Grunts Fisting-Arm of One – Aaron Summers -amp; Billy Berlin

Aaron Summers' hands are twitching for sweet ass. He drags Billy Berlin over to the depot, rips off his regulation shorts and goes in to Billy's ass with a full fisted attack! Billy rides Aaron's hand and arm for all its worth. Craving more, Aaron plows Billy's perfect ass with our biggest man-rammer dildo. But even that doesn't satisfy Billy. Aaron grabs one of our loaded machine tools and stuffs it right up Billy's hole! Billy's eyes widen in waves of terror and pleasure. 'Oh FUCK!' Billy cries, 'Don't fuckin' shoot!!' The cold metal mouth of the instrument shocks Billy's prostate into convulsions. Billy blows his molten load!

Daddy’s Dungeon – Tyler Rush -amp; Silver Steele

Daddy Silver Steele is bound by the wrists in a leather mask with his blonde, furry ass stuck high in the air. He's horny and in need of some service when Tyler Rush comes to his aid. Tyler helps Silver out by teasing his pink hole with his fingers and tongue. The taunting drives Silver wild but Tyler isn't going to let his daddy cum just yet. Tyler grabs his favorite toy and flogs Silver's back and ass as the daddy yells out for more. Tyler is just getting started and grabs a blade to follow up the flog by teasing every inch of Silver's writhing body. Just when Silver thinks he can't take any more, Tyler rolls him onto his back and gets to work sucking his dick. When Silver is rock hard, Tyler hops on and rides daddy's dick to completion. Tyler's cock is locked in a cage and dripping with pre-cum as he bounces balls deep on Silver's throbbing dick. Tyler can tell that Silver can't hold off any longer and frees his wrists to let him jack his cock to the end. Silver erupts with a gush of cum that slathers his heaving stomach with pure white and extra thick jizz.

Big Cock Rumor – Alexander Garrett -amp; Jaxx Thanatos

Alexander Garrett is sitting in the locker room when Jaxx walks in and strikes up a conversation with him. Jaxx tells him that he has heard the rumor that Alexander Thanatos has a huge cock and wants to know if it is true. He asks to see it. Alexander pulls it out and Jaxx grabs it. Even soft, it is pretty big. As soon as Jaxx starts sucking it, it grows huge. Jaxx does his best and trying to deep throat all of it. Alexander then turns to Jaxx's ass and rims him. He then fucks Jaxx deep and hard from behind. Jaxx then lies on his back on the bench and Alexander continues fucking him until he cannot hold back and he pulls out. Jaxx shoots his load and then Alexander shoots all over Jaxx.

A Hand for a Giant Man – Obaid

Obaid the Giant is back for his second masked solo. Fans received his debut really well and wanted to see him again. Unfortunately, he had some difficulties to get in the mood but our cameraman came to the rescue and offered him a hand. He responded so well to our crew's help that he asked for more. Obaid's physique is amazing and seeing his huge cock in the hand of another man makes this scene a must-see for all muscle worship lovers.

Hot Ass Photos – Hans Berlin -amp; Jaxx Thanatos

Hans Berlin is all ready for his photo shoot with Jaxx Thanatos who is new in front of the camera. Jaxx has an amazing physique and has come to Hans for some potential modeling photos. Unfortunately, Jaxx does not know how to pose his body and requests help from Hans. When Hans sees that Jaxx has worn a pair of Assless underwear, he cannot help but get more hands on as he caresses Jaxx's beautiful ass. Soon Hans has his tongue deep inside that ass. The two then kiss each other as Jaxx pulls out Hans's thick uncut cock and starts sucking him. Hans then sucks Jaxx for a while and then starts fucking him on his back. Hans flips him over and eats his ass some more before fucking him on his stomach. Hans pulls out and they both stroke out a couple nice creamy loads of cum.

Handpacked II – Manpacked – Bud -amp; David Verando -amp; Mark Reed -amp; Richard Duke

Next head to the locker room in one of West Hollywood's most notorious gyms in Scene Three. Hot daddy Mark Reed and his boy-toy David Verando bust out the detachable shower hose and work each other into a lather. Bud and workout partner Richard Duke practice the rule 'no pain, no gain' as Bud pushes Duke's hole to the limit with a giant black dildo. Eventually, the detachable water hose finds its way up Bud's hot ass, proving once and for all that you can get really, really dirty in the shower.

Unrealized Gains – Ricky Larkin -amp; Scott Riley

Scott Riley is sitting in the locker room and we can tell he is bummed out when Ricky Larkin walks in wearing only a towel. Beneath the towel, we can tell him is sporting a big hard cock and as he strikes up a conversation with Scott, the two talk about Scott not feeling great about his body and lack of big muscles. But, Scott cannot keep his eyes off Ricky's hard on under his towel. Soon Ricky drops the towel and Scott is on his knees sucking the big cock. He tries his best to deep throat it but struggles to get it all down his throat. Ricky then sucks Scott as he strokes his own big cock. He bends Scott over the rims his ass for a while before fucking him doggy style with his big cock. Scott then rides Ricky for a while before lying on his back and Ricky fucks him deeper until both cum.

Raw Workloads – JJ Knight -amp; Nic Sahara

JJ Knight and Nic Sahara have been hired to organize a client's garage. After finishing the job, the two jocks play around on some gym equipment. As Nic shows JJ how many pull-ups he can do, JJ pulls down Nic's pants and starts eating his smooth hole. All the licking makes Nic rock-hard and he turns around to let JJ suck his long, uncut cock. With Nic's used-up undies pressed to his nose and Nic's dick in his mouth, JJ can't get enough of the hung stud. JJ needs his massive dick sucked too and pulls down his pants to reveal his mouth-watering monster cock. Nic can't resist the sight and gets on his knees to service JJ's pole to the base. After sucking JJ, Nic is ready for his friend in his ass and bends over to take it all. JJ slides his raw swollen dick all the way inside Nic, making the stud moan with each bareback thrust from behind. Both studs enjoy the fuck session and switch up their positions a few times until they settle on Nic getting banged on his back. JJ picks up the pace and brings the bare fucking to a frantic climax. Nic needs to cum soon and as JJ pumps his stretched-out hole, he blasts his giant load all over his ripped abs. JJ loves seeing the pleasure he's caused and pulls out to bust his nut all over Nic's spent cock and balls and then fucks the cream into Nic's throbbing ass.

James Ray – James Ray

James Ray has just got home from a long days work and first thing he does is kick back on his huge comfortable bed. James lives alone and for good reason. He might be tired but once he hits that bed James begins to get horny and soon enough he has his shirt off and he's unzipping his pants. James starts to touch his hairy chest with his manly hands making his way down to his hard cock. He strokes every inch of his throbbing sexy dick as his balls sway back and forth. You can see his hairy legs glisten in the sunshine as it pears through the window. The moans of slef pleasure are heard throughout the house and only James can hear them. His balls begin to twitch and his body trembles as his cock erupts with a spray of cum that has no aim and ends up all over the bed and himself.

The Gift – Thomas Friedl

This is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting solo scene with a Fleshlight toy. Thomas Friedl delivers incredible performance. It features amazing close-ups of his huge cock penetrating the toy as if you were inches away from the action. A must-see!