Broke Straight Boys: Trey Evans and Anthony

Whenever Anthony is around, a straight boy’s ass is always going to get royally screwed. More than likely his! In today’s update he’s paired with another straight boy — Trey Evans, whose own backside is still in shock from Zane Tate’s monster. :-) The boys dispense with any talking, and for a brief moment it looks like Trey might lean in for a kiss.

Has this broke straight boy ever smooched on screen? Alas, it doesn’t happen. The guys feel each other up through their shorts. “Oh, yeah,” Anthony murmurs asthe shorts are removed. Both lads are semi-hard, but Trey sucks first. He laps the lollipop with energy. “Damn,” Anthony says as he strokes Trey’s straight sausage. “Oh, fuck.”

Trey’s foot goes in the air as he keeps working on the pole. Eventually he spits on it, and some of that juice lands on Anthony’s pubes. Anthony takes a turn at blow jobbing. He also has lots of energy, but unlike his partner Anthony can deep throat. Sure he gags, but he doesn’t let that inconvenience get in the way. “Suck that cock,” Trey demands. Anthony, who doesn’t mind a command or two, does what he’s told. “Oh, shit,” Trey says. Soon enough it’s fucking time. Anthony’s palms are planted on the bed as he sticks his ass out. Trey knows his partner can take a lot, so he enters in one push. This is one hot Broke Straight Boys update!

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Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet and Anthony

Blake is back in the studio along with Anthony and today, they are going to be indulging in some ass action. Anthony is taking one for the team which means Blake will be topping. While Anthony says he isn’t really into getting fucked and that it’s the money he likes, there was no denying that there was a sly twinkle in his eye as he said he hadn’t been practicing at home. As the two boys were raring to get into it, they stood up and stripped off their t-shirts, both revealing lean bodies. I told Anthony that Blake was prepared to fuck him without mercy but Anthony had the important job of scoring just how well Blake did. The jeans came off next, leaving the boys in their boxers. Only a second later, the boxers joined the heap of clothes on the floor.

Anthony and Blake climbed up onto the bed and settled down next to each other. Anthony told Blake that he should suck dick first and with a slight grin on his face, Blake leaned over and went to work, all the while, Anthony reached around and started to jerk on Blake’s cock. With Blake’s oral skills, it didn’t take long for Anthony to get rock hard even as Anthony was sliding his hand up and down Blake’s stiffening shaft. Every now and again, Blake would break off from sucking cock in order to give the hard cock a few good pumps before swallowing it back down again, much to Anthony’s appreciation.


Broke Straight Boys – Bobby, Conner and Anthony

3 HOT straight boys: Red Hair Conner, Anthony and Bobby

There are three hot boys in bed together today; Bobby, Anthony and Connor. Right away, it was easy to see that the three boys were pretty friendly with each other so it promised a fairly raunchy shoot. As the boys laughed and joked around with each other, they stood up and started stripping off their clothes. Once naked, Bobby and Anthony tugged on their cocks as they watched some straight porn, while Connor did the same just to one side.

Broke Straight Boys' Famous Chain of Cock Sucking

A moment later, Connor threw himself onto the bed and invited the others to join him. Bobby had the great idea of playing ‘Ring around the Rosie’ which in the Broke Straight Boy’s studio simply meant a daisy chain of cock sucking. Bobby, Connor and Anthony arranged themselves in a circle on the bed, each boy with a cock pointing straight up at their face. 

Anthony's hungry!

Hot ass fucking