Zander Teaches

Logan Slater And Zander Floyd Raw

Logan Slater And Zander Floyd Raw

Newbie Logan Slater is fresh off of his solo scene and is ready for a real challenge, fucking a dude for the first time. Zander will have the honor of breaking him in. I hope Logan knows what he’s in for, because we all do!

Zander starts them off slowly with some kissing before stripping off Logan’s pants and taking his cock in his mouth, massaging it with his lips and tongue. This is how a great teacher does things, he demonstrates first. Logan’s cock reacts and grows and Zander blows him to teach him how its done! By the time Logan gets his turn at sucking cock he’s not only completely turned on but also prepared for the challenge. He sucks Zander’s dick with confidence at has it rock hard in no time.

Zander gets on his side and invites Logan to push his raw cock inside. Logan’s pushes in and seems to immediately feel at home. He fucks Zander deep, take advantage of his used and experienced hole. Logan enjoys the feeling of a tight ass wrapped around his beef stick. He flips Zander over, grabs his hips and continues to pound his insides. The room is filled with Zander’s moans as his ass is used like a pussy. His lessons are certainly paying off.  Logan fucks him deep until he shoots a milky load right onto his ass.

Logan Slater And Zander Floyd Raw

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