Boy Gusher – Sean

Sean With a Vibrator

Sean With a Vibrator

Sean had been in before and showed that he was a little bit kinky and a little bit wild. The guys from Boy Gusher told him that they wanted to tie him down and use a vibrator and a Fleshlight on him. As soon as he came in the guys tied him down to the bed. Mr. Hand grabbed the vibrator and started teasing his balls though his shorts. As Sean started squirming around with pleasure Mr. Hand quickly stripped off Sean’s shorts and pressed that vibrator right up against his balls.

He reached out and grabbed Sean’s cock. He started stroking his tool while he massaged his balls and ass with the toy. Sean loved how that lubed up hand felt sliding up and down his shaft. As he stroked he ran the end of the vibrator up and down his shaft in tandem with his hand. It felt so amazing that Sean was pulling at his contstraints as he started getting close and closer to cumming.

Guy Gets Jerked Off

Guy Gets Jerked Off

Mr. Hand had a big surpise set up for Sean. He pulled out a Fleshlight and sheathed Sean’s cock in it. Sean loved how it felt having his dick buried in that toy. Mr. hand worked the toy up and down his shaft, letting Sean fuck it to his hearts content. As the Fleshlight rode up and down Sean’s cock Mr. Hand rubbed his balls.

Sean was getting close so Mr. Hand pulled the Fleshlight off Sean grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked him hard. He milked that cock and Sean came so hard that he nearly lost his mind. Mr. Hand milked him dry and left him covered in jizz and exhausted.

Fleshlight On His Cock

Fleshlight On His Cock


Broke College Boys – Richie And Sean




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with a couple of our new friends. Sean and Richie. We met Richie through Jake and he came out to see what kind of trouble he could get into at the house. Jake told us that Richie was a great guy, and fun to hang out and party with. Richie is 22 from Miami Beach, Florida and has been in a few adult movies. He admitted to me that sometimes it is about the money and sometimes it is about having fun. Richie is bisexual and goes both ways.

Sean is hanging out with us as well, and he says that he is gayish, that he isn’t always sure he is gay. He has slept with a girl or two in his time. It wasn’t a big jump from talking about sexuality and stuff, to asking them to blow each other. I started with $500.00, but they bumped it up to $800.00 to see them blow each other. They both agreed and it was on.

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Broke College Boys – Sean And Johnny



Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. This is another hidden camera update. I can be a real sneaky bastard sometimes. I think that one of the straight guys at my party is curious about having sex with a gay guy. I want to find out what is going on and have left my camera hidden in the backyard. Let’s see what happens when they hang out in the backyard poolside. The boys get to talking and Sean introduces himself to Johnny and they discuss his curiosity about gay sex and he explains that we have gay sex here all the time and actually shoot porn. Sean does a great job of talking to Johnny and finding out about him and pushing him towards trying a little gay sex.

He pushes and prods until Johnny agrees to let Sean suck his dick. Johnny states he has never had an opportunity or chance to do that, and of course Sean tells him he does now. It takes some working on Sean’s part, but he finally gets to lock his lips around that straight cock of Johnny’s. As they stand up Sean reaches down to rub Johnny’s dick as he gives him a deep French kiss. So far so good, keep going Sean. Johnny mentions that the kiss wasn’t bad and that it was sorta fun. That is when Sean begins to kiss his body and lick his way down to his pants.

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Boy Gusher – Sean And Tommy




We have Sean and Tommy with us today. Tommy is straight and never had a guy before. Sean is twenty-three and gay and states that he has never jerked off a straight guy before. I explained to the guys that this is a jerk off session and the object of it is to jerk the other guy off. You can’t jerk yourself off that isn’t allowed. The guys then started stripping off and we see that Tommy Ray has a great tat of a Cheshire cat on his chest.

Sean starts off by reaching into Tommy’s underwear and strokes his cock. I mention to Sean that he can do whatever he wants with that cock but again Tommy can’t touch it at all. It isn’t long until Sean is sucking that cock and Tommy is helping by putting his hand on Sean’s head and pushing him down on that dick. Sean does a great job maneuvering Tommy around so he has the best advantage of jerking and sucking on his hard cock. He has Tommy moving and moaning like crazy that big cock rock hard and ready to explode. Sean is like a mad man the way he sucks and jerks on the shaft and head. Tommy can’t help himself he has to unload his hot cum and he explodes that load all over Sean’s hand and cheek. Sean makes sure every last drop is drained from Tommy’s hard cock before giving Tommy a chance to jerk him off.

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Boy Gusher – Sean And Mario




Sean and Mario where hanging out at my house when I suggested that they hookup together and let me record it. It has always seemed like they were into each other and when I suggested this and they so eagerly accepted my proposition, I knew the attraction was surely there. We went upstairs to the guest bedroom and Mario sat down on the futon. Sean wasted no time in getting down to business and quickly discovered that Mario was already semi-hard in his shorts ‘ talk about being excited and ready to go! Sean got Mario pants off and started going down on his cock. When watching him, you can tell that Sean really knows how to suck cock and the looks on Mario’s face affirms as much. As Sean continued going down on him, Mario removed his shirt to reveal his perfect young body.

While going to town on Mario’s cock, Sean stopped for a moment to take his own shirt off. Before long, Sean was out of his pants as well and down to just his underwear. After taking his pants off, he jumped up on the futon with Mario and sucked him off for another minute or so before switching to giving him a hand job.

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