my hand when he’s cumming…the pulsating action and me being in control was a real turn on for me. After Ty came, I told him to clean up but I wasn’t finished yet. Watch what I do to Ty in the next episode! (MORE)


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Mason Wyler -amp; Blu Kennedy – Mason Wyler -amp; Blu Kennedy

Mason Wyler is back to his old tricks. He invited Blu Kennedy over to help him clean his room. But when Blu arrives, it's already totally clean! It seems Mason has caught another snack in his web. And Blu has no idea what he's in for.<br/><br/>Everyone knows Mason is anything but shy. He has Blu's dick in his mouth practically before these two can say 'hello' to eachother. And Blu is quick to get into the groove. He takes Mason's long, hard cock in his ass like a champion. And all he asks in return is for a nice, hot load on his tummy.<br/><br/> Enjoy!<br/><br/>

College Boy Physicals – Scott


Scott at College Boy Physicals says,

While I was at practice it was my turn to be up to bat and the pitcher threw a wild pitch right at me. The ball ended up hitting me right in the backside. I felt like I had just been hit by a truck and as I turned to walk away other teammates came running up. Coach told me to go straight to the school’s clinic to have a doctor check me out. My buddy Mike went with me to the clinic just to make sure that I got there okay, and checked in with the nurse. She took all my information and then led me to the exam room where the doctor was. She told me that I would be seeing Dr. Phingerphuck, and as I walked in the room I closed the door behind me. I explained what happened to the Doc and he had me turn to show him my back. After that he had me take a seat on the exam table and he had me take off my jersey so that he could listen to my heart. Right away, he said that it was racing kind of high, but that he would be doing some massage techniques to help me relax. (MORE)


After that he asked me to remove my pants so that he could check me for any hernias, or pulled muscles. I had one of the worst times getting my pants off, with my back all fucked up. Dr. Phingerphuck helped me get out of my pants so that I didn’t fall. He then had to adjust the table so that it lay completely flat, and so I turned over to be on my stomach. The Doc ran his hands lightly over the top of my skin from my shoulder blades down to my feet. Attaching some sticky pads to my lower back, he explained that he was going to do a little electro shock therapy. When the pads were actually turned on, it felt really weird to have my muscles tense when I didn’t do a thing. The Doc got a handful of lotion and started to rub it into my back to get me to relax. As his hands worked their way around my body he periodically had to get more lotion, because my skin was very dry. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Adam


Adam at College Boy Physicals says,

I didn’t do as well as I had hoped on a recent anatomy exam, and that made me a little nervous about my grade in the class. After one of my classes I went up to my professor after everyone had left, and I asked him if there was anything I could do to get some extra credit to make up for the extra points that I missed on the exam. Professor Johnson said that I could go to the local school clinic and see Dr. Phingerphuck for a special experiment of anal stretching. If I took part in the experiment than he said he would give me enough extra credit to get my grade on the test up to an A. That was perfect, and just what I was after. I asked him how quick I could go down there to do the experiment, and Dr. Johnson told me that I could head down to the clinic and he would call ahead. The clinic was only a short walk across campus, so I knew it would only be like a 15 minute walk. (MORE)


When I arrived at the clinic the nurse behind the counter said that Dr. Johnson spoke with Dr. Phingerphuck. She motioned for me to go back to the exam room that she was pointing to, and I knocked on the door. Walking in the room the Doc was cleaning the exam table and he introduced himself. I explained that I was here to do an anal stretching experiment, so that I could earn some extra credit for my final grade. The Doc said that he would be happy to perform the experiment, but first he needed to take a quick look over me. I had to take off my shirt and the Doc listened to my heart and lungs first. Complimenting me on not smoking, he then looked into my eyes, took my blood pressure, and then got ready to check me for any hernias. I had to strip down to my underwear for that, and as Phingerphuck pressed down on my stomach he could see that I was a little cold and had the sweats from being nervous. (MORE)


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Mason Wyler -amp; Jeremy Fox – Mason Wyler -amp; Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a young, well-tanned boy with a very large dick and balls. Mason Wyler is a horny gentleman with a video camera who happens to love big dicks and balls. It's the perfect recipe for hot action.<br/><br/>When Jeremy plops out his huge member, Mason can't get his lips around it fast enough. He wants that cock hard when it slides into his ass. Jeremy is a big fan of eating ass and digs right into Mason's tight hole. Once it's nice and juicy, he gently inserts his giant boner. Don't miss this dynamic duo heating things up!<br/><br/> Enjoy!<br/><br/>

College Boy Physicals – Shane And Austin


Shane at College Boy Physicals says,

I was sent by Dr. Toppinbottom to go get Shane, because he was next to get a physical from the list that our new couch had given him. Shane had just changed and was getting ready to go practice when I told him that he was next. He asked me how my physical went and I just said that it was a lot of hands on, and he asked if I would go with him to the clinic. We walked over to the clinic and I took him right into the exam room where I had gone. The Doc followed us right into the room and he picked up Shane’s folder and started taking a look at the notes that the previous doctor had left. He asked Shane if he had heard any rumors about what goes on at the clinic and he just said no. Then, the Doc asked Shane if he had any issues that they should address, and without giving any real details he commented that the last time he was in he was unable to give a sample. By sample I knew that they tried to get a sperm sample from him and he wasn’t able to get off, I wonder if the Doc gave him head. With that Dr. Toppinbottom explained what was going to happen, and then he started with listening to Shane’s heart and lungs. He followed that up with taking his weight, looking into his eyes, and then he started to palpate his lower abdominal area. (MORE)


The closer that he got to Shane’s cock and exposing it for me to see, the more that I happened to get turned on. Dr. Toppinbottom asked him to take off his swim gear, and Shane did this single move to take them off without getting down from the exam table. Using his hands the Doc took a closer look at Shane’s package and then he looked at me. He said that since I was staying in the room that I could become useful in getting Shane hard for the endurance test. Right away, I knew that the Doc wanted me to give him oral. I got up from the chair and took Shane’s dick in my mouth. As I started to give him head, he seemed to like it, because he made a comment and moaned a little bit. The more that I sucked the whole thing the harder Shane’s cock got making it easier to suck. While I gave him head I also played with myself to turn me on. Dr. Toppinbottom said that he wanted us to take a break and to have Shane move on to doing his endurance test, but just when I thought that my job was done. The Doc said that it was going to be a sexual endurance test. (MORE)


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