Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

As any fan of BSB knows, “a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do.” And lucky for us Spencer, the Red Rocket, has found himself in the position of being “pretty broke” and that will put him in the position of bottoming for Vinnie Steel.

Vinnie helps get Spencer in the mood with a blowjob. He starts deep on Spencer’s rocket, planting his face in Spencer’s blazing red crotch. Spencer’s face indicates that the pleasure of Vinnie’s warm mouth may be almost too much to handle. Spencer sits back and enjoys Vinnie’s mouth until it’s his turn to taste Vinnie’s dick. Vinnie gently forces Spencer’s mouth on his shaft while handling his playmate’s cock. Spencer needs very little coaxing as he easily gives a blow job that only a hungry boy could. He seemed to be enjoying himself until Vinnie commands “let me see that ass”.

Needing the money, Spencer has no choice but to get on his knees and watch Vinnie lube up. After prepping, Spencer arches his back and slides back onto Vinnie’s dick. “Ohhh, my God!” he exclaims as Vinnie’s hard shaft breaks through his tight, barely used hole. Spencer begins to open up, pushing his ass back into Vinnie’s pelvis. It doesn’t take long before both of them are breathing heavily with pleasure. Things escalate when Vinnie lies on his back and Spencer sits on his rod like a king takes to his throne. By the way Spencer rides cock one would be surprised to learn that it’s only his second time doing so. He bounces up and down on Vinnie’s dick. How Vinnie’s keeps from busting is anyone’s guess.

Soon it’s Spencer’s turn to lay on his back while Vinnie put in his work. Spreading Spencer’s legs as far as they’ll go, Vinnie begins to rhythmically pump his meat in and out of Spencer’s ass. From this angle it’s easy to see Spencer’s ass gripping Vinnie’s eager cock. Unable to hold it any longer, Spencer fires a nice load all over his rock hard abs. Vinnie soon follows, shooting a warm, creamy load on Spencer’s chest and arm. After relieving themselves, both Spencer and Vinnie burst out into laughter. Vinnie ends the scene with a quote that is sure to become my new motto, “it’s only gay if you make it gay, bitch.”

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Vinnie Steel Fucks Ian Dempsey

In this update Vinnie Steel will get to know what a tight male ass feels like. Ian Dempsey’s delicious booty will be the place where this test happens. “It’s only gay if you make it gay,” Vinnie says the cameraman. “That’s my catch phrase for the day.” As to be expected, Vinnie is nervous, but he has no need to worry. Ian will be his “shepherd.” How many of us would love to have Ian as a guide? LOL! When the two strip, Vinnie insists he and Ian didn’t plan to wear similar underwear. Sure, Vinnie. If you say so! LOL! Vinnie sucks first, opening his mouth for Ian’s piece. For a  newbie, Vinnie has the deep throat down. He should offer lessons. Doesn’t even choke or gag! LOL! “Not bad for a first time, huh,” Vinnie says to Ian.

“Not at all,” Ian answers back. It’s time for Ian to return the favor. “Yeah, suck that,” Vinnie murmurs. Ian likes to do what he’s told, especially if it involves some pole love. He slobbers all over it, like an ice cream cone. “All the way down,” Vinnie commands. Ian does so, his nose getting tickled by pube hair. Vinnie gives Ian a reach around for his efforts. It’s eating ass time, but Ian is doing the feasting.

He puts his face between those two pale cheeks and slobbers all over the hairy hole. “Yeah, that’s it,” Vinnie moans. He grabs Ian’s head so his scene partner won’t take his tongue away.  After getting his ass rimmed, Vinnie lubes up to fuck. Ian gets all on fours and Vinnie parts those ass globes. He slow strokes Ian, making sure everything is felt. This might be his first time fucking a guy, but Ian knows how to pleasure a bottom. He smacks those cheeks as he stuffs that booty. Ian gets on his back and Vinnie gets back home. The fucking is balls deep and deliberate.

“Oh, fuck,” Ian moans.”Take that dick,” Vinnie orders. Ian jerks himself as he gets filled. The two boys are moaning and groaning, more than ready to pop. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Ian announces. His jizz explodes all over his side, making it wet and juicy. Vinnie doesn’t pull out at first. He keeps fucking that ass. He does eventually remove his dick from that boy cunt, and strokes until his cum coats the top of Ian’s smooth stomach.

When given props for his screwing skills, Vinnie gives an answer that might make a T-shirt: “It’s only gay if you make it gay.”

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Vinnie Steel Gets Oral Action From Colby Jones

Vinnie Steel is back on the BSB chair with the “very broke” Colby Jones. To increase the size of his wallet Mr. Jones will suck Vinnie’s steel.”You’re don’t have to do anything,” Colby says to his scene partner. “You’re fucking lucky.”The cameraman turns his attention to Vinnie, wondering how he feels before his first man-on-man action.”Never had any physical actions with a dude, so I’m kind of pissed,” Vinnie says. Oh, straight boy drama over a simple blow job! LOL! The cameraman is a bit surprised by this answer. “It’s all for the all mighty dollar,” Vinnie finally notes.

To get the newbie to calm down, Colby gives him a massage. Both lads lose their shirts. Colby gets behind Vinnie and gently rubs his shoulders and neck. His hands stroke Vinnie’s chest. This makes the newbie put his hand on his own crotch. Colby moves his hand down to Vinnie’s tool and gently tugs it. Even kisses the stud’s nipples and arms. All that scene stress seems to leave Vinnie. “Suck that dick,” he whispers. Colby gets on his knees and licks up and down Vinnie’s rod. “All the way down,” Vinnie orders. Colby slobbers all over the shaft, tweaking a nipple.

He also soaks those nuts with spit. The dude, who was pissed before the scene started, coos encouragement. Colby swallows all Vinnie has, his tonsils tickling the bulbous head. He looks up in Vinnie’s face, to make certain everything is going the way it should.  Vinnie pinches his own nipple as Colby slobbers away. The newbie puts his hand to guide Colby, but there’s no need. Colby’s not going anywhere until there’s a sweet sticky surprise.  “Oh, yeah. Beg for it,” Vinnie whispers.

Colby’s mouth is filled with pre-cum and spit. His soft tongue sticking out. Moans and sucking sounds are all we hear.  Vinnie starts to jerk off, as Colby kisses his thighs and chest. He pays close attention to those perky nipples. “Yeah, fucking cum,” Colby moans. He keeps his mouth open as Vinnie jerks his pole. Occasionally he’ll tongue a nut. This makes Vinnie explode. “Oh, yeah take this load,” Vinnie commands. The jizz lands on Colby’s tongue, lips and chest. Vinnie is all smiles when it’s over. Can’t blame him, no?

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