Boy Gusher – Kevin & Mark

Kevin and Mark on

We put ads into the local newspapers and college flyers and we get the greatest guys around from them. Today Kevin and Mark answered our ads. They are both straight boys and they met through their girlfriends. They double date and hang out, but have never gotten down and dirty with each other or their girlfriends. That is what makes this update so exciting! We popped in a video and told them to do what came natural and this is what we captured on tape. Mark was the first one to strip naked as he stroked on his hard dick. It took Kevin a bit longer to pull off his shorts and show us his toned body. Kevin has one of those solid tight bodies and it looks like he has a total tan which was really nice to see.

Lick those balls slut!


Kevin giving Mark a handjob!


BoyGusher – Cameron and Mark

Mark jerking Cameron off!

We have for your pleasure the exciting conclusion to Cameron and Mark’s sexual adventure. Cameron just sucked Mark’s cock to completion and now it’s Mark’s turn to give Cameron the pleasure that he just received. He doesn’t waste any time, he is on that tight toned body of Cameron’s as soon as his last drop of cum hits his body. He begins by licking Cameron’s body from top to bottom as Cameron moans and jerks on his big fuck stick. If Mark was licking your body you’d be moaning in pleasure and happiness as well.

Nipple play before sucking

Mark knows his way around a cock and shows off his cock sucking and jerking techniques as Cameron moans and groans. It isn’t too long until he is on his knees shoving his big cock in and out of Mark’s face. He relaxes a bit and stretches out on the bed, but Mark isn’t letting go of that hard cock he continues to suck and jerk on it like the cum slut that he is. He reaches up and begins to play with his nipples jerking on his cock making Cameron moan and grab his hear to help him gobble up his cock.

Lick it boy!


Broke College Boys – Threeway




I walked into the dining room and into a strip poker game. Wow is my luck good today. I found Keith, Jake Woods and Mark playing and they were already losing to each other pretty well. I can say I was a bit shocked looking under the table and finding that Jake had already lost his pants. Keith and Mark both attend the college here Keith is a teachers aid, and Mark is a student. You should all recognize Jake Woods from his many video adventures.

Mark is twenty years old and has been in school for about 2 years, and I found out that he is gay, and that he is a true broke college boy. Keith is twenty-four, gay and a TA and he doesn’t make jack shit for cash and ends up eating a lot of ramen noodles.

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Boy Gusher – Dexter And Mark




I really am glad that I installed a motion camera in the guest room. It always picks up everything that happens in there. I know its sneaky, but how else am I going to catch great action at night. I had it put in when I started having tons of boys staying over. They stay over when they are drunk or just bored or just not in the mood to go home. I don’t mind, but I was sure I was missing out on a bunch of action late at night. Once I installed this cam I knew that I had been. Just check out Mark and Dexter. I noticed that it is somewhat fuzzy, I’ll have to adjust the camera angle and such, but at least it caught all the action.

It all started innocent enough when these two went to bed after a long day of working in my yard. They were exhausted, so they took a shower and went to bed. I turned the lights out and headed into my own room. Dexter was restless it seems and started playing around with Mark’s cock. Mark was so tired at first he didn’t even realize what Dexter was doing. He jerked and sucked on that cock in those white undies until it was hard. After some of that great tongue and mouth action Mark wakes up and moans even though he is half asleep he is enjoying the jerking and sucking that Dexter is doing on his cock. He begins to wake up and jerk on Dexter’s cock. They flip the light on and really begin to get into what they are doing.

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Boy Gusher – Mark & Jacob




I went into the kitchen to grab a snack late one night after I had a party and I found Mark and Jacob grabbing their own bit of snack. I rushed back and grabbed my camera and used it to capture these two hotties as they played around in the kitchen. They played around a bit in their underwear, but boys being boys they got hard quickly and needed some relief. I loved how tight these guys’ asses looked in their underwear and was a little sorry when Mark shed his underwear. That is when Jacob grabbed some lube and began to jerk on Mark’s cock. Mark is a vocal guy and tells him how great it is and to jerk on it more. Jacob is doing a great job because mark’s cock is getting super hard and his head is engorged. Jacob grabs more lube and continues to jerk on that stick as Mark moans his pleasure to the world and my camera. He jumps up on the counter and Jacob continues to jerk that dick until he moans loudly. It doesn’t take much of this jerking and stroking before Mark explodes his heavy load on Jacob’s chest.

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