I’ll be fragile on that booty

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio is back and he’s here to do us the honor of opening Dimitri’s tight little hole. Dimitri says that he trusts Sergio not to hurt him but even though I’m sure Sergio will try not to, that big dick of his has made no promises. After instructing Dimitri to just breathe; it time to get down to business.

The boys strip and hop on the bed. They immediately begin to kiss and to fondle each other. Sergio delivers some full lip service and I’m already jealous. He kisses his way down to Sergio’s cock and begins to blow him good. Dimitri’s rod grows and hardens in Sergio’s skilled mouth. As it grows, I begin to wonder just whose dick is bigger. Dimitri takes a time out from having his dick sucked and starts to return the favor by slobbering on Sergio’s meat. He gets a lot of Sergio’s cock in his mouth; I hope he doesn’t get lockjaw.

And before you know it, it’s time for Dimitri to experience “the joys” of bottoming for the first time. Dimitri lies back on the bed and lubes himself up. Moments later Sergio gently slides his monster inside and starts to slowly churn his insides. Dimitri takes cock like a champ and soon Sergio is able to fuck him like he means it. He flips Dimitri over onto his knees and really begins to drill his hole. Sergio is able to push the entire length of his dick inside before he again puts Dimitri on his back. Wow! This boy can truly take it! He can not only take it but he must enjoy it because he soon fires a massive load right along with Sergio.

Dimitri confirms my guess by admitting that doggy style was easier. Of course, Sergio likes ever position because he just likes to fuck! Dimitri is in a little pain but he’ll walk it off and hopefully get back to getting fucked.

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Dimitri on top

Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimintri

Dimitri is back and today he’s fucking a dude for the first time. BSB veteran and fan favorite Paul Canon will be taking if for the team. Dimitri is horny and so am I so let’s get cracking.

After they get naked the boys indulge is a very steamy kiss. They hold each other close and deliver a very realistic and intimate moment. They move over to the bed where Dimitri practices his fledgling cock sucking skills. He holds Paul’s big dick at the base and furiously inhales it. Paul grabs Dimitri’s hair and encourages him to keep going. Dimitri needs very little coaxing as he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Paul relieves Dimitri from his dick and brings him up for another passionate kiss. Dimitri stands up and Paul makes his cock disappear with his mouth. Paul certainly gets a mouthful with Damien’s big fat cock. He expertly sucks Dimitri off while jacking his own cock. I can’t believe Dimitri doesn’t cum because Pauls’ got some serious oral skills.

And then finally, it’s time for some fucking. Paul bends over while Dimitri lubes up. Once he pushes his cock in the instantly begins to pound away, fucking hard and fast. For someone that was nervous about topping he sure knows how to use a boy’s hole. He has Paul moaning loudly in pure ecstasy. Paul gets on his back where Dimitri slides in and gets right back to work. He buries his cock deep into Paul’s hot hole. Paul shoots a huge load on his chest and abs. He shoots enough to drown in. Dimitri pops a nice load of his own and then gets back to making out with Paul. That was an epic fuck and I can’t wait for Dimitri to bottom. Because of this level of chemistry perhaps Paul should be the one to do the honors.

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From Dimitri, with love

Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Newcomer Dimitri has been paired up with Damien Kyle. Dimitri has never been with a guy before and he’ll be sucking dick for the first time today. But first he’ll get to experience what it’s like to have his cock mouth handled by a guy. He should feel lucky that his first time is going to be with Damien Kyle, one of the best cocksuckers this side of California. Let’s break this boy in.

The boys toss their clothes, hop on the bed, and Damien gives Dimitri his first taste of making out with a guy. They play with each other’s dicks, which glow harder and harder. Dimitri lies back and Damien begins to slobber all over his cock. Dimitri is definitely enjoying it as any man would when his dick is being cucked by Damien. Damien takes Dimitri’s entire big pole into his mouth, getting it good and wet. He alternates from tasting Dimitri’s cock and tasting his lips. Soon he concentrates solely on the cock and is bobbing up and down at breakneck speed. Dimitri’s cock erupts, squirting hot steamy cum all over his chest. Hot!

Now the time has come for Dimitri to taste cock for he firs time. He starts off slow but is soon sucking on Damien’s meat like a pro. He takes more and more of it until he is almost down to the balls. It obviously feels good because it only takes a few minutes before Damien busts a nice thick nut.

In the end, Dimitri has to admit that Damien is better than most girls at giving head. He had a pretty good time so I’m hoping they get him back so that cherry can get popped.

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