Benjamin Jos and Ari

Benjamin Dover, Jos Alvarez, and Ari Nucci!  The three solo are three of your All Time favorites at BrokeStraightBoys.  And we put ALL THREE together in one of the most anticipated threesomes we’ve filmed yet!  And it does Not dissapoint!

Ben and Air have a naturally playful personality, as you know.  And Jos is very much a savvy-go with the flow-kinda guy.  So the chemistry, is a given.  Ari and Ben also not only are usually the two biggest guys in the house, but they also usually that the two biggest cocks!  It’s not just a Jos daddy-boy sandwich though, this is a hot equal dick opportunity scene.  Everyone gets equal attention, and the finish features huge cum rocket loads from all three!

I know you’re probably just as anxious to see, as I am for you to see, so Here’s the link!

College Boy Physicals – Bobby And David Part 2


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This is the second part of the exam in which we continue with the full exam for David who is entering the ROTC and his ROTC officer brought him into the clinic for a thorough check up. I’m the lucky doctor that has to examine this hot smooth, toned muscular boy that is trying to get into the ROTC. I just completed the oral part of the exam with some help from his ROTC recruiter officer corporal Bobby. Both of us just finished sucking off David’s hot cock after spewing our own cum onto his face and body. Now its the rectal part of the exam. (MORE)


David and Corp. Bobby return from the bathroom after cleaning up and I checked David’s muscles and reflexes. David was a bit stiff so I had to continue with loosening him up so I had him sit back onto the exam table and continued more of an extensive reflexology on him bending his legs and stretching his body to try to really loosen him up and then we continued with more of the exam. I had David bend over the exam table to check his anal area. I spread his butt checks and lubed his tight anal hole as I was inspecting his anal cavity. In the mean while to take his mind off the fact I was probing his anus, I had David suck his corporals cock as I continued really probing David’s tight hole. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Group Sperm Donation




The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today a group of boys stop by the clinic wanting to collect $100 for donating their sperm for our first annual sperm donation. Each boy picked up a flyer and was waiting in the waiting area.

I entered the waiting room, and I see three hot boys waiting to give up there sperm. I didn’t expect so many boys to arrive all at once so I asked them to come back into the exam room. I had Rex, Parker and Ryan go into the exam room and I explain to them the procedures and gave them more details regarding the sperm drive and how they were able to collect the $100.

The boys were kind of freaked out. They thought they were going to be in private exam rooms but the doctor had other ideas. The boys were very hesitant about undressing and getting nude in front of each other.

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College Boy Physicals – Parker Electro Exam


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Parker returned because he was recommended by Dr. Topinbotom and Dr. James to see Dr. Dick who is a specialist in the area of hernias in the genital region. Parker is still in pain and since he’s been here before we cut to the chase and Dr. James gives me the summary of why he’s back and all his vitals. (MORE)


I asked the patient to take off his shirt and I quickly listen to his heart and I had the patient lay down on the exam table as I examined his lower abdomin as Dr. James looked on. I asked Dr. James to unbotton his jeans as I placed on my gloves to further examine is genitals. As I felt around, everything seems normal. I asked Parker to stand up and remove his pants and undies as I examined his penis. Parker has a really hot body but most of all he had a really nice dick and I was taking my time in feeling his penis and thoroughly examining his dick. Both Dr. James and I kept on fondling his penis and taking turns holding it and feeling his dick. The patient started getting hard which is normal for a guy his age and having both Doctors feeling his cock. As he was getting hard I stroked his cock and instructed Dr. James to suck his cock as I observed the patient. This also gave me an opportunity to work with our new intern Dr. James and how he picked up his new examining skills. Both our patient and Dr.James were doing great. Dr.James continued sucking Parkers cock as I held the base and instructed my new intern to continue to suck. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Parker


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Dr. James is seeing his first patient after my evaluation of him. I have decided to give him his wings and let him take a patient on his own. Parker and Dr. James are already in conversation when I enter the office. As I stated when I last left Dr. James, I would like to see how he is with another patient. Who knew that this patient would be so hot! I ask Dr. James some information on the patient and what he is in the office for. He explains to me that he is in for some lower abdominal pain, possibly a hernia. Parker is a well fit, very attractive college basketball player, it is very possible that he has strained something during his many work outs. (MORE)


Dr.James begins by checking Parkers’ ears, throat and eyes. Parker removes the shirt and Dr. James begins to listen to his heart and lungs. His heart is beating fast, as he is more than likely a little nervous to be in the office with two doctors. I introduce myself to him and assure that I am here purely to observe and assist when necessary. It is now time to check Parker’s weight, he removes his shorts and walks over to the scale wearing only my favorite type of underwear…the tighty whitey. Parker weighs in at a sexy 145lbs, he is definitely slim and toned, with a nice tab to boot. I don’t know if I am going to be able to restrain myself. (MORE)


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College Boy Physicals – Coach, Ty, & Doctor


Ty at College Boy Physicals says,

I was rushing to get my shorts on while the doc was outside the waiting room knocking on the door trying to get into the exam room. The coach rushed me along to get my clothes back on after fucking me really hard and good! The coach ran to the door of the exam room and opened it up to the surprise of Doc PhingerPhuk, he knew something was going on between the coach and Ty. After a few comments from the Doc, he asked to hope onto the exam table were he proceeded to check my eyes, nose, throat and listen to my heart. Since this was an endurance physicals sports exam, he had me do some extra tests and proceded to examine my prostrate. I never had my prostrate examined like that and it felt really good. It felt even better with the coach jerking me off and trying to get me hard. Although I was soft, it still felt really good having the docs finger messaging my prostrate and the coach jerking and sucking my cock. It felt really strange and wierd having my coach have me go through this type of exam. Then the doctor wanted to test my stamina some more and he inserted a butt plug into my tight boyhole and that hurt a bit and I guess all this ass play made it difficult to get my dick hard…but the doc wasn’t so angry or upset about my cock. (MORE)


I guess his focus was on my tight jock asshole. The doc removed the butt plug and then got me ready for the electro butt plug…which he inserted into my hole. He started the electro device and at first I didn’t feel anything, but as the doc turned up the juice, it felt as if someone was fucking me in the ass….the doc then placed some pads on my inner thighs and that messaged my lower area even more….but most of all I really enjoyed having my coach suck and jerk my cock again. After some electro fucking, the doc removed the instruments from my ass and reguested that I give him a sperm sample. I got hard really quick and the doc and the coach were taking turns sucking and jerking and passing my cock between the both of them waiting for me to blow my hot load…it felt really good having the docs hand wrapped around my hard throbbing cock and it was really hot having the coach mouth sucking on my cock. I grabbed my cock and pumped it up and down and blew my load for my coach and doc as they both watched as streams of hot cum was releasing from my cock! (MORE)


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